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Bibliography of Media on Holocaust Obfuscation, Double Genocide, EU/NATO countries’ Glorification of Collaborators; Free Speech, Human Rights and the Far Right in Eastern Europe; with Emphasis on Lithuania (2008-2016)


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including: Old Vilna Jewish cemetery at Piramónt (in Šnipiškės); Ukraine 2014-2015; Danny Ben-Moshe’s film Rewriting History; Vanagaite-Zuroff book of 2016; Malát 2016 events; Opposition to some of Prof. T. Snyder’s views.


25 October 2016.  Foreign Policy: ‘Bad History Doesn’t Make Friends. Kiev’s glorification of wartime Ukrainian nationalists threatens to turn away its Western allies — just when it needs them the most’ by Andreas Umland. Also in

24 October 2016.  Facebook: [response to Newsweek piece of 21 October 2016] by Vladimir Golstein on his Facebook page.

22 October 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Terra Incognita: The Holocaust: Between dilution and equivalence’ by Seth J. Frantzman.

22 Octoberr 2016.  Defending History: ‘Did “Double Genocide” just get to the “O’Reilly Factor”?’.

21 October 2016.  Newsweek: ‘Ukraine and Poland point to Soviet culpability for World War II’ by Damien Sharkov.

18 October 2016.  The Telegraph: ‘Stalin “planned to send a million troops to stop Hitler if Britain and France agreed pact”‘ by Nick Holdsworth.

10 October 2016.  Jewish Currents: ‘When “Putin” becomes an excuse for Hitler-glorification’ by Dovid Katz.

6 October 2016.  ISGAP Flashpoint: ‘Butchering history but not the Jews, the case of post-revolutionary Ukraine’ by Samuel Sokol.

6 October 2016: ‘Nazi The Nazi hunter: Holocaust collaborators can no longer be excused’ by Efraim Zuroff.

29 September 2016.  JTA: ‘When will Lithuania’s government face the truth about the Holocaust?’ by Efraim Zuroff.

26 September 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Jewish Holocaust victims were neighbors and fellow citizens’ by Efraim Zuroff.

22 September 2016.  Tablet: ‘Holocaust commemorations planned throughout Lithuania this weekend’ by Anna Rudnistky.

21 September 2016.  Jewish Journal: ‘Seeking Holocaust reconciliation in Lithuania, from Los Angeles’ by Eitan Arom.

20 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Yiddish loses last global position as symbolic “first Jewish language” in Vilnius’ by  Dovid Katz.

14 September 2016. Defending History: ‘Media coverage of the Malát (Molėtai) Holocaust Remembrance Project’.

13 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Att. Mr. Mayor of Vilnius: Streets named for Hitler’s local partners, and plans for Congress Center on top of old Jewish Cemetery’.

11 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Editor’s comment on a Yad Vashem group visiting Lithuania’ by Dovid Katz.

9 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘My take on Malát’ by Julius Norwilla [Norvila].

7 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Grigory Tzvi Kritzer’s speech on the 75th anniversary of the Malát massacre’.

6 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Leon Kaplan’s speech on the 75th anniversary of the Malát massacre’.

6 September 2016. Defending History: ‘Will the EU, the OSCE and the Council of Europe ask Latvia to revoke the 1998 Declaration?’ by Aleksandr Kuzmin.

5 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘Some high Latvian politicians think the Waffen SS fought for freedom’ by Aleksandrs Feigmanis.

4 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘August and September 2016 memorials for destroyed Jewish communities’.

3 September 2016.  Neue Zürcher Zeitung: ‘Lithuania reflects on Nazi collaboration: “A tragedy for the whole country”’ [in German] by Judith Leister.

2 September 2016.  Defending History: ‘2016 deterioration of Holocaust history and of freedom of speech in Poland’.

2 September 2016.  Delfi by the Lithuania Tribune: ‘The stones of Molėtai: Shoah lesson in Lithuania’ by Inna Rogatchi.

1 September 2016.  Transitions on Line (TOL): ‘Two-speed memory and ownership of the past’ by Violeta Davoliute.

31 August 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘75 years later, Jews are back to a town in Lithuania’ by Anna Rudnitsky.

31 August 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Hope for change in Lithuania’ by Efraim Zuroff.

31 August 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘Lithuanian denial of the Holocaust or falsification policy of the government?’ by Tural Hamidli.

30 August 2016.  Jewish Community of Lithuania website: ‘Molėtai Holocaust procession draws record crowd’.

30 August 2016.  Hidabrut: ‘Largest memorial ceremony in Lithuania’s history for Holocaust victims’ by Miriam Samsonowitz.

