No Gesture at Ponár


Note: This news box was posted on page one until the end of 19 April 2012.

Thursday’s “March of the Living” at the mass murder site Ponár (Paneriai), outside Vilnius, was an occasion for honoring living survivors of the Lithuanian Holocaust  . . .

Alas, the  Lithuanian government officials present, including the parliament’s “official Jewish member” failed to take this splendid opportunity to publicly apologize (or even express admiration and good wishes) to Holocaust survivors Dr. Yitzhak AradMs. Fania Yocheles BrantsovskyDr. Rachel Margolis, and attorney Joseph Melamed, after the massive campaigns of state defamation (calling  three of them war criminals, and one a libeler of heroes (“heroes” who collaborated with the Nazis)? But they can still invite Dr. Margolis to visit her native Vilnius one last time! Her rediscovery of the diary of Kazimierz Sakowicz is vital to understanding what happened at Ponár, site of the lavish 19 June 2012 event. She turned 90 last October.


11:30 AM: Jewish Community organized bus leaves from the corner of Pylimo & Kalinausko.

12:30 PM: “March of the Living” starts at Paneriai railways station.

1 PM: Ceremony at Ponár.

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