East European Nationalist (Ab)use of Timothy Snyder’s ‘Bloodlands’

“The problem is that this book is already on its way to being the bible of the Holocaust distorters in post-Communist Eastern Europe”

Efraim Zuroff in Haaretz (May 2011)

Discussions and Critiques of Bloodlands

July 2012:

Foreign Minister of Lithuania invokes Timothy Snyder in launch of newest European Union campaign for Double Genocide.

Report here. Earlier report on the Foreign Ministry’s website.


May 2012:

Vytautas Magnus University professor tells Lithuanian daily that Timothy Snyder is the one great hope…

Kaunas Professor tells the leading Lithuanian daily that reburial of the wartime Nazi puppet prime minister reconfirms the “drama of Lithuanian history” while attacking “the Jews” who allegedly threatened university and national officials with “getting hit over the head with a club” over the reburial. He also refers to Timothy Snyder as his one great ray of hope. Article here. English here.


September 2011:

Book Event for Lithuanian Edition of Bloodlands at Lithuanian Foreign Ministry; Historians Use the Occasion to Besmirch Holocaust Survivors who Joined the Anti-Nazi Partisans and  to Cement Red-Equals-Brown Equation

In Sept 2011, a book launch symposium to mark the Lithuanian language edition of Bloodlands was held in the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry (!), announced on the ministry’s official website (htm copy here), and addressed by some of the country’s leading historians and directors of historical institutes, including: Genocide Center director Teresa Burauskaitė who explained the moral equivalence of the evils of those citizens who collaborated with either regime (Nazi or Soviet); History Institute director Rimantas Miknys who spoke about the ‘evil’ Soviet Jewish partisans who avoided certain death and fought Nazism [on Vilnius prosecutors’ attempted prosecutions of veteran Jewish partisans see here, most recent case here]; Professor Kęstutis Girnius, who recently compared the LAF’s ‘uprising’ of 1941 (initiation of the Holocaust on the ground) to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Two participants admitted they had not even read Snyder’s book about which they were speaking.



May 2011:

Professor tells Lithuanian radio audience that ‘It’s not all hopeless’ thanks to — Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands

At a symposium of historians speaking for a wider Lithuanian audience, one accomplished professor put on the record, when discussing the difficulties in selling the revisionist history to the West: ‘But it’s not all hopeless. Timothy Snyder has written an important book called Bloodlands’.  Complete text here. See related Facebook string here.


December 2010:

List of Experts Cited during Preparation of Lithuanian Parliament Sponsored Film Glorfying the Local Holocaust Killers

For the record, we do sincerely regret the inclusion of Professor Snyder’s name in the planning stages of a 2011 ultranationalist film, supported by the Lithuanian parliament, which glorifies the Holocaust-perpetrating LAF (Lithuanian Activist Front) as ‘freedom fighters’. Its Vilnius premiere on 22 June 2011 included swastika stamped souvenir tickets (report on the event here; review of the film by the longtime editor of the last Jewish newspaper in Lithuania here; image of the souvenir ticket here).

We respectfully call on Professor Snyder to publicly disavow and/or sever any links to the planning for the film (which would have simply been naive), and to now condemn the final product as the product of ultranationalist, antisemitic East European Holocaust revisionism designed to glorify the perpetrators and deflect attention from local participation in the Holocaust in the making of state-sponsored revisionist history.


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