30 August 2016.  Hamodia: ‘Lithuanian town marks 75th anniversary of massacre’ by Rafael Hoffman.

30 August 2016.  Facebook comment/discussion: ‘How does a 21th century municipality of a former shtetl deal with its annihilated Jewish population?’ by Dovid Katz.

29 August 2016.  President of the Republic of Lithuania website: ‘The President honored the memory of Holocaust victims’.

29 August 2016.  Delfi by the Lithuania Tributine: ‘Molėtai holding Holocaust memorial march’ by BNS.

24 August 2016. ‘I am not a Jew’ by Marius Marius Ivaškevičius [in Lithuanian]. English translation on the website of the Jewish Community of Lithuania.

23 August 2016.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘LJC chairwoman Faina Kukliansky on the annihilation of Jewish communities in the Lithuanian shtetls’ by Faina Kukliansky.

20 August 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘Germany’s best-known antisemitic and anti-Zionist historian Ernst Nolte is dead’ by Clemens Heni.

12 August 2016.  Defending History: ‘Baltic Red-Brown “Nazi-Soviet Hunter” Featured at Brazil’s Olympics in Rio’.

9 August 2016.  JTA: ‘Lithuanian city defends recreational events at former Nazi concentration camp’.

8 August 2016.  Defending History: [updated version of] ‘But who is against the National Congress Center in the old Vilna Jewish cemetery?’

8 August 2016. Defending History: ‘Lithuanian state bank and major UK firm seem deeply involved in Vilnius Jewish cemetery scandal’.

5 August 2016.  Kaunas municipality: ‘Journalistic provocation didn’t work out: Kaunas respects and cherishes the memory of Jewish people’.

3 August 2016.  JTA: ‘Lithuanian mayor urged to stop parties at former concentration camp.

2 August 2016.  Lithuania Tribune (English Delfi): ‘On protecting antisemites’ by Sergey Kanovich’. Reprinted on 5 August 2016 in

2 August 2016. Jerusalem Post: ‘Nazi hunter to Lithuanian mayor: Stop recreational concentration camp use’ by Tamara Zieve.

2 August 2016. Defending History: ‘Wiesenthal Center calls on Kaunas mayor to end abuse of “Seventh Fort”; Pressure builds on Vilnius mayor’s Jewish politics’.

1 August 2016. Virtual Shtetl: ‘An Open Letter from Scholars of Polish-Jewish History in Reaction to Statements by Polish Officials about Crimes in Jedwabne and Kielce’.

26 July 2016.  Jewish Community of Lithuania website: ‘LJC statement about the Seventh Fort in Kaunas’.

24 July 2016.  JTA: ‘This Lithuanian concentration camp is now a wedding venue’ by Cnaan Lipshiz.

24 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘When Yiddish is a prop for Holocaust revisionism’.

20 July 2016.  Tablet: ‘Ukrainian Holocaust perpetrators are being honored in place of their victims’ by Jared McBride.

16 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘Is there still a breeding ground for Ustaša in Croatia?’ by Roland Binet.

15 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘Defending History responds to Vilnius architects’ visualizations for national convention center in the old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

14 July 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian citizenship law part of “healing process” for Jewish Litvaks’ by Tamara Zieve.

11 July 2016.  Defending History: Joseph Levinson’s 1990s map of Lithuanian mass murder sites is released by family’.

10 July 2016.  Defending History: ‘Latest judicial abuse of an East European country’s redefinition of “genocide” to obfuscate the Holocaust’.

9 July 2016.  Defending History: In Response to the Media (9 July 2016).

9 July 2016.  Huffington Post: ‘Former Soviet countries use of symbols to thumb their noses at Russia’ by Armine Sahakyan.

8 July 2016.  The Telegraph: ‘The last Nazi Hunter, Efraim Zuroff: “People call me Mr. Holocaust. You need a sense of humor to do this job”’ b by Mick Brown.

7 July 2016.  Newsweek: ‘The Last Nazi Hunter’ by Stav Ziv.

2 July 2016.  Yated Ne’eman: ‘Now we know’ by Dr. Bernard Fryshman. Photomechanical reprint by Defending History. As PDF.

15 June 2016.  Defending History: ‘Asra Kadisha on Vilna Cemetery: From proud Powerhouse of historic truth to silent mouse?’.

9 June 2015.  Defending History: ‘Ruta Bloshtein discovers 1935 Vilna rabbis’ condemnation of plans to desecrate Old Jewish cemetery at Piramónt’.

24 May 2016.  Global Independent Analytics (GIA): ‘When the EU finances far-right Holocaust revisionism’ by Dovid Katz.

21 May 2016.  Neue Zürcher Zeitung: ‘Ein Holocaust-Buch rüttelt Litauen auf Was die Unsrigen taten’ by Judith Leister.

19 May 2016.  Eurobuild. Central & Eastern Europe. Construction & Property: ‘Sports Palace to be renovated for 100th anniversary’ by Anna Pakulniewicz.

