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What Website in Vilnius would Defame Leading Jewish Woman Activist to Deter Jewish People from Voicing Views?

[LAST UPDATE: 12 JAN. 2020]


VILNIUS—Yet again, an operative has allegedly been mobilized as fodder to personally attack a member of Lithuania’s small Jewish community as part of a campaign by some state-sponsored “official Jewish community leadership” to intimidate today’s Lithuanian Jews. If they stand up for a Jewish cemetery, and dare disagree with it becoming a national convention center, they will be smeared on the official website as liars, misleaders and secretly paid agents of some mysterious source of riches. This is a tragedy. It is part of a saga that will go down in Jewish history as possibly the worst case of state restitution for prewar Jewish property leading to disastrous results for the present and future of Jewish life on site, while providing glories and power for a tiny local elite and its “boards” of foreign fellow-travelers who relish coming to Vilnius for banquets and photo-ops with the high and mighty.

The latest effort was published earlier this week on the Lithuanian (PDF) and Russian (PDF) pages of the official community’s website. Perhaps they are too ashamed of the piece to post it in English. It is after all meant to frighten local Jewish people to never dare disagree. A full English translation is available on request. It accuses one of the most esteemed, idealistic, hard-working, modestly-living and dedicated members of the community, Ruta Bloshtein, author of the acclaimed international petition to save the Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery from becoming a convention center grounds, of “misleading tens of thousands of people” and consisting of “pure lies.” Before declaring at the end, Soviet commissar style, that the “discussion is closed,” the author addresses Ms. Bloshtein in the second person: “I have already started believing that your propaganda campaign has a vested material interest. Somebody is paying for this campaign in hope of material gain.” In the classic mode of Soviet propaganda, the truth is  turned upside down. It is the builders, property developers, state property bank, corrupt politicians in tow, convention center managers, and a handful of shameless Jewish quislings (in Lithuania and abroad) who have a “vested material interest” that has been exposed as monetary in the case of the London “grave trading rabbis” who offer “permissions” to desecrate Jewish cemeteries in cases where all other rabbis on the planet forbid it.

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