Some Vilnius Jewish Events in the Week of 20 Nov. 2016

SUNDAY 20 NOV at 12 NOON: Lithuanian Jewish Community (LJC) lecture series features Julius Norwilla who will speak on forgotten Holocaust-era cemeteries and mass grave sites in the Vilnius area, at the Community’s premises on Pylimo St. 4 (IN RUSSIAN). See Julius Norwilla section in DH.

MONDAY 21 NOV at 6 PM: Lithuanian-Jewish partnership initiative launches the Vilnius Interfaith Bible (and Kabbalah) Reading Circle. Inaugural meeting at the Jewish Cultural Center on Mesiniu 3. Starting from Genesis 1:1. Please bring your own Bible (and ideas) in any language (IN ENGLISH & other languages).

TUESDAY 22 NOV at 6 PM: Panel at Jewish Public Library includes Marius Ivaškevičius,  Tomas Kajokas, Rūta Vanagaitė, Jurgita Verbickienė. But the panel — on integration of Jewish history in Lithuanian collective memory — includes no representative of the country’s living Jewish community. Food for thought: Imagine a US panel at an African-American Public Library, on African-American history,  without a single local African-American panel member… (IN LITHUANIAN).

WEDNESDAY 23 NOV at 6 PM: Yiddish literary circle continues Vilna-set short story by Chaim Grade (1910-1982) at the Jewish Cultural Center on Mesiniu 3. Information in English and Lithuanian (IN YIDDISH).

THURSDAY 24 NOV: Choice of Rabbi Kalev Krelin’s lecture on “How Old Was Rebecca?” at 6:30 PM at Jewish Community of Lithuania, Pylimo 4 (IN RUSSIAN) and Aurimas Širvys on Lithuanian synagogue architecture at 6:30 PM at Jewish Cultural Center, Mesiniu 3 (IN LITHUANIAN).

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