of Jewish communal property in Lithuania


21 June 2011.  After two decades of procrastination, the Lithuanian parliament passed a watered-down bill, valuing property formally at 30% of value (in reality vastly less), and failing to indicate the name of the recipient body for the funding, leaving the door open to extended contrived infighting managed by the right-wing camp and its handful of powerful Jewish puppets. The ten-year (!) schedule for paying out the restitution for looted communal properties is slated to start in 2013, and extend over a decade in which there there will be close to zero Holocaust survivors alive to be helped.


22 Dec 2010. report on a Seimas Committee’s revisions to the Restitution billEnglish translation.

16 Nov 2010BNS report on Hillary Clinton’s gratitude to Foreign Minister Azubalis.

13 Nov 2010Edgaras Kiškis on Lrytas.ltEnglish translation.

8 Nov 2010Reuters report.

7 Nov 2010European Jewish Press report (including a quotation by the justice minister).

4 Nov 2010HITB report on restitution bill’s first reading in the Lithuanian parliament.

4 Nov 2010Arkadijus Vinokuras in Lietuvos rytas. English translation.

4 Nov 2010Text of the draft law and accompanying documents voted on by the parliament.


21 Nov 2009Ruling government faction’s plan to divert restitution to the ‘Vilna Ghetto Disneyland’ projectHITB report of 29 March 2010.

16 July 2009Former director of the ‘Litvak Foundation’ [!] writes about restitution in an antisemitic spirit on the nation’s major news portal, accompanied by an image of dollars in the airEnglish translationHITB report.

15 July 2009Antisemitic photomontage of the elected head of the Jewish Community of Lithuania and a Soviet era abacus on the front page of the mass circulation daily Vakaro ziniosHITB report.

10 June 2009Antisemitic headline and image claiming ‘the Jews’ are ‘improving’ Lithuanian law in order to steal the building of the Culture Ministry in Vakaro zinios. HITB report.

June 2009Vilnius Jewish Community chairman Faina Kukliansky’s paper at the Prague Restitution Conference.

7 Feb 2009WJRO letter to the prime minister of Lithuania.


30 August 2008Antisemitic article on restitution by a member of parliament in Laisvas laikrastis.

9 August 2008Antisemitic article on restitution and other issues by the deputy editor of Laisvas laikrastis.

17 June 2008The country’s main daily Lietuvos rytas carries an article headlined ‘The Jews can’t digest all their property’HITB report.

20 March 2008Antisemitic article in Lietuvos aidas claims ‘the Jews’ are plotting to fraudulently claim restitution of propertyHITB report.

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