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The exhibition "History of the painter's eyes. Anthony Rimantas falconry souvenir envelopes "

You are welcome to September 27. 14 hours. the exhibition "History of the painter's eyes. Anthony Rimantas falconry souvenir envelopes "opening VUL White Hall (fourth century., University st. 3)

The exhibition will be open until 9 October.

Anthony Rimantas Šakalys was born in 1938. 1 October. Pakačinų village (Zarasai.). In 1953-1958. at Kaunas Applied Arts, 1961-1963,. studied at Vilnius Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts). After two courses went on to study at the Moscow Institute of Cinematography. He graduated in 1968. returned to Vilnius. 1968-1971 m. was a Lithuanian television artist, builder, designer and Animation department of the works in television pioneer. 1971-1978 m. - Lithuanian film studio films the artist-builder. Major movie studios work of the period: the documentary film "Books have their own destiny" (1970, on the VU library) and the University from 1579 to 1979 "(1979). For a time he taught at Vilnius Institute of Engineering and drawing at the Art Institute of cinema and television arts foundations. Thereafter - creative work: prints, bookplates, book illustrations, company logos, etc..

Lithuanian Artists 'Association (1974), the Lithuanian American Philatelic Society "Lithuania" is a member of philatelic oppositional social movement "FILOP" online guide Lithuanian Freedom Fighters' Association. Awarded January 13th Commemorative Medal (2004).

OR Šakalys - a wide range of artist, has done a lot of graphics, book illustrations, paintings, bookplate, design, printmaking, and souvenir philatelic areas. In particular, it became famous souvenir envelopes. OR falconry is not a letter envelope package. He can tell you about the number of their country of origin, its history, culture, economy, individuals, national traditions, identity and so on. Envelopes in small series or Šakalys began to develop from 1979, but with a real passion for this work has taken rebirth, the emergence of the Movement on the eve of the Independence defense and approval period. Artist of Lithuania's research, historical, and cultural topics, it is important for the historical memory of the people. The author's work emanates pride of their nation, culture, people, gave the state of scientific masterpieces, unique architecture and engineering. Created graphics, prints and envelopes series "Dukes of Lithuania, Lithuanian scientists" (which the old and the first VU professors, rectors, famous alumni), Presidents of Lithuania, Lithuania history painter's oeuvre, Lithuania hundred people most deserving artist eyes, Vilnius, along the lines of V. Drema book "Lost Vilnius, Kaunas, the provisional capital of Lithuania, Lithuanian trade relations."

Souvenir envelopes content author also declares and their civil position išreikiančią respect for ethnic, patriotic and human values. This kind of works of the artist - a deep understanding of history and contemporary movement study. In his works the artist pays homage to prominent, deserved well of their personalities by building a kind of monument.

OR Šakalys exhibitions - in Lithuania and abroad - part since 1968. His works created toured Europe (Paris, Berlin, Krakow, Malbork, Lublin, Moscow), the Americas (USA, Canada).

The exhibition displayed AR falconry various series souvenir envelopes from Vilnius University Library Graphic Arts Fund.


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