Note: These are among the wider corpus of essays that may serve as a background to the current debates. See the Media and Contents pages, and the Opinion section. Historical background on the Holocaust per se in Lithuania (reading list here), Latvia and Estonia.

Yehuda Bauer: ‘Remembering accurately on International Holocaust Remembrance Day’ in the Jerusalem Post, 25 January 2010.

Danny Ben-Moshe: ‘Saying no to Double Genocide’ in the Jerusalem Post, 12 March 2012.

Richard Bloom Productions: The Litvak ConnectionA documentary depicting the role of Nazi collaborators during the Shoah in liquidation of Latvian and Lithuanian Jewry. Premiered on 21 May 2009 at the Delray Beach Film Festival.

Milan Chersonski, ‘Reburial as a means for the rewriting of history’ in, 4 July 2012.

Leonidas Donskis: ‘Another word for uncertainty: antisemitism in modern Lithuania’ in NordEuropa Forum, 2006.

Leonidas Donskis: ‘The inflation of genocide’ in, 24 July 2009alternate link.

Sara Ginaite: ‘“Investigating” Jewish partisans in Lithuania. The protest of a veteran Jewish partisan’ in Jewish Currents, 11 August 2008.

Clemens Heni: ‘Secondary antisemitism: from hard-core to soft-core denial of the Shoah’ in Jewish Political Studies Review, 20: 3-4 (Fall 2008).

Clemens Heni: ‘The Prague Declaration, Holocaust Trivialization and Antisemitism’ on Wissenschaft und Publizistik als Kritik, 26 October 2009.

Dovid Katz: ‘Double Genocide: a lethal new threat to Holocust memory and honesty’ in Center News [Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne], September 2011.

Dovid Katz: ‘Prague’s declaration of disgrace’ in the Jewish Chronicle, 21 May 2009.

Dovid Katz: ‘On three definitions: Genocide, Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Obfuscation’ in Leonidas Donskis (ed), A Litmus Test Case of Modernity. Examining Modern Sensibilities and the Public Domain in the Baltic States at the Turn of the Century [= Interdisciplinary Studies on Central and Eastern Europe 5], Peter Lang: Bern 2009, pp 259-277.

Dovid Katz: ‘Halting Holocaust Obfuscation. The Baltic ultranationalists rewriting east European history as an equal Nazi-Soviet “double genocide” must be stopped’ in the Guardian, 8 January 2010Alternate link [reprint in the Algemeiner Journal].  Republication in Russian.

Steven F. Lawson: ‘Muddling the Holocaust in Lithuania’ on History News Network, 26 January 2009.

Marc Radomsky & Danny-Ben Moshe, Rewriting History (film, 2012).

Geoff Vasil.  ‘Analyzing Lithuanian Antisemitism. The “Double Genocide” theory refuses to quit’ in Jewish Currents (November 2008).

Efraim Zuroff: ‘Eastern Europe: Antisemitism in the wake of Holocaust related issues’ in Jewish Political Studies Review, 2005.

Efraim Zuroff: ‘Don’t rehabilitate the guilty’ in Haaretz, 13 January 2012.

Efraim Zuroff: ‘US must take a tougher line on Baltic revisionism’ in the Guardian, 29 November 2010.

Efraim Zuroff: ‘No tolerance for false history’ in the Jerusalem Post, 2 May 2010.

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