Dovid Katz’s Works on Ashkenazic Hebrew and Aramaic

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  17. Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish Spellings of the Name of the City Vilna in a Single Book Binding [in Yiddish] [=Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna 16 (2013)]. Online.

  18. Reconstructing the Sound Pattern of Ashkenazic in Light of Yiddish Dialectology in a Vilna Hebrew Poem by Y. L. Gordon [in Yiddish] [= Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna 22 (2013)]. Online.

  19. A Mixed Language (Ashkenazic Hebrew ∼ Yiddish] Ditty as 19th Century Ex Libris in a Vilna Bible Tome [in Yiddish] [=Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna 28 (2013)]. Online.

  20. Interpreting a 19th Century Belarusian Rabbi’s Comments on Ashkenazic Hebrew [in Yiddish] [= Responsa in Yiddish Linguistics 3 (2016)]. Online.

  21. Mourner’s Kaddish in Lithuanian Ashkenazic in Litvak Resources section of (2021). Online.

  22. The Ashkenazic Manual: Course notes for students (Workmen’s Circle ‘Introduction to Ashkenazic Hebrew’ mini-course, Feb-March 2021, evolving into a manual, periodically updated). Online. Related youtube section.

  23. Ashkenazic Mini-Dictionary (work in progress). Online.

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