Example from Ukraine: East European Holocaust Revisionism Feeds Directly Into Blatant Antisemitism

KIEV—Evidence continues to mount  that the noxious far-right, state-supported memory politics of Volodymyr Viatrovych’s “Ukrainian Institute of National Memory” are directly leading to growing antisemitism in Ukraine.

The mayor of a town in Western Ukraine says the current government is a “Muscovite-Yid.” What’s striking is how he cites how Vyatrovych’s Institute to embolden and legitimize his views:

“From historical information and now Vladimir Vyatrovich revealing historically truthful documents [we know]: When the Bolsheviks came to power from 70% to 95% were Jews who destroyed the nation and its peoples.”

The full video has added to the picture provided by various recent quotes from the mayor in public venues:

  • “The performance of the Moscow-Jewish authorities is dragging on for four years.” “For four years, the performance is not Ukrainian government, but, say it correctly, the Moscow-Jewish authorities.”
  • The mayor also asserts that he analyzed the “extract from the Kabbalah and the Torah” in the book of Pavel Stepanov Mafia and Ukraine and came to the conclusion that Jewish children are taught from childhood to recognize the enemy and how to destroy him: “By the way, a lot of that work is devoted to the death of the goyim: they consider anyone except the Jews to be goyim, all of them  — Christians, Arabs, Buddhists, they are not people, they are not people for them. After their coming to world domination, because they are clearly heading for this, they form the policy of cosmopolitanism and liberalism, to destroy all nations, to leave the political nation, mixed up in a heap, with migrations, with Blacks,” the mayor said.
  • He added that “World Jewry” provided Joseph Stalin with a victory in World War II, and admiringly noted that the American industrialist Henry Ford once called for “isolating the 50 richest Jews” so that there would be no more wars.

Commenting on the ethics of his statements, the mayor said: “Who did I offend? I just told the truth.” Moskal has been the mayor of Skole since 2010.

Judging by the poster behind the mayor’s back, he uttered his monologue at a conference of the Dontsov Scientific and Ideological Center. For those familiar with the 1930s in this part of the world, Dmytro Dontsov was the chief theorist behind the development of Ukrainian Integral Nationalism (kind of a fancy way of saying: fascism), which formed a theoretical basis for OUN-UPA, a World War Two-era ultranationalist organization which engaged in mass murder of hundreds of thousands  of Jewish and Polish civilians in its quest to build an ethnically pure Ukrainian state.





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