Neo-Nazis Amok in Lithuania; Arrests at ‘Straight Zero’

In apparent homage to the April 20th birthday of Adolf Hitler, neo-Nazis hoisted Nazi flags high over the heart of Vilnius atop the former Labor Palace building on Tauro Hill. Details here.

Around the same time, a sign was affixed to the gate of Kaunas’s one functioning old synagogue, the Choral Synagogue. It read: ‘HITLER WAS RIGHT—JUDEN RAUS’. Details here.

UPDATE OF 22 JUNE 2011: There have been no arrests to date. In Vilnius Jewish circles, where Yiddish humor lives on undaunted, there have been many variants heard of: ‘Why of course the police cannot find them, they are too busy looking for Fania, Rachel and Yitskhok’ (see here).

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