Glorifiers of Pro-Hitler Fascist Groups March in Lviv

by Frank Brendle (Berlin)

Activists in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv wearing uniforms of the former Ukrainian Insurgent Army (known as UPA, from its Ukrainian language initials) marched in a large scale event in the city center today.

It was one of several events celebrating the 69th anniversary of the founding of the UPA on 14 October 1942. Sponsored by the far right party ‘Svoboda’ and the city council of Lviv, a concert and live performances were held.  Meanwhile, diverse groups of openly fascist movements marched through the city (formerly Lvov, previously Lemberg) starting at the Stepan Bandera monument.

The UPA and its political equivalent, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, are honored as brave fighters for independence, but they were deeply involved in ethnic cleansings and killings of Poles and Jews.

At the last elections, ‘Svoboda’ obtained more than  30 per cent of the votes in the regional councils in western Ukrainian regions.  Photos by Frank Brendle.

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