Wiesenthal Center Blasts Latest Pro-Fascist Commemoration by Latvian Authorities

JERUSALEM—The Simon Wiesenthal Center today denounced the commemoration of the “liberation” of the Latvian city of Limbazi, sponsored by the Visu Latvija political party, a member of the ruling coalition in the nation’s parliament in Riga.


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The event is scheduled for tomorrow, the 72nd anniversary of the retreat of Soviet forces (from invading Nazi forces) in 1941.

In a statement issued here today by its Israel director, Holocaust historian Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Center noted that the celebration of such an event, which paved the way for the mass murder of the Jews of Limbazi, is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust and all those who suffered under the Nazi regime.

Dr. Zuroff said:

“While it is true that the Nazis only entered Limbazi several days later, it is clear that the Visu Latvija party wants to celebrate the Nazi occupation of their country, which resulted in the annihilation of Latvian Jewry (95.6% of the country’s Jews were murdered), the mass murder of thousands of foreign Jews deported to Latvia and tens of thousands murdered in Belarus by Latvian Security Police units.

“If that is a cause for celebration by the Visu Latvija, it is obvious that they should not be part of a ruling coalition in a member state of the European Union.”

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