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Books in the Current Debate (Mid 2020)


Christoph Dieckmann & Ruta Vanagaite: How Did It Happen? (Our People. Part II. Understanding the Holocaust in Lithuania)Available for online order.

Book launch in Vilnius on 25 June 2020. DH opinion piece. LJC video of Vilnius book launch at which Dr. Dieckmann trashed Dr. Zuroff re Vanagaite-Zuroff book, repeatedly referred to at the event as hers alone. What is going on? The author also proclaimed that the Holocaust in Lithuania was no different than in any other country.  A subsequent interview in Lithuanian media adopts a “graywash of Skirpa”; see A. Kulikauskas’s unvarnished account. The Smon Wiesenthal Center is expected to comment.

Silvia Foti: Tears of Discovery. How I Learned My Grandfather was a Nazi War Criminal (in press)

Background on author’s website. In her latest blog, the author again fails to credit Evaldas Balčiūnas for revealing, in 2012, the Noreika history (and  thereafter that of  other glorified perpetrators)  to the English speaking world, for which he was persecuted by police and prosecutors for years (see his section, scroll down to  May 2014). References to the recent glorification of Noreika and Skiirpa by a prominent scholar the Genocide Center and “Red-Brown Commission” on 23 June 2020 fail to cite Defending History’s eyewitness report in Vilnius. The eminent author, who has a story of historic proportions to relate, might take care not to fall into California spirited self-PR mode that averts accreditation of predecessors and contemporaries.

Alexander Gendler: Khurbm: 1914-1922

Alex J. Kay & David Stahel (eds),  Mass Violence in Nazi Occupied Europe

Mark Montesclaros’s review in  H-Net.  D. Katz’s paper.

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