Select Bibliography: Media on Ukraine’s Holocaust Issues (2014-2015)

[Date of last update; Compiled by Dovid Katz]

July 2015

23 July 2015.  BBC Newsnight: ‘The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine’s government’ by Gabriel Gatehouse.

10 July 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Wiesenthal Center slams Ukrainian Holocaust bill’ by Sam Sokol.

June 2015

19 June 2015. Defending History: ‘Ukrainian Hitlerist icons celebrated in Weston-on-Trent in Derbyshire, England’ by J. North.

12 June 2015.  NR Handelsblad: ‘Review [in Dutch] of  Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe, Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist. Fascism, Genocide and Cult’ by Laura Starink.

11 June 2015.  [Website of US Congressman] John Conyers Jr: ‘U.S. House passes 3 amendments by Rep. Conyers to Defense Spending Bill to protect civilians from dangers of arming and training foreign forces.

May 2015

27 May 2015.  Huffington ‘Note to Ukraine: Time to reconsider your historic role models’ by Nikolas Kozloff’.

27 May 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Analysis: the Holocaust as a political issue’ by Sam Sokol.

23 May 2015.  Times of Israel: ‘Ukraine’s recognition of WWII nationalist group sparks Jewish concern’ by JTA, AFP, Times of Israel staff.

21 May 2015.  New Republic: ‘Ukraine makes amnesia the law of the land. Poroshenko wants his nation to forget its role in Nazi atrocities’ by Jochen Hellbeck.

21 May 2015. ‘Obama’s strategic shift’ by Robert Parry.

21 May 2015.  Haaretz: ‘Ukraine to honor groups that killed Jews in World War II’.

18 May 2015. ‘New laws in Ukraine potential threat to free expression and free media, OSCE Representative says’.

16 May 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Putin says Ukraine being overrun by fascists — and he may be right’ by Josh Cohen / Reuters.

11 May 2015.  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM): ‘Statement on Ukrainian legislation on historical research and debate.

9 May 2015.  History News Network: ‘The history wars in Ukraine are heating up’ by Christopher Gilley and Per Anders Rudling’.

1 May 2015. ’70 aniversario de la derrota del nazismo: La desmemoria de Occidente’ by Paricia Lee [in Spanish].

April 2015

29 April 2015.  Polititshna Kritika: ‘Laws 2558 and 2538-1: On critical inquiry, the Holocaust, and academic freedom in Ukraine’ by Per Anders Rudling and Christopher Gilley.

27 April 2015.  Foreign Policy: ‘Dear Ukraine: Please don’t shoot yourself in the foot. A controversial new law sends the wrong signals about the past and threatens free speech’ by Josh Cohen.

[20] April 2015.  Krytyka: ‘Open letter from scholars and experts on Ukraine re so-called “Anti-Communist Law”’ by David R. Marples and numerous other signatories.

18 April 2015.  National Post: ‘Jason Kenney says Canadian soldiers will not be training Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine’ by David Pugliese.

17 April 2015. ‘How Ukraine commemorates the Holocaust’ by Robert Parry.

17 April 2015.  Salon: ‘The New York Times “basically rewrites whatever the Kiev authorities say”:  Stephen F. Cohen on the U.S. / Russia / Ukraine history the media won’t tell you’ by Patrick L. Smith.

15 April 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Ukrainian parliament recognizes militia that collaborated with Nazis’ by Sam Sokol.

15 April 2015.  Jewish Telegraphic Agency: ‘Ukrainian Jewish leader slams security boss for praising antisemitic militia’.

13 April 2015.  The Nation: ‘Will Ukraine’s new anti-Communist law usher in a free speech dark age?’ by Alec Luhn.  As PDF.

11 April 2015.  International Business Times: ‘Ukraine’s controversial bill recognizing WWII-era partisans draws harsh criticism from Russians’ by Dennis Lynch.

8 April 2015.  BBC News: ‘Ukraine crisis: Tension over rise of nationalist Yarosh’ by David Stern.

7 April 2015.  National Post: ‘Toronto symphony bans Ukrainian-born pianist over “provocative” tweets denouncing Kyiv’s “neo-Nazis”’.

5 April 2015.  HNN History News Network: ‘What standards should be applied when deciding to accept funds?’ by Tarik Cyril Amar and Per Anders Rudling.

