News from Lithuania (11-16 March 2013)

Compiled by Geoff Vasil

The Lithuanian publication Atgimimas carries an interview with an anonymous defector from Julius Panka’s Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youth, who claims he got out and didn’t march this year because many of the people in the organization are, despite claims by right-wing politician sponsors and Panka, “real Nazis.” The young man interviewed was afraid to use his real name. Republished on Lithuanian news site.

Leaders of two of Lithuania’s three main fascist youth organizations—Julius Panka and Ričardas Čekutis—travelled to Riga to march and be seen with a demonstration and march by veteran Latvian SS Legion Nazi soldiers (


A presumably Polish priest was fined for “unsanctioned assembly” January 22 when he and others marched under the banner “For our freedom and yours” and reportedly blocked traffic. Meanwhile, no one has been brought to task for disrupting March 11 Independence Day celebrations sponsored by the City of Vilnius with a march of neo-Nazis shouting fascist slogans, despite the fact police estimate the neo-Nazi march was 30 times the size of the January 22 march and disrupted official city events rather than merely presenting a nuisance to drivers ( 

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