Schedule of September 23rd 2019 Events on Lithuania’s Holocaust Day, in Plea for Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery

VILNIUS—The following is the schedule for today’s events organized by Mr. Dov-Ber and Mrs. Chaya Fried of New York City in cooperation with the Vilnius Committee for Preservation of the Piramónt Jewish Cemetery (chaired by Julius Norwilla) and the European Foundation for Human Rights (represented by attorney Evelina Dobrowolska). The first event, at twilight, is on a ridge above the cemetery, moderated by Rabbi Yehuda Genut. The second, more formal, seminar is at the nearby Marriott Hotel, moderated by Mrs. Chaya Fried.

At the Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery at Piramónt (6 PM):

Welcome by event moderator Rabbi Yehuda Genut.
Cantor Dinin: Prayer for those buried at the Piramónt Cemetery and Lithuania’s Holocaust victims.
Rabbi Fema, chief rabbi of Pinsk, Belarus.
Candle lighting ceremony by students.
Rabbi Binsky, native of Vilnius, dean of Kehilas Moreshes Yaakov yeshiva in New York City.
Rabbi Yisroel Gellis, journalist and radio commentator.
Rabbi Dovid Segal, descendant  of Torah scholars buried at Piramónt.
Cantorial prayer blessing for the leaders of the Lithuanian and American governments.
Cantorial blessings and Jewish songs.
Ceremony of allegiance to God with Maimonides’ Ani maamin text.
Blowing of the shofar (ram’s horn).

At the Marriott Hotel (7 PM):
Welcome by moderator Mrs. Chaya Fried.
Evelina Dobrowolska, Vilnius-based human rights attorney with the European Human Rights Foundation.
Keynote speech by Dr. Andrius Kulikauskas.
Representatives of Jewish communities of Vilna (Simon Gurevich), Kaunas (Moyshe Bairak) and Shavl (Sania Kerbelis).
Dr. Anthony Harper, White House correspondent for Christian news TV (124).
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