Society for the European Human Rights Model in France Protests Yivo’s Decision to Honor Lithuanian Foreign Minister at Vilna Ghetto Commemoration

The Society for the Promotion of the European Human Rights Model, based in France, today published on its website a statement of protest concerning the decision by the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research to host Lithuania’s foreign minister as ‘guest of honor’ at a 22 September 2011 event to commemorate the Vilna Ghetto.

The statement, signed by the society’s president, Didier Bertin, begins with the following text:

“I have seen on your website your intent to host on 22 September 2011, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister as ‘guest of honor’ in the framework of a commemoration for the victims of the Vilna Ghetto. This invitation is particularly shocking and cruel for the Jewish communities of the world […]. I respectfully request the cancellation of this invitation or of the whole event if this can be easier for you than finding a more suitable guest of honor (for example survivors of the heroic Jewish anti-Nazi partisan movement in and around Vilna).”

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