‘United Lithuania’ Invites Public to Lithuanian Independence Day Event at Old Vilnius Jewish Cemetery


VILNIUS—Dr. Andrius Kulikauskas, the editor of the Vieninga Lietuva (United Lithuania) website, and a contributor to Defending History for some years, has announced an event scheduled for 13:30—15:00 this Wednesday, March 11, on the 30th anniversary of Lithuania’s independence from the Soviet Union, at the site of Vilnius’s oldest Jewish Cemetery, on the grass between Rinktinės street and the Soviet-built Sports Palace, which desecrated the cemetery. This is part of a series of monthly gatherings at the site to grow a network of activists who foster Lithuanian and Litvak friendship.

One purpose of the event is to urge Lithuanian authorities to move the national convention center project away from the old Jewish cemetery to another venue. The project has attracted much opposition as well as an international petition.

Another purpose is to honor the millions of Lithuanians whose nonviolent movement restored independence and democracy to Lithuania. A third purpose is to discuss the relationship between dignity, freedom and responsibility for both nations and individuals.

Posters for the event are available in English and in Lithuanian, and are reproduced below. All are welcome to the event.

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