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Vilnius District Court’s 29 May 2017 Ruling on LJC’s Mid-Campaign Election Rule Change


Vilnius District Court Judge Rima Bražinskienė’s 29 May 2017 ruling, concerning the “official” Lithuanian Jewish Community’s mid-campaign rule change during last spring’s leadership contest, effectively disenfranchising 2,200 Jewish people of Vilnius (the vast majority of Lithuania’s Jews today) in favor of a new voting system granting effective power over the election to a roomful of “oligarchs” (some of whom have two or three votes each, i.e. two or three times as much weight as the 2,200 Jews disenfranchised) is now publicly available.

The following, for the convenience of our readers, is an English translation. Note that in the case of any query arising, the Lithuanian original is alone authoritative.

As readers will recall, this judgment was circumvented by the council of the LJC being called to vote a day before this ruling was issued, on 28 May, in a highly undemocratic scene characterized by massive armed security and the exclusion of members of the community from the community’s building at Pylimo 4. This was a stark contrast with the democratic elections for the Vilnius Jewish Community (VJC) held several days earlier, on 24 May, at Hotel Karolina, which resulted in the LJC website’s infamous antisemitic grade attack on “Russian speakers who claim to be Jewish,” as reported at the time by JTA. As one of the community’s stalwarts, Prof. Pinchos Fridberg, a Holocaust survivor, noted, the author of that diatribe remains unknown as does the question of his or her continued employment as writer for the Jewish community’s official website.


  • Civil Case No. e2-27518-545/2017
  • Court Process No. 2-68-3-20933-2017-6
  • Categories of Procedural Decision:;;




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Honest Error at German Embassy in Vilnius?


VILNIUS—“There is nothing new under the sun,” as the Good Book says (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Sure, on occasion, Irish communities will feud in Boston, Italians in New York, Chinese in LA and Lithuanians in Chicago. It is part of the professional training, posture, and policy of diplomats to negotiate such inevitabilities by way of common sense, wisdom, and fairness. For years now, the widely admired German ambassador to Lithuania, HE Jutta Schmitz has kept her embassy’s diplomatic table open to people and organizations, governmental and non-governmental, from across the colorfully diverse spectrum of opinion in Lithuania. It is not known whether the recent completion of her Vilnius ambassadorship and departure from Lithuania,  and the temporary vacancy,  had anything to do with the embassy’s recent, and quite innocent, faux-pas.

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