Will Ukraine’s President Poroshenko Correct Abuse of Holocaust Photo?


Ukraine’s “pro-Western” president Petro Poroshenko, who in 2014 proclaimed the founding of a Hitlerist fascist group as a national holiday, and in 2015 tweeted photos of himself in a uniform making a joke of fascist leader Stepan Bandera, whose hordes were responsible for the murders of (at least) tens of thousands of Jewish and Polish civilians on the basis of ethnicity, has just “done it again.”

“To be ‘pro-Western’ one must share Western values, not just geopolitical foes.”


On Friday, Poroshenko tweeted a photograph which he claimed represented citizens of Western Ukraine being deported to Siberia in 1947. His tweet translates: “Today is the 70th anniversary of mass deportations of populations of western Ukraine to Siberia and northern regions of the former USSR.  We remember.”

However, as can be seen from this photograph from the U.S. Holocaust Museum, the picture is actually from 1942 and shows Jews of the Lodz ghetto in Poland trudging towards an assembly point for deportation to the Chelmno death camp for extermination.  Perhaps he thinks this is funny too.

Update: JTA report

But we can only hope this was simply a horrendous mistake and will be corrected immediately by President Poroshenko on the same Twitter account.. Below are images of both Poroshenko’s tweet as well as the original from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). They are one and the same image.


From the US Holocaust Museum’s archives:

proshenko and origins of photo
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