Alternative Jewish Tourism in Lithuania

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The Jewish partisan fort where 100 survivors of the Vilna Ghetto lived underground and valiantly fought the Nazis and their collaborators. Go soon because it is very rapidly sinking into the ground, as seems to be the wish of state authorities…

♦ A “Jewish Museum — Tolerance Center” that provides a falsified narrative of the outbreak of the Lithuanian Holocaust on June 23rd 1941.

♦ Reconstructed shtetl — minus its Jewish component. When the godless Soviet Union collapsed, the reconstructed shtetl’s Catholic church was added. But what about the synagogue?

♦ Memorials for Holocaust collaborators. Local Holocaust collaborators and perpetrators are honored by street names, plaques and more.

♦ What the Genocide Center doesn’t want you to know. One of the major Holocaust addresses in Vilnius is covered up without a trace in the very building that houses a center dedicated to the study of — genocide.

♦ School yard walls made of plundered Jewish gravestones. For forty odd years, educators and pupils have looked every day at the Jewish lettering on the smashed up gravestones from the old Zarétshe cemetery that the Soviets used to build this neighborhood’s outdoor retaining walls. If your relatives came from Vilna, you might even find their gravestones here. 2013 update.

♦ ‘Museum of Genocide Victims’ that glorifies the killers & boasts antisemitic exhibits. Believe it or not, a state-sponsored genocide museum in an EU country, in the heart of ground zero of the East European Holocaust, that ignores the Holocaust, tries to recycle the local killers as “anti-Soviet rebels” and offers post-Holocaust antisemitic hate materials as “rebel art” with no curatorial comment.

♦ Strange new ‘Holocaust room’. When international outrage forced the mention of the Holocaust in the Genocide Museum, the mini room added in the cellar continues to sanitize and heroize the local killers as “rebels”…

♦ Druskininkai fun park spews antisemitism & obfuscation. Luna Park, rides, statues, fun and antisemitism galore.

♦ Revolving posters at Ponár. Posters have been switched depending on who is visiting that day. For heaven’s sake, ask to see both!

♦ Prestigious Vilnius memorial for a major Holocaust perpetrator. A Holocaust-era perpetrator alleged to be deeply involved in the murder of all the Jews of three towns in western Lithuania is hailed as a great national hero here for other exploits.

♦ Tuskulėnai “Peace Park” in Vilnius doesn’t mention the Nazi war criminals buried there. See the articles by Milan Chersonski and by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

♦ Where is the one church on the planet where you must trample old Jewish gravestones to attend services?

♦ A church that boasts an old Blood Libel plaque with no added commentary for today’s worshipers and visitors.


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