January 2012.  Evan Malnik’s citizenship petition on


8 March 2011.  Monika Bonckute in Lietuvos rytas.  English translation.


18 Nov 2010BNS report on the president’s veto of the dual citizenship legislation.

9 Nov 2010BNS report on Lithuanian president’s consideration of a veto for the dual citizenship law.

4 Nov 2010BNS report on the Lithuanian president’s reaction to the dual citizenship law passed.

4 Nov 2010BNS report on the dual citizenship law adopted by the Lithuanian parliament.

2 Nov 2010 Monika Bončkutė & Vladas Krivickas in Lietuvos rytasEnglish translation.

20 Oct 2010. DefendingHistory report on Foreign Minister’s antisemitic remarks in connection with the proposed dual citizenship bill.

20 Oct 2010.  Arkadijus Vinokuras in Lietuvos rytas.

16 Oct 2010Lithchat comment (Moacir P. de Sá Pereira).

15 Oct 2010Shimon Alperovich [Simonas Alperavičius] / Jewish Community of Lithuania on Published version in Jerusalem of Lithuania.

14 Oct 2010Vytautas Bruveris in Lietuvos rytas. English translation.

30 July 2010Grant Arthur Gochin on LT News.

May 2010. Egidijus Kûris in EUDO Citizenship Observatory.

8 March 2010Monika Bončkutė & Vladas Krivickas in Lietuvos rytasEnglish translation.


4 Dec 2009Lithchat comment (Moacir P. de Sá Pereira).

21 Nov 2009. Ruling party plots to divert property restitution to the ‘Dead Jew Disneyland Theme Park’.

June 2009Faina Kukliansky’s paper at the Prague Restitution conference.

“Under the law, private property can be returned only to citizens of Lithuania and only to those citizens who got their passports before 31 December 2001. That is in contradiction to the decision of the Constitutional Court (13 November 2006), which recognized that the provision ‘provided they have not repatriated from Lithuania’ […] of sub-paragraph 1 of paragraph 1 of Article 17 of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Citizenship was in conflict with Article 29 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania and with the Constitutional principle of a state under the rule of law.

“Thus, all the survivors who, after escaping from the Nazi concentration camps, settled in Israel, were considered as repatriated according to the Law on Citizenship and were not able to obtain citizenship prior to 31 December 2001 are now not entitled to regain their property.


“Sixty years later, Lithuania has no concept concerning the Holocaust and looted property. We have to admit that Holocaust restitution does not exist in Lithuania in any form. No legal or moral conceptions of restitution of Holocaust victims (private, communal and ownerless property) have been created.

“Officials emphasize that restitution of the Jewish property will incur bad consequences and that it will increase antisemitism. That is stated in the explanatory note to the draft Law on Compensation for the Existing Real Property of Jewish Communities. This means that the homework has not been done and Lithuania’s society is not ready to accept Holocaust restitution. This means that Lithuania’s society is not aware of what happened in the past, of the fact that property had been looted, after the people were killed (‘Kill and steal’), and that property owners were killed only because they were Jews.”

— Faina Kukliansky, attorney; chairperson of the Vilnius Jewish Community


2008Aras Lukšas in Jerusalem of Lithuania [JCL website version].

undatedJoseph A. Melamed on Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel.


April-June 2007.  Faina Kukliansky, ‘Citizenship law is upsetting to many’ in Jerusalem of Lithuania.


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