March 2015

31 March 2015.  ‘US forces to hold exercises in Ukraine’ by Associated Press.

30 March 2015.  Ukraine President Poroshenko’s jocular tweet with photos of him in his new ‘Cynical Bandera’ outfit…

February 2015

11 February 2015. ‘New York Times whites out Ukraine’s brown shirts’ by Robert Parry.

1 February 2015.  CounterPunch: ‘Toronto Star is running with the extreme right in Ukraine’ by Roger Annis.

January 2015

24 January 2015.  Foreign Policy Journal: ‘The US and Ukraine: Dumb and dumber’ by William Blum.

8 January 2015.  Prague Post: ‘[Czech President] Zeman criticizes historical Ukrainian leaders’ by Raymond Johnston.

6 January 2015. ‘Are there Nazis in Ukraine A visit to Lviv’ by Joshua Tartakovsky.

4 January 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Wiesenthal Center pans Svoboda march but many Ukrainian Jews aren’t worried’ by Sam Sokol.

1 January 2015.  124news: ‘Brussels must confront revival of fascism in Eastern Europe’ by Efraim Zuroff.

December 2014

December 2014.  History Today: ‘Collaborator: No longer a dirty word?’ by Gareth Pritchard and Desislava Gancheva.

31 Deember 2014.  Anton Shekhovtsov’s Blog: ‘A comment on the involvement of the Patriot of Ukraine in the Ukrainian revolution’ by Anton Shekhovtsov.

25 December 2014.  The World Post / Huffington Post: ‘Ukraine: Still failing World War II’ by  Nikolas Kozloff.

24 December 2014.  BloombergView: ‘A great year for the far right’ by Leonid Bershidsky.

14 December 2014.  Defending History: ‘A visit to Ukraine. Where the Holocaust becomes a negligible detail’ by Frank Brendle.

13 December 2014.  BBC News Europe: ‘Ukraine underplays role of far right in conflict’ by David Stern.

9 December 2014.  Kyiv Post: ‘Poroshenko grants Belarusian neo-Nazi Ukrainian citizenship’ by Halya Coynash.

8 December 2014.  The New York Times: ‘Driving Ukrainians into Putin’s arms’ by Lev Golinkin.

8 December 2014.  Defending History: ‘A lowpoint in American (and Canadian) diplomacy?’

6 December 2014.  Russia Insider: ‘Israeli Zionist: Ukraine glorifies Holocaust criminals — Western support must end’ by Arkady Molev and Vladimir Golstein.

December 2014.  History Today: ‘Collaborator: No longer a dirty word?’ by Gareth Pritchard.

3 December 2014.  News by InSerbia: ‘Why Did US, Canada and Ukraine vote against condemning Nazism at the UN?’ by John Meinhold.

November 2014

30 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Tomas Venclova speaks out on Banderism and its European analogues’.

28 November 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Ukraine bonanza for upgraded Holocaust denial’ by Dovid Katz.

28 November 2014.  Global Research: ‘Ukraine and the UN resolution against “the glorification of Nazism”: The US vote at the UN is “Holocaust Denial” – Here’s why’ by George Eliason.

27 November 2014. Rights& ‘Why the “West” is supporting Ukaine’s neo-nazis’ [earlier Global Research piece by George Eliason].

26 November 2014.  JP Updates: ‘UN resolution against Nazism embroiled in Russia-Ukraine antisemitism charges’ by Boruch Shubert.

26 November 2014.  Huffington Post: ‘Why Canada voted against resolution at UN to combat “glorification of Nazism”‘ by Ryan Maloney.

25 November 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Russian-Ukrainian spat over anti-Semitism reaches the UN’ by Sam Sokol.

23 November 2014.  National Post: ‘Russia criticizes Canada for voting against its UN resolution to combat “glorification of Nazism”’ by Joseph Brean.

23 November 2014.  Defending History: ‘Text of US Rep. John Conyers’ proposed amendment restricting aid to pro-Nazi forces in Ukraine’.

18 November 2014.  AlterNet: ‘How the Israel lobby protected Ukrainian neo-Nazis’ by Max Blumenthal.

13 November 2014. Spiegel Online: ‘Interview with Henry Kissinger: ‘Do we achieve world order through chaos or insight?’ [interview of Henry Kissinger by Juliane von Mittelstaedt and Erich Follath].

13 November 2014.  Guardian: ‘Ukraine has ignored the far right for too long – it must wake up to the danger’ by Volodymyr Ishchenko.

13 November 2014.  NewsEurope: ‘Far-Right, ultranationalists played crucial role in Euromaidan: analyst’.

12 November 2014. ‘Volydymyr Parasiuk is no peace-loving freedom fighter’.

12 November 2014. ‘When Henry Kissinger makes sense’ by Robert Parry.

7 November 2014.  Human Rights in Ukraine: ‘Disastrous police appointment’ by Halya Coynash.

October 2014

26 October 2014.  Twitter: ‘Ukraine’s #1 neo-Nazi Dmitry Yarosh (Pravy Sektor) wins seat in single-mandate district in east’ by Mark Ames.

