Works in Yiddish Linguistics by Dovid Katz

to 2024

Yiddish Linguistics Page (with bibliography of papers & books)

Yiddish Cultural Dictionary for the 21st Century (updated daily)

LYVA: Lithuanian Yiddish Video Archive

Posting of Correspondence with Major 20th Century Yiddish Linguistics

Bible Translations into Lithuanian (Northeastern) Yiddish

Responsa in Yiddish Linguistics

Recent Courses  (+recommended dictionaries)

What Went Wrong with Yiddish Normativism & Purism?

Methodology in Yiddish Historical Linguistics

Yiddish Mini-Museum of Jewish Life in Interwar Lithuania

Yiddish Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna

Yiddish Expeditions on Youtube


Litvak Studies Page

Lítvish: An Atlas of Northeastern Yiddish

Oxford (1978 -1996)


Chernowitz at 110 (keynote address at the August 2018 conference in Chernivtsi, Ukraine); Conference programKeynote Lecture.  Boris Sandler’s Yiddish reportSaul Chapnick’s English reportPhoto gallery.

A Forgotten Yiddish Poem by Hirsh Glik (2018); Inseparable Threesome: Leyzer Ran, Vilna, and Yiddish (2017); On Yivo’s Ninetieth Birthday (2015); Chaim Nachman Shapiro’s 1935 Kovno Book (in Lithuanian) on Vilna Jewish Poetry (2015); The German Army Multilingual Projects in World War I Vilna (2015); Reconstructing the Stress Pattern of 19th Century Ashkenazic Hebrew in Vilna (2014); Freewheeling Deconstruction of Max Weinreich: Sensationalization of the Fragile Field of Yiddish (2014);  Knáanic in the Medieval and Modern Yiddish Scholarly Imagination (2014);  Vílno, Vílne, Vílna, Vílnius in Prewar Litvak Usage (2013);  Jesus in Yiddish (2012).

Linguistic Notes for the Virtual Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna (2013-2016)

Yiddish and Power (Palgrave MacMillan 2015)

“Chapters in Yiddish” column in the Algemeiner Journal (2009-2010)

Yiddish Names of Lithuanian Towns

Recent Publications

Earlier Works

More:;  Bibliography; on Lithuania



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