Vilna in Jewish Lore (Summer 2021)

  • Website: online course is part of the Workmens Circle summer program in Yiddish Studies.

  • Inquiries:  coordinator Baruch Blum at: and/or program director Nikolai Borodulin at: Note that the course is taught entirely in Yiddish.

  • Sessions: 1—2:30 PM NY time (10 AM LA, 6 PM London, 7 PM Paris/Berlin, 8 PM Tel Aviv/Vilnius etc): (1) 5 July, (2) 12 July, (3) 19 July, (4) 26 July. and  (5) 2 Aug.

  • Instructor: Dovid Katz. Personal website. Yiddish Cultural Dictionary

  • General background: Leyzer Ran’s Yerusholáyim d’Li te [Jerusalem of Lithuania] (3 vols, NY 1974); Israel Cohen, Vilna (Jewish Publication Society of America: Philadelphia 1943 and reprints); Yefim Yeshurun (ed), Vilne (Workmens Circle: New York 1935).  Participants invited to visit instructor’s: Words on Fire: The Unfinished Story of Yiddish: on Yiddish dialects (Basic Books: N.Y. 2007, free online; see index at: ‘Vilna’); and his  Lithuanian Jewish Culture (2nd revised edition, Baltos Lankos: Vilnius 2010); maps, excerpts and other studies on the instructor’s Lithuania page.

  • See also items in the Vilna Studies reading list on  instructor’s Litvak Studies page.

Materials for Session 1 (5 July 2021)

  • Vilna on the Jewish cultural map of Lithuanian Jewry (see 2 versions on instructor’s Lithuania page).

  •  A. N. Stencl’s 1944 poem Vílne.

Materials for Sessions 2-3 (12, 19 July 2021)

  • Max Weinreich’s essay in Yefim Yeshurun’s 1935 collective volume Vílne.

  • Meyshe Kulbak’s 1926  poem Vilne.

Materials for Session 4 (26 July 2021)

  • Excerpts from Leyzer Ran’s Ash fun Yerusholáyim d’Líte (N.Y. 1959) [translation of book into English in progress].

  • Excerpts from Khaykl Lunski’s Fun Vilner geto (1920). Book available at NYBC.

Materials for Session 5 (2 August 2021)

  • Further readings from  the excerpts from Khaykl Lunski’s Fun Vilner geto (1920). Book available at NYBC.

  • Introduction to instructor’s Virtual Mini-Museum of Old Jewish Vilna (descriptions of exhibits in Yiddish, index page in English).  Online. Visitors welcome also to visit his Lithuania page. (Please advise of typos and errors in both, with thanks in anticipation.)









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