Glorification of Holocaust Perpetrators in Ukraine

Per A. Rudling on the OUN, the UPA and the Holocaust in Carl Beck Papers

Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe (Berlin) on the Act of 30 June 1941 and its commemoration in Ukraine

Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe on a Ukrainian author’s request that the EU approve celebration of local Holocaust perpetrators as ‘freedom fighters’

Per Rudling on Ukraine’s OUN and Lithuania’s LAF

Per Rudling interviewed by Chris Hale

Frank Brendle on the Honoring of Collaborators

The 2011 Debate in Canada

The monument in Olevs’k

The monument in Lutsk

Reports on the Bandera saga in Ukraine

David Duke in Ukrainian

Mark Ames in The Nation (2010)


This new ‘Communism = Nazism’ poster, produced this year by the Lviv City Council to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Hitler’s invasion, shows (at left) a 1941 Lviv photo (Lontskyi prison) depicting inmates who had been murdered by retreating Soviet forces, and — a group of innocent Jewish neighbors collected for imminent murder (prior to the establishment of German administration). The implication is that ‘Everything equals everything’.  Welcome to the eastern sector of the red-brown movement in Europe.

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