12 May 2016.  UAB GeoBaltic (Vilnius): widespread informal circulation of company’s 2016 geophysical survey of the territory ‘G1’.

4 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘First test of Torah integrity for Vilnius Rabbi Samson Daniel Izakson?

12 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian philosopher writes to Archbishop Grušas during National Congress of Mercy’ by Andrius Kulikauskas.

10 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘Celebrating (!) 75th ranniversary of the outbreak of the Lithuanian Holocaust (23 June 1941)’.

8 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘Professor Dov Levin’s findings on the outbreak of the Lithuanian Holocaust in June 1941’.

4 May 2016.  Novaya Gazeta (Baltics): ‘The Battle for the Memory of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe’ by Dovid Katz [translated into Russian].

4 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘First test of Torah integrity for Vilnius Rabbi Samson Daniel Izakson?

3 May 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘The realization your grandfather may have murdered thousands of Jews’ by J.P. O’Malley.

3 May 2016.  Defending History: ‘An event in Paris’.

2 May 2016.  Foreign Policy: ‘The historian whitewashing Ukraine’s past’ by Josh Cohen.

27 April 2016.  Defending History: ‘UCL’s “Lithuanian Embassy point man” is honored in Vilnius’.

22 April 2016.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘LJC Chairwoman Faina Kukliansky with Passover greetings and a message about antisemitism’ by Faina Kukliansky.

20 April 2016.  Defending History: ‘Jews and other minorities in Eastern Europe concerned by EU chief’s addition of a single word on old Jewish cemetery’.

17 April 2016.  Defending History: UK’s Europe Minister again fails to offer even mild criticism of Baltic state-enabled Nazi worship.

17 April 2016.  Defending History: Latvia’s ambassador to the UK replies to Gareth Thomas MP onannual Waffen SS marches in central Riga.

13 April 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘The human spirit: Death in the forests. Zuroffas, they call him in Lithuanian, always pronounced with a sneer’ by Barbara Sofer.

8 April 2016.  Flashpoint (ISGAP): ‘West is west, East is east: The specific East European incarnation of antisemitism’ by Dovid Katz.

8 April 2016.  JTA: ‘Dutch voters snub EU-Ukraine treaty supported by Ukrainian Jews’ by Cnaan Liphshiz.

1 April 2016.  Defending History: ‘Another Holocaust-obfuscating PR bash at “Vilnius Jewish Public Library”’.

29 March 2016.  Global International Analytics (GIA): ‘What’s behind the West’s wall of silence on Eastern European glorification of Nazi collaboration?’ by Dovid Katz. French translation:

21 March 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Latvia must come to terms with its past’ by Efraim Zuroff.

21 March 2016. Jerusalem Report: ‘Man with a mission. The indefatigable Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff, 67, has no intention of retiring’ by Paul Alster.

20 March 2016.  Hope not Hate: ‘Don’t stand by, Mr. Lidington’ by Monica Lowenberg.

11 March 2016.  Defending History: Neo-Nazis given central Vilnius again on March 11th Independence Day’ by Vilma Fiokla Kiurė.

10 March 2016.  Defending History: ‘Letter from UK MP Gareth Thomas to David Lidington, Minister for Europe’.

8 March 2016.  Global International Analytics (GIA): ‘Lithuania: Where the government agrees (in part) with neo-Nazi marchers’ by Dovid Katz.

3 March 2016.  Defending History: ‘Vilnius prosecutor skirts key question: Will the list of alleged Holocaust perpetrators be made public?’ by Dovid Katz.

29 February 2016.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘Lithuanian Jewish Community requests findings on Holocaust crimes of Molėtai priest’ by Faina Kukliansky.

29 February 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘Holocaust haunts Lithuanians as painful past comes to light’ by Vaidotas Beniusis.

29 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Media Reaction and Reviews: Vanagaitė and Zuroff’s ‘Mūsiškiai’.

28 February 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian town plans to name street after priest who organized gang that murdered Jews’ by Sam Sokol.

26 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Israel’s Foreign Ministry faces a Lithuanian dilemma’.

22 February 2016.  The Observer: ‘Estonia wants more NATO troops — but only if they aren’t black’ by Mikhail Klikushin.

17 February 2016.  Religious Reader: ‘Lithuanian neo-Nazi march celebrates Nazi collaborators’.

16 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Images from the February 16th 2016 Neo-Nazi March in Kaunas, Lithuania’.

15 February 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania must confront its past at Kaunas march’ by Efraim Zuroff.

14 February 2016.  Defending History:Wiesenthal Center praises Lithuanian Jewish Community call to publish list of local Holocaust perpetrators’.

