Film Maker Attempts to Gift New Film on Riga Ghetto to Latvian Embassy in German

The following is the English translation, by Monica Lowenberg, of a letter sent today by German film maker Jürgen Hobrecht to the Latvian ambassador in Berlin.


Dear Mrs. Japina,

On the 25 May, 2013, I sent you my documentary, “Wir haben es doch erlebt — Das Ghetto von Riga“.  On the 10 July, 2013, I went in person to the embassy, to personally give you the documentary; as you stated that it had not arrived on two occasions. As you were not available, an exchange took place on the sidewalk, in front of the embassy building.

I had hoped to give you, as embassy representative, a film that is the first of its kind to tell, worldwide, the story of the Riga Ghetto. In addition, I had suggested that the film be shown as part of the program that celebrates, in 2014, with Riga as Capital of European Culture.

Despite repeated telephone inquiries and letters I have to date not heard from you.

I am not aware, if, as part of your diplomatic duties for your country, you have publicised the film or if you have forwarded it on to Riga. I do not know where you have placed the film or of any attempts made to screen the film this year.

I would like to mention how truly astonished I am at the manner in which you have handled this matter. I would be grateful if you would now officially state whether there are any plans to screen the film in 2014 in Riga.

Furthermore, I would like to know what the official opinion is regarding the planned SS legionnaires, so-called “veterans “march, scheduled for  16 of March 2014.

Is it, incidentally, your opinion that such an event is compatible with Riga being European Capital of Culture?

Yours sincerely,

Jürgen Hobrecht

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