25 October 2014. ‘Svoboda nazi apologist quits party to become head of Security Service propaganda’.

21 October 2014.  Russia Insider: ‘Ukraine’s descent into fascism and how the West turns a blind eye’ by Vladimir Golstein.

19 October 2014.  The Sunday Times: ‘Far-right groups turn heroics into votes in Ukraine’ by Bojan Pancevski & Kristina Jovanovski.

16 October 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine’s “centrist” leaders honor Holocaust-era Nazi collaborators as “heroes”’.

September 2014

28 September 2014.  Defending History: ‘Alex Ryvchin speaks out at Babi Yar Memorial event in Sydney, Australia.

23 September 2014.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Nazi truth that West refuses to recognize’ by Michael Goldfarb.

19 Septemberr 2014.  Defending History: ‘Western media begins to report on Nazi allegiance in parts of Ukraine’s military’.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘What we talk about when we talk about Stepan Bandera: a rejoinder to Dovid Katz’ by Konstanty Gebert.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘Poland is not Ukraine: A response to Konstanty Gebert’s “The Ukrainian question”’ by Dovid Katz.

13 September 2014.  International Business Times: ‘Ukrainian soldiers filmed wearing Nazi helmets deny neo-Nazi links’ by Aaron Akinyemi.

10 September 2014.  Guardian: ‘Azov fighters are Ukraine’s greatest weapon and may be its greatest threat’ by Shaun Walker.

9 September 2014.  NBC News: ‘German TV shows Nazi symbols on helmets of Ukraine soldiers’ by Andy Eckhardt.

9 September 2014.  The Hill: ‘Video shows Ukrainian soldiers wearing Nazi symbols’ by Rebecca Shabad.

August 2014

30 August 2014. Foreign Policy: ‘Preparing for war with Ukraine’s fascist defenders of freedom’ by Alec Luhn.

16 August 2014. ‘The hushed-up Hitler factor in Ukraine’ by Dovid Katz.

16 August 2014. ‘Mass killing in East Ukraine and the failure of liberal intellectuals’ by Joshua Tartakovsky.

13 August 2014. ‘Ignoring Ukraine’s neo-Nazi storm troopers’ by Robert Parry.

11 August 2014.  The Telegraph. ‘Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists’ by Tom Parfitt.

9 August 2014.  The New York Times: ‘Ukraine strategy bets on restraint by Russia’ by Andrew E. Kramer [see penultimate paragraph].

July 2014

26 July 2014.  Jewish Currents: ‘The Neocons and Holocaust revisionism in Eastern Europe’ by Dovid Katz. Part II.

22 July 2014.  Jewish Currents: ‘The Neocons and Holocaust Revisionism in Eastern Europe’ by Dovid Katz. Part I.

15 July 2014.  The Nation: ‘Kiev’s atrocities and the silence of the hawks’ by Stephen F. Cohen.

June 2014

Summer 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘The Ukrainian question’ by Konstanty Gebert.

10 June 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Getting it wrong on Ukraine’ by Dovid Katz.

May 2014

22 May 2014.  The Nation: ‘Western media coverage of the Ukraine crisis is as distorted as Soviet propaganda’ by Vladimir Golstein.

22 May 2014.  BBC Radio World Service: ‘Ukraine’s citizen soldiers’ by Tim Whewell.

19 May 2014.  History News Network (HNN): ‘Why the revival of nationalist myths in Ukraine should alarm us’ by Tarik Cyril Amar and Per Anders Rudling.

6 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Reply to a Roger Cohen opinion piece on Ukraine and Lithuania’ by Dovid Katz.

2 May 2014.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Neo-Nazis honor Ukrainian SS on Holocaust Memorial Day’ by Tova Dvorin.

April 2014

3 April 2014.  Global Research: ‘The media’s disinformation campaign on Ukraine: “There are no neo-Nazis in the interim government”’ by John Ryan.

March 2014

31 March 2014. ‘Local view: Is Ukraine democratic?’ by Paul A. Olson.

28 March 2014.  BBC News Europe: ‘Ukraine leader Turchynov warns of far-right threat’.

28 March 2014.  The Conversation: ‘Ukraine’s “forgotten history” sowed seeds of bitter division’ by Filip Slaveski.

25 March 2014.  Washington Post: ‘A ghost of World War II history haunts Ukraine’s standoff with Russia’ by Anthony Faiola.

24 March 2014.  Tablet: ‘Supporting Ukraine means opposing antisemitic nationalism now, not later’ by Tarik Cyril Amar, Omer Bartov and Per Anders Rudling.

19 March 2014.  International Business Times: ‘Ukraine: Svoboda party building close relations with Germany’s neo-Nazi NPD party’ by Jack Moore.