14 February 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian Jews call for government to publish list of Nazi collaborators’ by Sam Sokol.

14 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Massive new Vilnius construction site borders city’s old Jewish cemetery site’.

11 February 2016.  Lithuanian Jewish Community: ‘LJC letter to the prosecutor and the Genocide Center’ by Faina Kukliansky.

11 February 2016.  Lithuanian Jewish Community: ‘Keeping an implicit promise’ by Geoff Vasil.

11 February 2016.  Lithuanian Jewish Community: ‘Musicians of the symphony of the lie’ by Sergejus Kanovičius.

10 February 2016.  SWC: ‘Wiesenthal Center welcomes publication of Mūsiškiai; Kelionė su priešu (Our People; Journey With an Enemy) in Lithuania’.

7 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian Jewish Community shocked by cave-in of titular head to Genocide Center’s Holocaust obfuscation’ by JTA.

5 February 2016.  JTA: ‘Lithuanian Jewish leader seeks delay on naming alleged Nazi collaborators’ by JTA.

5 February 2016. Transitions Online: ‘Lithuania to reveal names of 1,000 perpetrators’ by Brian Kenety.

4 February 2016. Defending History: ‘Sugihara abused? Red-Brown Commission ropes in Japanese Embassy for 11 Feb. event’.

3 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘Why do I find the so-called heroes from the Latvian Waffen SS so despicable?’ by Roland Binet.

3 February 2016.  The Independent: ‘Lithuania pledges to publish names of 1,000 suspected Nazi collaborators’ by Ashley Cowburn.

2 February 2016.  Defending History: ‘An appeal to the conscience of the members of the Lithuanian Government’s International Commission for the Evaluation etc.’ [updated version of older post].

29 January 2016.  Baltic News Network: ‘Hoopla surrounds popular author’s book on Jew killers, Lithuanians’ by BNN.

27 January 2016.  The Lithuania Tribune:  ‘Talking about massacre of Jews in Lithuania still taboo 75 years later, says author’ by LT Daily, media brief.

27 January 2016.  Jerusalem Post: ‘International Holocaust Remembrance Day spans across religions and borders’ by Sam Sokol.

26 January 2016.  Jewish Community of Lihtuania: ‘Finally telling it like it is’ by Geoff Vasil.

20 January 2016.  Defending History: ‘NY Satmar affiliate of “London grave traders” tweets triumphant photos with US Gov “Heritage Abroad Commission” rep.

18 January 2016.  Defending History: ‘An open letter to Holocaust scholars and educators in the Francophone world’.

17 January 2016.  Defending History: ‘Evaldas Balčiūnas back in Vilnius court on 21 January 2016’.

12 January 2016.  The Times of Israel: ‘Appropriating the Holocaust’ by Misha Vilenchuk.

7 January 2016. ‘Mourning with breaks’ by Sergejus Kanovičius’ [= English translation on website of the Jewish Community of Lithuania of the original Lithuanian text in on 6 Jan. 2016].

4 January 2016. ‘Let’s dismantle the Sports Palace and revoke the revocation of hospitality’ by Andrius Kulikauskas.

4 January 2016. ‘Išardykime Sporto rūmus: atšaukime “svetingumo atšaukimą'” by Andrius Kulikauskas. Reposted by the Jewish Community of Lithuania.

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29 December 2015.  YNet: ‘Holocaust Denial on the rise in Eastern Europe’ by Tali Farkash.

24 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘When both law enforcement and politicians cover up racism’ by Vilma Fiokla Kiurė.

23 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian shtetl Malát (Molėtai) to be commemorated in 2016’ by Tsvi-Hirsh (Greogry) Kritzer.

23 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘Is Lithuania’s president distancing herself from prime minister’s “religious zeal” for the “Convention Center in the Old Jewish Cemetery”?’.

22 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s liveliest cemetery’ by Dovid Katz.

18 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘Documents which argue for ethnic cleansing (by Kazys Škirpa, Stasys Raštikis, Stasys Lozoraitis and Petras Klimas in 1940-1941 and by Birutė Teresė Burauskaitė in 2015)’ by Andrius Kulikauskas.

14 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘It’s not just about old Jewish cemeteries’ by Milan Chersonski.

13 December 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘Lithuania’s liveliest cemetery’ by Dovid Katz.

8 December 2015.  Lithuania Tribune ( English): ‘Hanukkah in Vilnius’ by Dovid Katz.

7 December 2015.  Defending History: ‘Why would the “Genocide Center” in Vilnius manipulate history and glorify murderers’? by Kristina Apanavičiūtė Sulikienė.

20 November 2015. ‘Doing business in Lithuania — a country where rule of law is not expected’ by Grant Arthur Gochin.

16 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Roma in Lithuania: But what does the government need to do?’ by Vilma Fiokla Kiurė.

