Confusion over Violent Antisemitic Attack in Klaipeda, Western Lithuania, on Jewish New Year

DefendingHistory has not been able to confirm the circumstances of the allegedly violent antisemitic attack that took place  on 24 September in the port city of Klaipeda (the former Memel) in western Lithuania. According to a the website of CFCA (Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism), the attack was clearly antisemitic. A full reprint of the CFCA report (original here) follows below.

The head of the small Jewish community in Kleipeda was not so sure, however. He commented to DefendingHistory: “Тhis incident took place, but the age of the victim is strongly underestimated. To state that this is a case of antisemitism I have no reason, rather it could be due to the lifestyle of the victim.

Text of the CCFA report of 24 September 2012:

Antisemitic incident in Lithuania: Jew beaten with a knuckle-duster, in danger of losing his eyesight

Klaipeda, Lithuania — a Jew was beaten on Rosh Hashonah in the city of Klaipeda (North-West Lithuania) by a gang of Lithuanians. He is in fair condition.

The Jew, in his twenties, is one of the few Jews in town that walk in the street with a yarmulke and a tzitzit (fringed garment), and he was beaten with a knuckle-duster by a gang of young antisemites while returning from the Rosh Hashonah prayer in the synagogue.

As a result of the beatings, he suffers from brain concussion and a broken skull bone near the eye. He is now hospitalized in the local hospital and there is concern that he may lose his eyesight.

There is an attempt in Lithuania to suppress the incident in order to demonstrate that there is no antisemitism in the country, but the inhabitants report that this was not an exceptional event.

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