The Eight Lithuanian Parliamentarians who Signed the Seventy Years Declaration (20 January 2012) congratulates the Lithuanian parliamentarians among the founding 70 signatories of the Seventy Years Declaration for their courage, integrity, love of all their country’s peoples, and genuine commitment to European values:

Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, MP

Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, MEP

Justinas Karosas, MP

Justas Paleckis, MEP

Marija Aušrinė Pavilionienė, MP

Julius Sabatauskas, MP

Algirdas Sysas, MP

Birutė Vėsaitė, MP


These bold signatories of the Seventy Years Declaration were viciously attacked by the foreign minister. Powerful replies came from MP Andriukaitis and from British MP Denis MacShane. Coverage by Roger Cohen in the New York Times and others. Details here.

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