Dovid Katz’s Yiddish Fiction (in Book Form)

1. Eldra Don and Other Yiddish Short Stories [Eldra Don un andere mayses], Three Sisters Press: Rowen, Wales, 1992, 191 pp (seven short stories). Online

2. The Flat Peak. Tales of the Province of Vilna [Der flakher shpits. Mayses fun Vilner gubernye], Three sisters Press: Rowen, Wales, 1993, 188 pp. (seven short stories). Online.

3. Tales of the Misnagdim of Vilna Province [Misnagdishe mayses fun Vilner gubernye], Yerusholaymer Almanach Press: Oxford & Jerusalem, 1996, 204 pp. (ten short stories). Online. [Note: Reviews (of this and previous volumes) by Moyshe Ayzenbud, Yehuda Elberg, Abraham Karpinovich, Eli Katz, Abraham Lis, Yitskhok Luden, Joseph Mlotek, Mordechai Tsanin, Yankev-Tsvi Shargel, Abraham Sutzkever, Shloyme Vorzoger, and others are being scanned for eventual linking on this page.]

4. Einstein from Svir and Other Yiddish Short Stories [Aynshteyn fun Svir un andere dertseylungen], cover by Giedre Beconyte, Leyvik Publishing House (with National Authority for Yiddish Culture and World Jewish Congress International Yiddish Center in Vilnius): Tel Aviv, 2020 (2019), 227 pp. (12 short stories).

Translations in Book Form

ENGLISH 1The City in the Moonlight. Stories from the Old-Time Lithuanian JewsTranslated by Barnett Zumoff, KTAV Publishing House: Jersey City, NJ, 2012, 138 pp. (13 short stories) Online.

ENGLISH 2Pride and Joy from Benjamin and Other Short StoriesTranslated by Barnett Zumoff. Ready for the press, will hopefully appear soon (10 short stories, 5 set in London, 5  in New York).

GERMANOstjüdische Geschichten aus dem alten LitauenTranslated by  Melitta Depner, SALO LiteraturVERLAG: München, 2012, 329 pp. (11 short stories).

ITALIANNoah Anshel dell’altro mondoIntroduzione e traduzione de Erri De Luca, Libreria Dante & Descartes: Naples 2012, 47 pp.

Awards for Yiddish Fiction

1994: Hirsh Rosenfeld Award in Yiddish Literature, Canadian Jewish Congress (Montreal).

1995: Chaim Grade Award in Yiddish Culture, Congress for Jewish Culture (New York).

1996: Chaim Zhitlovsky Award and Medal, Zhitlovsky Foundation (New York).

1997: Manger Prize in Yiddish Literature (Tel Aviv).

2000: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Award  (New York).

2020: Leyb Rubinlicht Award in Yiddish Literature, Leyvik House (Tel Aviv).

Note 1: Individual stories have appeared in periodicals in Lithuanian, Polish, and Belarusian translation. Several of these are linked on the author’s website.

Note 2: A compilation of (scanned) book reviews on the four published Yiddish volumes is in progress and will in due course be added to this page.

Note 3: A number of Yiddish short stories by the author have not yet appeared in any collection.

Updated: March 2024


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