Keepsakes of Old Jewish Vilna (25)

by Dovid Katz

ווילנער אַנטיקל⸗זאַכן


          אַ פּאָסטקאַרטל פון חיים קראַוויץ (קרביץ) אין ראשון לציון אין ארץ ישראל, וואָס איז געשיקט געוואָרן קיין ווילנע צו שמריה קיטאַיעוויטשן דעם 17טן יוני 1948, אין משך פון דער אומאָפּהענגיקייטס⸗מלחמה פון מדינת ישראל.

          שיין בייקער (Shane Baker) האָט צוגעגרייט אַ פּראָוויזאָרישע טראַנסקריפּציע און איבערזעצונג אויף ענגליש; אַ האַרציקן דאַנק דעם יידישן קולטור קאָנגרעס אין ניו⸗יאָרק.


  • Be”h
  • Rishon Letsion 19 17/ 6 48
  • Undzere tayere un libe!
  • vos makht ir? Endlekh zikh derlebt
  • dem gliklekhn moment tsu kenen onshraybn
  • a por verter a dank Got derfar. Mir
  • zaynen b”h gezunt shpirn zikh gut.
  • Zol nor Got  gebn af vayter nit erger
  • kholile. Undzere mener zaynen nit mit
  • unz tsuzamen sheyn akhoydesh tsayt ober
  • b”h in ruige erter mir hobn
  • nit vos ober tsu klern vegn zey.  Geveynlikh
  • in a milkhome iz kholile keyner nit zikher
  • vayl unzer medine iz azey greys vos
  • vos fun ale zaytn zet men ir tsu.  Shvues
  • zaynen ale geven aheym dos rov af shabes
  • zaynen zey do.  Fun Moyshen zint es] hot zikh
  • farmakht di post geyt nokh keyn briv
  • nit tsu zey. Mir hobn aykh nekhtn geshikt
  • a telegrame. Vayter b”h hobn mir nit vos
  • tsum zindign Got iz mit undz. Vos hert zikh
  • ba aykh vi filt ir zikh[?]  Undzere kinderlakh
  • b”h hobn mir nakhes fun zey tayere kinder
  • ikh vel farendign mir shraybn nokh haynt a briv
  • aykh. Mir kushn aykh hartsik farblaybt gezunt
  • fun [mir/ayer? Tsile] danken Got az men ken sheyn shraybn. Ikh
  • geris aykh un kush aykh  zayt gezunt un shtark oykh
  • a hertsli[khn?] gerus tayere fun
  • undz.  Mit undzer tokhter
  • Dvoyre un Moyshe

Our dear and loved ones!

How are you?  We have finally reached the happy moment when we can write a few words, thank Godfor that. We are with God’s help healthy and feel well.

May it continue thus without getting worse, God forbid. Our men are not with us a month’s time already, but with God’s help they are in peaceful places so we do not however have reason to worry about them.  Usually in a war no one is, God forbid, safe because our country is so large that from every side it can be looked upon.  Shvues everyone was home, [mostly on the Sabbath they are here].   Since the post office was closed there are as of yet no letters [from Moyshe] reaching them.  Yesterday we sent you [or “We also sent”]  a telegram.  Beyond that, thank God, we don’t have anything to complain about, Gois with us. Our little children — thank God — we have pride and joy from them,dear children. I will finish, as I have yet another letter to write today, too.  We kiss you heartily, remain well

[from me Tsile?]

Thank God that we can now write to you my dears.  Be well and strong, I greet you and kiss you, a hearty greeting dear ones from us with our daughter

Dvoyre and Moyshe


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