19 March 2014.  NBC News: ‘Far-right Ukrainian lawmaker assaults state TV boss’.

18 March 2014.  Foreign Policy: ‘Yes, there are bad guys in the Ukrainian government. It’s time for a frank conversation about some of the unsavory characters in Kiev’ by Andrew Foxall and Oren Kessler.

18 March 2014.  Reuters: Insight. In Ukraine, nationalists gain influence — and scrutiny’ by By Sabina Zawadzki, Mark Hosenball and Stephen Grey.

14 March 2014. ‘US fueled rise of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, McCain stands with party leader on stage’ by Ralph Lopez.

13 March 2014.  Los Angeles Times: ‘Ukraine’s threat from within: Neofascists are as much a menace to Ukraine as Putin’s actions in Crimea’ by Robert English.

11 March 2014.  Huffington Post: ‘The neo-Nazi question in Ukraine’ by Michael Hughes.

11 March 2014. ‘Ukraine: The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend’ by Zoltan Grossman.

11 March 2014.  The Real News: ‘Svoboda and the history of Ukrainian nationalism (1/2)’ [interview with Per Anders Rudling].

10 March 2014.  Huffington Post: ‘Putin, Ukraine and antisemitism: it’s real’ by Richard Brodsky.

10 March 2014.  Counterpunch: ‘Ukraine: The sovereignty argument, and the real problem of fascism [“Going into the woods to fight Jewry and other filth…”]’ by Gary Leupp.

7 March 2014.  BBC News Europe: ‘Ukraine’s revolution and the far right’.

7 March 2014.  FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting): ‘Denying the far-right role in the Ukrainian revolution’ by Jim Naureckas.

7 March 2014. ‘Blind eye turned to influence of far-right in Ukrainian crisis: critics’ by Bruce Livesey.

6 March 2014.  The Nation: ‘The dark side of the Ukraine revolt’ by Conn Hallinan & Foreign Policy in Focus.

5 March 2014.  Channel 4 News: ‘How the far right took top posts in Ukraine’s power vacuum’.

5 March 2014.  History News Network: ‘Ukraine’s toxic history of fascism and ethnic cleansing’ by Robert Thurston.

4 March 2014.  International New York Times: ‘What Putin really wants’ by Ruslan Pukhov [see final paragraph].

3 March 2014. ‘Blitzer, Amanpour spar on CNN’ by Hadas Gold.

3 March 2014.  Counterpunch: ‘The rise of the quasi-fascists. The dark side of the Ukraine revolt’ by Conn Hallinan.

1 March 2014.  The Daily Beast: ‘Can Ukraine control its far right ultranationalists?’.

February 2014

28 February 2014.  BBC Newsnight: ‘Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine’ by Gabriel Gatehouse.

28 February 2014.  Haaretz: ‘Ukrainian nationalists strive to shake off allegations of antisemitism’ by Lolita Brayman.

25 February 2014.  Salon: ‘Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?’ by Max Blumenthal.

25 February 2014.  Reuters: ‘Russia evokes World War Two in media blitz on Ukraine’ by Elizabeth Piper.

24 February 2014.  AlterNet: ‘Is the U.S. backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?’ by Max Blumenthal.

23 February 2014.  Buenos Aires Herald: ‘Ukraine’s bloody turmoil’ by Joshua Keating.

23 February 2014.  European Jewish Press: ‘Ukrainian Jews fear that the anger will be directed at the Jews, as has happened in the past’ by Yossi Lempkowicz.

22 February 2014.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Report: As Ukrainian unrest unfolds, antisemitism rises’ by Tova Dvorin.

21 February 2014.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Tea with neo-Nazis: the violent natinalist in Ukraine’ by Inna Rogatchi.

20 February 2014. ‘Ukraine: the view from the west’ by David Marples.

19 February 2014.  International Business Times: ‘Euromaidan: The dark shadows of the far-right in Ukraine protests’ by Palash Ghosh.

13 February 2014.  Irish Times: ‘Ukraine’s revolutionaries reject “fascist” jibe as conflicting histories collide’ by Daniel McLaighlin.

January 2014

30 January 2014.  The Nation: ‘Stephen F. Cohen: Right-wing extremists control the Kiev protests’.

3 January 2014.  Irish Times: ‘Ukraine right revives wartime symbols amid “revolution”‘  by Dan McLaighlin.

December 2013

28 December 2013.  Kyiv Post: ‘Andreas Umland: How spread of Banderite slogans and symbols undermines Ukrainian nation-building by Andreas Umland.

16 December 2013.  4 News: ‘Protests continue in the Ukrainian capital after an endorsement from US Senator John McCain’.

12 December 2013.  Office of Congressman Hakeem S. Jeffries: Letter to the Ukrainian ambassador in the United States.

August 2013

August 2013. UCSJ statement on the Ukrainian Svoboda party.


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