Tumavičiūtė Strikes Again, in — Veidas

Retired Vilnius University lecturer Irena Tumavičiūtė, whose 29 January 2008 article in the antisemitic newspaper Lietuvos aidas is credited with egging on right-wing parliamentarians and prosecutors to ‘go for’ Holocaust Survivors Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky and Dr Rachel Margolis, has published a new article on the Holocaust, concentrating on Auschwitz, in the popular mainstream magazine Veidas. It appeared in the magazine’s January 10th issue.

Veidas, traditionally thought of as wholesome and mainstream, is where former Interior Ministry specialist Petras Stankeras published his own article in November, calling the Holocaust a ‘legend’. Details of the Stankeras affair here.

A PDF of Tumavičiūtė’s new article is available here.  English translation here.

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