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Eduard Dolinsky’s New York Times Op-Ed is a Game Changer in Rising Western Consciousness

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State-sponsored and elite-endorsed messaging extols the “heroism” of actual World War II perpetrators and ethnic cleansers as well as increasingly overt “East-European style antisemitism”


Efforts, masquerading as history, patriotism, political science, mainstream media, and even Holocaust studies, are enabled by the current geopolitical backdrop and a Western tendency to silently “give them all a pass”

See: Josh Cohen in Foreign Policy (2 May 2016);  Semen Doroshenko in (Ukrainian website) Politnavigator (26 Feb. 2017);  Andreas Umland in New Eastern Europe (7 March 2017);  Sam Sokol in the London Jewish Chronicle (9 March 2017);   Report in JTA (27 March 2017);  Eduard Dolinsky in the New York Times (11 April 2017)

Ukraine elites’ recent statements on matter of race and history: See former MP’s statement; opening of disturbing monument at Babi Yar

Free speech in Ukraine?  See Josh Cohen in Foreign Policy on laws criminalizing opposing points of view;  DH’s section on similar laws & free-speech infractions throughout Eastern Europe;  DH’s Ukraine section

Group of scholars asks Paris conference to exclude cheerleader for local Ukrainian collaborators;  History News Network;  JTA’s report; Jerusalem Post article by Per Anders Rudling and Efraim Zuroff

Earlier: See Dovid Katz in Times of Israel,, Jewish Currents;  DH’s media tracker for the 2014-2015 Maidan Revolution period

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