Yankl-Yosl Bunk – Jakovas Bunka (1923 – 2014)

Yankl-Yosl Bunk (Jakovas Bunka), Famed Wood Sculptor, Last Jew of Plungyán (Plungė, Lithuania), Dies at 91

His Art Commemorates the Holocaust in Western Lithuania

Was World War II Red Army Veteran of the War Against Hitler

Yankev Bunk

Yankl-Yosl Bunk (13 July 1923 – 30 July 2014)  Photo: Adam Ellick


Bunk’s sculptures; his memoir of Jewish Plungyán; JewishGen Kehila linksAdam Ellick on Bunk; JTA; Bunk’s list of the Jews of Plungyán“hypothetical” speech at the 2011 Plungyán commemoration.

Bunka's weeping girl on Kausenai Hill

Bunk’s massive wooden sculpture at the forest hill spot (Plungyán/Plungė, western Lithuania), where 74 teenage Jewish girls (from the local high school), most of them raped (and baptized) earlier in the day, were murdered by locals who knew them. Photo: DefendingHistory.com.

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