15 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Did Prime Minister Netanyahu really “okay” the Vilnius “Conference Center in the Jewish Cemetery”’?

15 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘DH Correspondent Evaldas Balčiūnas in Vilnius Court This Tuesday 17 Nov. 2015’.

12 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Question in the UK Parliament on the old Jewish cemetery in Vilnius’.

11 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Vilnius mayor plays with fire: Yiddish, pilfered Jewish gravestones, and an olympics of “barbarism”’.

10 November 2015.  Lithuanian Jewish Community: ‘Litvak youth protest honoring of General Vetra in Vilnius’ [extracts in English from the full 9 Nov. article in Lithuanian in by Paulius Gritenis].

10 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘A Latvian-American journalist in Riga reflects on a Jewish cemetery saga in Vilnius’.

9 November 2015.  Lithuanian Jewish Community: ‘BNS: Lithuanian Jewish Community calls Noreika report “contradictory”‘ by BNS.

9 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s state-sponsored “Genocide Center” whitewashes yet another Nazi collaborator’ [updates].

7 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Faina Kukliansky, chair of Lithuanian Jewish Community, issues sharp response to latest Genocide Center whitewash of a local Holocaust perpetrator’.

6 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘No surprise: Lithuania’s state-sponsored “Genocide Center” whitewashes yet another Nazi collaborator’.

5 November 2015.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘Two steps forward, one back’ by Geoff Vasil.

5 November 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian Jewish Community accused of Holocaust distortion’ by Sam Sokol’.

5 November 2015.  Defending History: ‘Wiesenthal Center “Shocked at whitewash of Lithuanian Holocaust perpetrator”’.

4 November 2015.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘Lithuanian military office Jonas Noreika not guilty of Holocaust crimes’.

29 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Statement of the Kaunas Jewish Religious Community regarding the old Piramónt Jewish cemetery in Šnipiškės’.

29 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘As Rothschild Conference winds up in Vilnius, Kaunas Religious Jewish Community issues statement of defiance’.

27 October 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Could new European digital privacy laws hurt Holocaust research?’ by Sam Sokol.

22 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė completes official visit to Israel’.

21 October 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / English ‘Soviet killings of Lithuanian partisans not a genocide, ECHR rules’.

18 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘As Lithuanian president visits Israel’.

12 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Šeduva  (Shádov):  The memorial events of Friday 9 October 2015’.

12 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian government announces construction of a $25,000,000 convention center in the center of Vilna’s oldest Jewish cemetery’ by Sid Leiman.

8 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘First moral victory in the EU, in effort to prevent unprecedented desecration of Old Vilna Jewish Cemetery [Letter from Chiara Adamo to Didier Bertin].

11 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Impressions of the 11 October 2015 memorial program in Svintsyán (Švenčionys)’.

9 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘First moral victory in the EU, in effort to prevent unprecedented desecration of old Vilna Jewish cemetery’.

9 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Purveyor of racist, misogynist, antisemitic, homophobic, Nazist “art” is alleged to work in Lithuania’s Economy Ministry’.

7 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Telling the stories of the forgotten Jewish refugees of Ukraine’ by Sam Sokol.

7 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Neo-Nazi alleged to work in Lithuanian Economy Ministry didn’t Like DH’s report on Vilnius conference’.

4 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Police prevent Kaunas Jewish guide Chaim Bargman from attending annual memorial for the annihilated Jews of Ukmergė (Vilkomir)’ [introducing video interview of Chaim Bargman in Yiddish].

2 October 2015.  Defending History: ‘Impressions of a conference on “Antisemitism, Radicalization and Violent Extremism”’ by Vilma Fiokla Kiurė.

1 October 2016.  Defending History: ‘Another “conference on antisemitism” in Lithuania’.

29 September 2015. ‘An EU member state wants to dance in a Jewish cemetery, with some useful cover from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway’ by Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson.

29 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘On the Eve of the 30 Sept. 2015 “Conference on Antisemitism and Radicalism” in Vilnius.

27 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Suspicions rise on role of “U.S. Commission for the Preservation of the American Heritage Abroad” in plan to build a $25,000,000 convention center in heart of Vilnius’s old Jewish cemetery’.

25 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Vilnius names street for beloved Lithuanian rescuer Ona Šimaitė’.

24 September 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania posthumously strips Nazi collaborators of honors’ by Sam Sokol.

22 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Ponár (Paneriai) memorial: No rabbi, no cantor, no kaddish‘.

20 September 2015.  Defending History: ’90th Anniversary Yivo conference in Vilnius is major success’.

17 September 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / ‘Vilnius Sports Palace, built on Jewish cemetery, to host conferences, not concerts, PM says’ by BNS.

