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Select Works on the Current Issues


Edward Anders, Amidst Latvians During the Holocaust. Occupation Museum Association of Latvia: Riga 2010.

Mendel Balberyszki, Stronger than Iron. The Destruction of Vilna Jewry 1941—1945: An eyewitness Account. Revised and edited by Theodore Blberyszki. Translated from the original Yiddish edition by Abraham Cukiert and Theodore Blberyszski.  Order here.

Rachel Margolis, Partisan of Vilna [memoir]. Translated from the Russian. With an introduction by Professor Antony Polonsky. Edited by Marjorie Margolis. Academic Studies Press: Boston 2010.  Order here.

Meir Meler, Mesta Nashey Pamyati. Evreyskie obshchiny Latvii, Unitshtozhennie v Holokoste.  Rizhskaya Evreyskaya Obshchina Muzey ‘Evrei v Latvii’: Riga 2010.

Rafal Pankowski, The Populist Radical Right in Poland: The Patriots (Extremism and Democracy). Taylor & Francis / Routledge 2010.  Order here.

Alexander V. Prusin, The Lands Between. Conflict in the East European Borderlands, 1870–1992. Oxford University Press: Oxford 2010.  Order here.

Timothy Snyder, Bloodlands. Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. Basic Books: New York 2010.  Order here.

Efraim Zuroff, Worldwide Investigation and Prosecution of Nazi War Criminals (April 1, 2009 — March 31, 2010). An Annual Status Report. Simon Wiesenthal Center —Israel Office & Snider Social Action Institute: Jerusalem.


Yitzhak Arad, The Holocaust in the Soviet Union. University of Nebraska: Lincoln & Yad Vashem: Jerusalem, 2009, 701 pp.  Order here.

Manfred Gerstenfeld, The Abuse of Holocaust Memory. Distortions and Responses. Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs & ADL: Jerusalem 2009.  Order here.  PDF available here.

Sheldon Hersh and Robert Wolf, The Bugs are Burning. The Role of East Europeans in the Exploitation, Subjugation and Murder of their Jewish Neighbors during the Holocaust. Devora Publishing: New York 2009.  Order here.

Efraim Zuroff, Operation Last Chance: One Man’s Quest to Bring Nazi Criminals to Justice.Palgrave Macmillan: New York & Basingstoke 2009. Order here.    See New York book launch on C-Span2 (televised 11 January 2010).


Denis MacShane, Globalising Hatred.  The New Antisemitism. Weidenfeld & Nicolson: London 2008.  Order here.

Karen Sutton, The Massacre of the Jews of Lithuania. Lithuanian Collaboration in the Final Solution 1941-1944. Gefen Publishing House: Jerusalem & New York 2008.  Order here.


Joseph Levinson (ed), The Shoah (Holocaust) in Lithuania. Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum: Vilnius 2006. Order here.


Kazimierz Sakowicz, Ponary Diary 1941-1943.  A Bystander’s Account of a Mass Murder. Edited by Yitzhak Arad. Preface by Rachel Margolis [rediscoverer of the manuscript and publisher of the original Polish edition of 1999].  Yale University Press: New Haven & London 2005.  Order hereElectronic edition.

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