Latvian National Front Releases its Letter to the American Ambassador in Riga

The organization Latvian National Front has sent to the email address of the Embassy of the USA, as well as other embassies, including the Embassy of Israel, a letter with the following content (translated from Latvian):

Let the Zionists beg from Russians and Germans!

A letter of the Latvian National Front and the newspaper “DDD” to the US Ambassador in Latvia Judith Garber

Riga, the 26th of January, 2011

Dear Ms. Judith Garber!

On the 24th of January, the US Department of State’s Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues Douglas Davidson has come to Latvia with the obviously brutal aim of inciting hatred and dislike against the people of “Zhids” that has much suffered, and to support the greedy craws of the local Zionists for the properties of the dead “Zhids” that do not belong to them, in the amount of approximately 30 millions Lats. The Latvian National Front considers this visit a brute interference in the internal affairs of Latvia and the open preaching of racism.

As it is known, the declaring of a group of people of certain nation to be superior is defined as a dangerous form of racism in the international law. Douglas Davidson who represents the USA has come to Latvia in order to popularize and to impose on the government of Latvia the idea that the “Zhids” organization “Jewish Community in Latvia”, on the basis of the ethnicity of its members, has the right to the compensation of 30 million Lats from the Republic of Latvia for the property that is legally possessed by the state, that has been inherited from “Zhids” who did not have heirs, or has the right to the property itself. In order to help this particular group, on the ground of the self-proclaimed privileged ethnicity, to cheat out the money or property from the state of Latvia , Douglas Davidson took the liberty to indicate to the government of Latvia that laws should be changed. Such form of propaganda of racism which, as one can understand, is supported by the US, is already the violation of the international law, creating a basis for the international responsibility, therefore we friendly suggest restraining your audacious envoy.

We have quite an experience with different notorious Zionists and their defenders who have tried to intrude in the internal affairs of Latvia and with their anti-Latvian and anti-Semitic action have made Latvians to send them “to the three letters” from Latvia once and forever. One of these notorious instigators of anti-Semitism and racism has been a Zionist Efraim Zuroff.

Already in 2004, the chairperson of the Latvian National Front Aivars Garda in an open letter (see “DDD” No. 21 (69), the 14th-28th October, 2004) that has been sent also to many national and international mass media and organizations, has suggested Efraim Zuroff the following:

If you ever again would like to intrude into the internal affairs of Latvia , then I suggest you to do it in a more clever way. (…) The activity of the Wiesenthal Center and personally you, Mr. Zuroff, is anti-Semitic, because it creates the antipathy against “Zhids” in other peoples around the world. (…) Maintaining the slogan of the LNF “Let the friendship of the peoples of Latvians and ‘Zhids’ live!” that could help to unmask such harmful activists as Zuroff, I warmly suggest you to finish your undistinguished anti-Semitic activity in the chair of the leader of the Wiesenthal Center.”

At the end of the letter, the hysterical escape of Zuroff from a press conference was re minded, when the deputy chairperson of the LNT asked the question: “How would you, Mr. Zuroff, comment the fact that it was Stalin whose helper and the ‘right hand’ was a ‘Zhid’ Kaganovich, started the most cruel Holocaust against the Latvian nation?” The active Zionist has still not been able to answer this question.

It must be emphasized that Efraim Zuroff is only the leader of an undistinguished anti-Semitic organization, but Douglas Davidson represents the US in this visit. The wish to squeeze out property or money in the amount of 30 millions from the state of Latvia in the times of crisis means the robbing of our children and pensioners.

We call you, Ms. Garber, to inform the President of the US Barack Obama that there was Holocaust against Latvians themselves which was carried out also by disproportionally large number of “Zhid” Zionists who worked for the secret services of the USSR in the 30s and 40s of the 20th century and who participated in the physical extermination of the Latvian nation and the liquidation of the independence of Latvia – the occupation and incorporation of it into the USSR. Latvians could write a bill to Israel for 30 millions Lats. Let them pay money for their atrocities that are committed against the Latvian nation and the state of Latvia during the World War II!

We recommend you, Ms. Garber, to come out of this very uneasy situation with respect and to suggest the US Department of State to send Mr. Davidson to visit Russia and Germany – the states that are responsible for the causing of the Warld War II and the occupation of Latvia . Let the Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues Douglas Davidson beg money and property from Russians and Germans, not Latvians!


Liga Muzikante

Deputy Chairperson of the non-governmental organization “The Latvian National Front” and a journalist of the newspaper “DDD”

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