Yiddish Passover Songs: Versions from Vilna Area


מה נשתנה: די פיר קשיות

Má Nishtáne: Di Fír Káshes



אחד מי יודע: און איינער איז דאָך גאָט

Ékhod mi yedéya: Un Éyner iz dokh Gót



חד גדיא

Khád Gádyo

These versions were recorded by Yiddish poet Menke Katz (1906-1991) from his memories of Passover sdórim in Mikháleshik, Svintsyán and Svir in the Vilna area.

Menke Katz’s songbook is available free online in both digital form (with full side-by-side Latin letter transcription), thanks to a project by Phyllis Katz and Edward M. Katz), as well as in the original handwritten manuscript, with illustrations by Rivke Katz, put together for the 1985 Oxford Summer Programme in Yiddish Language and Literature.

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