Latvian President, Blasting Critics of March 16th ‘Waffen SS Parade, says it’s ‘Crazy to Think Them War Criminals’

In an escalation of high level pro-Nazi rhetoric in Riga, the nation’s president, Andris Bērziņš, said today that the international community needs to have it explained.

Have what explained? Why those who served in Nazi Germany’s Latvian Waffen SS divisions are honored in the country’s capital on March 16th each year.

The president of Latvia went on to say that “It’s crazy to think they’re war criminals.”

The full BNS report in English translation is available here.

In the meantime an international petition calling for the march to be banned from Riga’s city center had been gaining steam. The petition, created by Monica Lowenberg, topped five thousand signatures by today.

Last week, the European Commission broke its long silence on the matter and condemned the celebration of Latvia’s Waffen SS.

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