Dovid Katz on Yiddish Culture in London

  1. A.N. Stencl: Late 1970s Interview (audio only) [in Yiddish]. Online.

  2. A.N. Stencl, I. A. Lisky et al: Late 1970s recording of a Shábes Nokhmítik in Váytshepl (Sabbath afternoon weekly literary gathering chaired by Stencl) [in Yiddish]. Part 1. Part 2.

  3. A Celebration of Yiddish Culture in London (A kultur yontef in London) in Undzer vort (Paris), 15 March 1977, p. 4 [in Yiddish].

  4. A.N. Stencl: 1979 Chat in a Whitechapel Café [in Yiddish]. Online.

  5. Biography of Leyb-Sholem Kreditor (1875-1966) in Biographical Dictionary of Modern Yiddish Literature (Leksikon fun der nayer yidisher literatur), vol. viii, p. 168 (Congress for Jewish Culture: N.Y. 1981) [in Yiddish] (note: research included interview with his daughter Baroness Anna Dora Gaitskell in London in 1979; audiotape not yet located).

  6. Founding of Oxford Summer Programme in Yiddish in 1982, with central policy of including London Jewish authors, actors and cultural leaders for lectures (100% in Yiddish): C. Abramsky, H. Ariel, Y. Kh. Klinger,  S. Levenberg, I. A. Lisky, B. Mendelovich, L. Reyzen, A.N. Stencl, A. Tzelniker et al.

  7. Annual A.N. Stencl Lecture at the Oxford Summer Programme in Yiddish Language and Literature at the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Research. Established in Stencl’s memory in 1983 by Dovid Katz, ed. of first six years’ published lectures, inaugurated by S. S. Prawer’s Stencl of Whitechapel (Oxford 1984), and William J. Fishman’s Morris Winchevsky’s London Yiddish Newspaper: One Hundred Years in Retrospect (Oxford 1985). Bibliography of the first six published lectures online.

  8. Jeffrey Grossman, “Why do Literary Historians Ignore A.N. Stencl?” (paper in Yiddish: Yeyde-Hesh Groysman, “Farvos ignorirn di literatur-historiker A-Nun Shtentslen?” supervised by Christopher Hutton and Dovid Katz at the Seventh Annual Oxford Summer Programme in Yiddish Language and Literature, Aug. 1988; published in Oksforder yidish (Oxford Yiddish), vol. 1, 1990, pp. 91-105.

  9. I. A. Lisky: Some Memories on his First Yórtsayt (Yud-Alef Lisky: A bintl zikhroynes tsum ershtn yortsayt) in Forverts (Yiddish Forward), 24 May 1991, p. 19 [in Yiddish].

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  12. Yiddish short story (set in London): A Day in Whitechapel (A Tog in Vaytshepl) in Di Tsukunft (N.Y.), vol. 97.1 (Jan.-Feb. 1992), pp. 29-35 [in Yiddish; English translation by Barnett Zumoff not yet published].

  13. Yiddish short story (set in London): Der Nakhtvandler (the Sleepwalker) in Di Tsukunft (N.Y.), vol. 98.1 (Jan.-Feb. 1993), pp. 19-26 [in Yiddish; English translation by Barnett Zumoff not yet published].

  14. Stencl of a Higher Realm (Shtentsl shel mayle). In Yidishe kultur, vol. 56 (no. 3, May-Jun 1993), pp. 22-34 [in Yiddish].  Online.  Edited English version by Leonard Prager, “Stencl of Whitechapel” in the Mendele Review, vol. 07/003 (30 March 2003). Online.

  15. Yiddish short story (set in London): Dos Ringl (The Ring) in Kheshbn (Los Angeles), Spring 1994, pp. 28-31 [in Yiddish; English translation by Barnett Zumoff not yet published].

  16. Publication of Bernard Mendelovich’s memoir on Yiddish theatre in London in Yiddish Pen (no. 24, July 1996, pp. 18-26). Online.

  17. Yiddish short story (set in London): Der Foygl in Brivkestl (Bird in the Postbox) in Kheshbn (Los Angeles), Autumn 1997, pp. 34-41 [in Yiddish; English translation by Barnett Zumoff not yet published].

  18. A. N. Stencl Photo Album: personal album with introduction. Posted on Facebook in Jan. 2022. Online.

  19. I. A. Lisky & N. M. Seedo Photo Album: personal album with introduction. Posted on Facebook in Sept. 2022. Online.

  20. Youtube Playlist on Whitechapel Yiddish CultureOnline.

  21. Memoir on Preservation of Stencl’s Personal Library. Memoir of the collaborative effort that led to the early 1983 rescue of A. N. Stencl’s personal library and its permanent placement at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), with context from the era. Posted on Facebook on 26 January 2022. Online.

  22. Memoir on David Djanogly’s role in preserving A. N. Stencl’s personal library and archive and in helping to establishing the annual Stencl Lecture series at Oxford (in description box to a David Djanogly interview), Dec. 2021. Online.

  23. Unpublished: Barnett Zumoff’s second collection of translations of Dovid Katz’s Yiddish short stories (set in London and New York) is ready for the press but publication progress has stalled since Dr. Zumoff’s death in 2021. It is hoped that publication will proceed in memory of Dr. Zumoff (whose first collection — of DK’s Lithuania-based stories — was published by KTAV in 2012).

  24. An experimental course on A.N. Stencl: Poems, Prose & Life of A. N. Stencl. A five-week series at the Workmens Circle online program in Yiddish, Oct.-Nov. 2022. Course description. [Course postponed to a future semester.]

  25. Posting (Jan. 2023) of Nicole Jarasse’s 1966 study of Yiddish in London (in cooperation with and © Nicole Jarasse Lefoll). Online.

  26. Construction and teaching of ten-session online advanced-level course Readings in London Yiddish Literature taught (entirely in Yiddish) in the autumn-winter 2023 semester at the Workmens Circle Yiddish program. Syllabus online.

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