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VILNIUSDefending History announced to its readers today that a new section called Vilnius Jewish Life is being initiated. It will retroactively include dated posts roughly from the beginning of 2016 onward.

In addition to the types of events routinely covered over the years (see our long-established sections Lithuania, Litvak Affairs, Events, PiramóntVilnius Antisemitic Marches, and others), the new section provides a platform for Vilnius Jewish voices that may have lost their vehicle of public expression in existing Jewish forums, particularly vis-à-vis the international community here and beyond, for whom news and opinion in English are at a premium.  In many cases, the “communal” issues covered are closely interlinked with the wider purposes of Defending History in fighting against free speech suppression in Eastern Europe, in fighting for tolerance toward opposing views and minorities, and in covering stories that relate to government agencies occasionally muscling in on weak, decimated communities with an array of agendas that can include promotion of Double Genocide revisionism, manipulation of communal restitution programs, covering up of antisemitism and racism, attacks on Jewish-related institutions that are bastions of free dialogue, and plans to desecrate medieval Jewish cemeteries for profit.

As ever, high ethics of journalistic transparency are aimed for. Only pieces signed by their real author’s name are published. We remain committed to honoring the right to reply by any parties mentioned or critiqued in any published piece. In addition we continue to provide direct links to the opposing opinions referenced on these pages. Comments and criticism are always welcome.

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