New York Orthodox Jewish Woman Posts Video Exposing London “CPJCE” Cemetery Sellers


Did London “CPJCE” Rabbis Come to Vilnius to “Permit” A Convention Center in the Heart of City’s Old Jewish Cemetery in Defiance of All Major Rabbis on the Planet (Plus Those in Vilnius…)

The London CPJCE has since been exposed by Wikileaks, and in reports in the Jerusalem PostJTA, and Times of Israel, for taking secret payments for their clandestine, acquiescent agreement. What happened to transparency? Most recently, the elected head of the Vilnius Jewish Community has spoken out forcefully in the New York Times.

The incredible storyWhen their spokesman “explained” to the media that a derelict, hated, Soviet-era ruin now on the cemetery is the “Tower of London and Statue of Liberty” to the Lithuanian people.  Why this zealous attachment to desecration of a sacred Jewish cemetery in Vilna? What does the rest of the world think? Ms. Ruta Bloshtein, a religious Jewish woman in Vilnius started a petition. It’s now approaching 44,000 signatures. See her LATEST UPDATE (MAY 2018).

Are they abusing a venerable rabbi in his late 90s for these schemes?

London CPJCE Rabbis, including Rabbi Herschel Gluck OBE, come to offer gleeful permissions for a new convention center and massive annex in the heart of the old Vilna Jewish cemetery in April 2015. On the video, they meet with the nation’s then prime minister who cannot contain his own glee (and who told the press how surprised he was that it was “so easy”). The three resident Vilnius rabbis in town that day were not even informed of the meeting; the country’s then chief rabbi was then fired for daring to disagree with the Londoners’ “permission”.  All other rabbis on the planet, including the greatest yeshiva heads in the Lithuanian tradition, have begged the government to move the convention center elsewhere and restore the medieval Jewish cemetery where thousands still lie buried.

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