17 September 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Vilnius announces plan to buy land parcel in Jewish graveyard. Jewish groups slam statement issued over Rosh Hashana’ by Sam Sokol.

17 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Who opposes a convention center in Vilna’s old Jewish cemetery?’ [= Registry of published disagreement with the project].

15 September 2015.  i24: ‘Why Israel fails to confront Lithuania over the Holocaust’ by Efraim Zuroff.

15 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Israel faced some delicate post-Holocaust issues during Lithuanian PM’s September visit’.

13 September 2015.  The Seforim Blog: ‘Lithuanian Government Announces Construction of a $25,000,000 Convention Center in the Center of Vilna’s Oldest Jewish Cemetery’ by Sid Leiman.

9 September 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian PM to Post: Vilnius one of Israel’s “strongest partners” in EU’ by Herb Keinon.

9 September 2015.  JTA: ‘Netanyahu ok with construction on old Jewish cemetery, Lithuanian PM says’.

9 September 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / ‘Israeli government doesn’t mind Vilnius Sports Palace renovation project, Lithuanian PM says’ by BNS.

9 September 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / ‘Israeli government doesn’t mind Vilnius Sports Palace renovation project, Lithuanian PM says’ by BNS.

8 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘New Jewish monument in Rokiškis (Rákeshik), Lithuania, commemorates 3 synagogues’ by Dovid Katz.

7 September 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania and the rewriting of history’ by Efraim Zuroff.

7 September 2015.  Lithuania Tribune / ‘Synagogue memorial inaugurated in Rokiškis’.

6 September 2015.  The Times of Israel: ‘It’s a Jewish smackdown over Lithuanian site’s alleged graves’ by Cnaan Lipshiz.

4 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Lithuanian Post Office honors Sugihara and Zwartendijk on 75th anniversary of “visas for life”’.

3 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Julius Berman remembers Uri Chanoch (1928-2015)’ by Julius Berman.

2 September 2015.  JTA: ‘It’s Jew vs. Jew (and rabbi vs. rabbi) in fight over Lithuanian site’ by Cnaan Lipshiz. In the Forward.

2 September 2015.  Hamodia: ‘Roshei Yeshivah in Lithuania to oppose cemetery desecration’ by Rafael Hoffman.

1 September 2015.  Defending History: ‘Public shrines to a Holocaust collaborator and a “secret” petition: A strange summer’s media circus’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

31 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘The Holocaust was also a matter of plundering the Jewish victims’ by Roland Binet.

28 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Breaking the silence’ by Merilyn Moos.

27 August 2015.  Hamodia: ‘Roshei yeshivah in Lithuania to oppose cemetery desecration’ by Rafael Hoffman.

26 August 2016. ‘International rabbinic delegation travels to Vilnius to plea for the cancellation of development plans on the Snipiskes cemetery’.

26 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Rabbinic delegation asks Lithuania to cancel planned conference center in Vilna cemetery’ by Sam Sokol.

26 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘International rabbinic delegation issues press release on visit to Lithuania to appeal for reprieve for the old Jewish cemetery at Piramont’.

26 August 2015.  Hapéles: ‘Giants of Torah, may they be blessed, on an urgent trip to rescue the old Jewish cemetery in Vilna’ by I. Shechter [in Hebrew].

26 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘US rep of London rabbis involved with Vilnius cemetery fiasco boasts of photo-ops at the US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad’.

25 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian PM: Sports complex in Jewish cemetery to be built with “proper respect”’ by Sam Sokol.

25 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian PM: Sports complex in Jewish cemetery to be built with “proper respect”’ by Sam Sokol.

25 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘A New Yorker’s open letter to the vice president of the European Commission’ by Berel Fried.

23 August 2015.  Youtube: Grant Arthur Gochin’s 21 August talk in Los Angeles on the honoring of Holocaust perpetrators in Lithuania.

23 August 2015. Defending History: ‘What it is to defend your own history’ by Kristina Apanavičiūtė Sulikienė.

22 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Didier Bertin’s letter to the president of the European Commission on the old Vilnius Jewish cemetery’ by Didier Bertin.

21 August 2015.  Defending History: ‘Motke Chabad weighs in on Vilnius debate’ by Motke Chabad.

20 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Will Lithuania continue to honor Nazi collaborators?’ by Grant Arthur Gochin.

17 August 2015.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian chief rabbi fired over cemetery dispute’ by Sam Sokol.

17 August 2015.  Facebook: Statement by Rabbi Chaim Burshtein [in Russian].

16 August 2015.  Jewish Heritage Europe: ‘Vilnius old Jewish cemetery dispute seems involved in chief rabbi’s dismissal’.

