Sugihara House

Chiune Sugihara (1900 — 1986) was Vice Consul for the Japanese Empire in Kaunas, Lithuania from 1939 to 1940. With a breathtaking generosity of spirit, risking his career and his family’s safety, Sugihara wrote and stamped visas that facilitated the escape (and, as it turned out, rescue from near-certain murder at the hands of the Nazis who invaded in June 1941) of over six thousand Jews  to Japanese territory. Entire Jewish institutions, most famously the Yeshiva of Mir (Mírer yeshíve) survived the Holocaust thanks to Sugihara. Sugihara’s legendary consulate building in Kaunas is now a high-powered condensed museum that is a testament for locals and visitors alike to the power of courage to do the right thing.

  • Sugihara House
    Vaižganto 30
    Kaunas 44229

  • Director of Sugihara House:
    Simonas Dovidavičius [Shimen Davidovich]

  • Chairman of the Sugihara Foundation:
    Ramunas Garbaravičius

  • telephone: (+3703)  733-2881
    tel/fax: (+3703) 742-3277
    mobile: (+3706) 980-2184

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