Red-Brown Campaigners Soften Rhetoric at Latest European Parliament Conference


Lithuania’s major daily Lietuvos rytas today published a report on the just completed  conference called “Legal Regulation of Communist Crimes” held at the European Parliament (full translation here).

Outside observers noted that in the wake of the Seventy Years Declaration, proclaimed earlier this year, the right-wing “red-equals-brown” movement in the EuroParliament has demonstrably toned down its rhetoric, emphasizing the wholly legitimate quest to investigate and inform about the woeful record of Communism’s abuses of power in the twentieth century.

There was much less emphasis on “equivalence” of Nazi and Soviet crimes and other formulas for Holocaust Obfuscation so rampant in the 2008 Prague Declaration and documents in its spirit.

Nevertheless, the interview reported by the paper with MEP Radvilė Morkūnaitė alludes here and there to “Prague Declaration style” formulas intended to bring the absurd notion of Nazi-Soviet equivalence into mainstream European parlance. Such language includes the phrases “crimes committed by totalitarian regimes” and “an EU standard must be established” which can be taken as an allusion to the absurdity that European history must be seen the precise same way by all member states of the EU (cf. our recent comment opposing history-management as a coefficient of foreign policy).

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