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14 November 2014.  The Baltic Course: ‘Objects with Nazi or Soviet symbols will not be listed as Lithuania’s heritage’

13 November 2014Spiegel Online: ‘Interview with Henry Kissinger: ‘Do we achieve world order through chaos or insight?’ [interview of Henry Kissinger by Juliane von Mittelstaedt and Erich Follath].

13 November 2014.  Guardian: ‘Ukraine has ignored the far right for too long – it must wake up to the danger’ by Volodymyr Ishchenko.

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22 September 2014.  Defending History: ‘Massacres of the Jews in Liepāja (Šķēde) in Fall 1941′ [with musical composition] by Roland Binet.

21 September 2014.  Tsemakh Shabad’s 150th birthday celebrated in style at the Lithuanian parliament’ by Defending History staff.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘What we talk about when we talk about Stepan Bandera: a rejoinder to Dovid Katz’ by Konstanty Gebert.

Fall 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘Poland is not Ukraine: A response to Konstanty Gebert’s “The Ukrainian question”’ by Dovid Katz.

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16 August 2014. ‘The hushed-up Hitler factor in Ukraine’ by Dovid Katz.  Republished in The Global Realm; in David Stockman’s Contra Corner; and in

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Summer 2014.  Jewish Review of Books: ‘The Ukrainian question’ by Konstanty Gebert.

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21 June 2014.  Apastekhlatroymer: ‘Die Geschichte verteidigen – Defending History’ by Hans Breuer.

19 June 2014.  Yivo: announces 2015 conference in partnership with potentially (ultra)nationalist and Holocaust-revisionist history institutions in Vilnius, Lithuania. No mention of survivors or their families among the organizers.

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8 June 2014.  Defending History: ‘Welcome in Vilnius for former Norwegian ambassador Steinar Gil’.

6 June 2014.  Defending History: ‘D-Day anniversary question: Was “Double Genocide” flown onto Capitol Hill under the radar?’

6 June 2014.  EU Observer: Court rules Jobbik cannot be called “far-right”‘.

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May 2014.  East European Jewish Affairs: ‘Review of Georges Mink and Laure Neumayer, History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Memory Games’ by Dovid Katz [proof only].

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22 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Statement of staff writer Evaldas Balčiūnas on summons from police’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

22 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Statement of staff writer Evaldas Balčiūnas on Summons he got from police’.

22 May 2014.  Lietuvos rytas: ‘Case of Nazi uniform and comments about sticking Jews in ovens goes to court’ by Nerijus Povilaitis [English translation by Geoff Vasil].

21 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘A Jewish tragedy (flute and composition) by Roland Binet.

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19 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine: Slowly but surely, Western media raising the taboo question.

19 May 2014.  History News Network (HNN): ‘Why the revival of nationalist myths in Ukraine should alarm us’ by Tarik Cyril Amar and Per Anders Rudling.

9 May 2014.  JTA: ‘Latvian school features “Jew-free” sign’.

9 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Holocaust survivor asks UK prime minister to support the Seventy Years Declaration’.

6 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Reply to a Roger Cohen opinion piece on Ukraine and Lithuania’ by Dovid Katz.

4 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Dan Stone’s “Goodbye to All That?” has discussion on battle of the declarations’.

2 May 2014.  Defending History: ‘Distorted nationalist history in Ukraine’ [interview with Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe by Christopher Hale].

27 April 2014.  Simon Wiesenthal Center (Israel Office): ‘Wiesenthal Center 2014 annual report praises new legal strategy by German prosecutors which has led to impressive results’.  Also: Full text of the Annual Status Report.

25 April 2014.  Makor rishon: ‘Europe rewrites its history’ by Efraim Zuroff [in Hebrew].

14 April 2014.  The Slovak Spectator: ‘Regional paper praises fascist state’ by Michaela Terenzani-Stanková.

13 April 2014.  YouTube: ‘The Baltics march to a dangerous drum’ [montage of Salford City radio interview with Efraim Zuroff of 24 March and collection of materials and links compiled by Monica Lowenberg], posted by Carol Smith.

10 April 2014.  JTA: ‘Hungarian Jewish leader resigns’.

8 April 2014.  Defending History: ‘Roma: Presumption of guilt’ by Vilma Fiokla Kiurė.

5 April 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Jewish leadership in the Baltic states’ [in memory of Shimon Alperovich / Simonas Alperavicius] by Efraim Zuroff.

4 April 2014.  Defending History: ‘Respublika “slightly” edits Efraim Zuroff’s obituary for Shimon Alperovich.

2 April 2014.  Europics Photo Agency: [Report on Richard Schofield summoning police to a Kaunas restaurant upon seeing a fellow diner in full Nazi uniform].

1 April 2014. Report on Nazi-uniform incident in a Kaunas Pizza Jazz restaurant, by Agnė Kavaliauskaitė [in Lithuanian; earlier 30 March Facebook report (in English) by Richard Schofield; 31 March update].

