Defending History Team in Vilnius Thanks Targum Shlishi for Support

VILNIUS—The Defending History team based here wrote today to Targum Shlishi in the United States to thank its board and director for offering support to the Defending History project at a critical juncture in its seven year history. The Vilnius-based project began in the spring of 2008, its web journal Holocaust in the Baltics got underway in 2009 and was renamed Defending History in 2010.

Targum Shlishi cited Defending History’s work in its newsletter today. The relevant paragraph reads as follows:

Defending History, Website and Organization Headed by Dovid Katz
Defending History is a robust website that publishes in-depth articles, opinion pieces, resources, booklets, maps, and more dedicated to defending the history of the Holocaust from deniers and those who attempt to distort it. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, the English-language website is edited by Dovid Katz, with articles by many contributing authors.
The articles, and the website as a whole, seek to oppose the European campaign of Holocaust revisionism; defend the integrity of victims; support Holocaust survivors and their families; advocate for the freedom to oppose governmental and other groups that want to rewrite history; defend human rights and equality; support the remaining Eastern European Jewish communities and Yiddish and Litvak culture; and defend historic Jewish cemeteries. Targum Shlishi is helping support Defending History’s efforts to monitor, document, and report on events that deal with the Holocaust, genocide, and commemoration of totalitarian regimes. Targum Shlishi is also supporting Defending History’s work monitoring international media on matters relevant to Holocaust revisionism. For more information, visit the website.
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