Jewish Community Complains About Works at Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery

Dramatic Pre-Annual Litvak Conference About-Face as Official Jewish Community Finally Protests Something of 2016 Desecration of Vilna’s Old Jewish Cemetery

Defending History published images of these new works last February

But new alarm bells as community calls in as “fixers” the same anti-Litvak London rabbis exposed in “$$$ for graveyard permissions” scandal by Wikileaks, Jerusalem Post, JTA, and DH; They get royal treatment by politicians with interest in the building projects, and have utterly rejected heartfelt pleas from the world’s great Litvak rabbis to move the new congress center away from the old Jewish cemetery to another venue where it can be a source of pride for all the people of Europe and beyond.

Will the Vilnius mayor — who has a colorful history on Jewish issues — and the president and prime minister now state in public, with moral clarity, their views on a new Congress Center where tens of thousands will cheer at conventions and flush toilets over the graves of some of the greatest Litvak scholars buried at Piramónt? Where thousands of families of citizens of Vilnius for around 500 years paid with their scant resources for the permanent graves of their loved ones?

Vulovak for

See the essays by Ruta BloshteinChaim Burshtein [it got him fired], Milan Chersonski, Pinchos Fridberg, Bernard Fryshman, Dovid Katz, Andrius Kulikauskas, Sid Leiman, Michael Maass and dozens of others.

International Opposition.  Paper Trail.  Defending History Section.

Utter silence from organizations devoted specifically to preservation of Jewish cemeteries, including the donor funded NGO “Maceva” and the United States taxpayer funded “Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad” (USCPAHA) which has been deeply implicated in the machinations of the Satmar rabbis who bless the “Vilnius convention center on the cemetery”… See sections on the USCPAHA and the London-based CPJCE. The remarkable turncoating by Asra Kadisha.

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