Updates on the Šakalys Scandal: Central Post Office Website Still Features Biased Envelope-Maker

As of today, both Vilnius University and the Central Post Office are still featuring the “historic envelope art” of designer Antanas Šakalys, though neither of the prestigious venues publicly includes any samples of his antisemitic, Holocaust-distorting and homophobic output.

Vilnius University removed the website announcement of the exhibition and cancelled the public opening last week, after DefendingHistory published samples of his work on 21 September and Delfi.lt journalist  Eglė Samoškaitė folllowed up with a comprehensive report on the growing scandal on 25 September (English here). DefendingHistory went on to report on the 27 September demonstration by nine young people against the racism and homophobia of the artist being honored by the exhibition, and published. An additional envelope was sent in by a reader.

Though the web page was taken down and the festive opening cancelled, Vilnius University continues the Šakalys exhibit, which pays homage to a designer who spreads hate against minorities.

Back in 2008, the newspaper of the Jewish Community of Lithuania, Jerusalem of Lithuania, published in all its four editions (English, Lithuanian, Russian and Yiddish) an exposé of the incredibly antisemitic and Holocaust-distorting “art envelopes” on sale at the Central Post Office in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.

As of today, the Post Office website  continues to feature the artist.

DefendingHistory has asked readers to send in samples of offensive envelopes sold over the years by Mr.  Šakalys. Those thus far contributed appear here.

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