31 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Is Vilnius Police Criminal Division harassing veteran Holocaust researcher?’

28 March 2014.  BBC News Europe: ‘Ukraine leader Turchynov warns of far-right threat’.

27 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Simon Wiesenthal Center’s statement on the death of Lithuanian Jewish Community leader Dr. Simon Alperovich.

27 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Beloved leader of Lithuanian Jewry, Simon Alperovich, dies at 85.

27 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Footprints of Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vangas in the mass murder of the Jews of Druskininkai’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

24 March 2014.  Salford City Radio: Interview with Efraim Zuroff on Baltic issues (time code: 8.11— 22.19).

24 March 2014.  Tablet: ‘Supporting Ukraine means opposing antisemitic nationalism now, not later’ by Tarik Cyril Amar, Omer Bartov and Per Anders Rudling.

23 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘British Board of Deputies includes effort against Prague Declaration in new 2014 manifesto’. Original document on Board of Deputies website (see section 3.3, page 10).

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22 March 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Double Genocide rewrites history’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

22 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘YIVO conference — unresolved history’ by Geoff Vasil.

19 March 2014.  New Europe: ‘MEP slams Latvian SS veterans march. Howitt asks for Nazi victims, not SS to be honoured’.

18 March 2014.  The Jerusalem Post: ‘Baltic marches to a dangerous drum. Ultranationalists pitch a dangerous revision of the accepted narrative of World War II and the Holocaust’ by Efraim Zuroff.

17 March 2014.  The Times of Israel: ‘Latvians honor Nazi allies from World War II’ by AP.

16 March 2014.  Thomson Reuters: ‘SS veterans march in Latvia as concerns grow over Ukraine’ by Reuters.

16 March 2014.  Haaretz: ‘Latvians honor Nazi allies from World War II. 1,500 march in honor of World War II veterans who fought alongside Nazi troops in Riga’ by Associated Press.

14 March2014. ‘US fueled rise of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, McCain stands with party leader on stage’ by Ralph Lopez.

14 March 2014.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Vilnius, March 11: my date with raw hate’ by Efraim Zuroff.

13 March 2014.  Los Angeles Times: ‘Ukraine’s threat from within: Neofascists are as much a menace to Ukraine as Putin’s actions in Crimea’ by Robert English.

11 March 2014.  Huffington Post: ‘A wake-up call to Lithuania and Brussels to the growth of fascist ideology and antisemitism’ by Efraim Zuroff.

11 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘For seventh year running, neo-Nazis and ultranationalists given center of Vilnius on independence day’ by Dovid Katz.

11 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Ukraine: Western media starts (very gently) to mention adulation of Hitlerism and Holocaust collaborators.

11 March 2014. ‘Who’s who in Ukraine’s new [semi-fascist] government. Meet the people the U.S. and EU are supporting.

10 March 2014.  Counterpunch: ‘Ukraine: The sovereignty argument, and the real problem of fascism [“Going into the woods to fight Jewry and other filth…”] by Gary Leupp.

9 March 2014.  Hope Not Hate: ‘Latvia: Riga permits march to honor SS veterans’.

9 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Respectfully disagreeing with Professor Timothy Snyder’.

8 March 2014. Defending History: ‘Olga Zabludoff’s comment on a February 2014 Yivo symposium’. Original 7 March 2014 publication in the Algemeiner Journal.

7 March 2014.  Reuters: ‘In Ukraine, nationalists gain influence — and scrutiny’.

7 March 2014.  BBC News Europe: ‘Ukraine’s revolution and the far right’.

7 March 2014. ‘Blind eye turned to influence of far-right in Ukrainian crisis: critics’ by Bruce Livesey.

7 March 2014. ‘Denying the far-right role in the Ukrainian revolution’ by Jim Naureckas.

7 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘European Parliament president Martin Schulz just says No to latest demands of eastern “Double Genocide” MEPs’.

5 March 2014.  Channel 4 News: ‘How the far right took top posts in Ukraine’s power vacuum’.

5 March 2014.  History News Network: ‘Ukraine’s toxic history of fascism and ethnic cleansing’ by Robert Thurston.

4 March 2014.  International New York Times: ‘What Putin really wants’ by Ruslan Pukhov [see final paragraph].

3 March 2014. ‘Blitzer, Amanpour spar on CNN’ by Hadas Gold.

3 March 2014.  Pinchos Fridberg’s Youtube: ‘Lakhn iz gezunt’ by Pinchos Fridberg [in Yiddish]. Reaction to a comment posted at Olga Zabludoff’s 13 February 2014 op-ed in the Algemeiner Journal.

3 March 2014.  Counterpunch: ‘The rise of the quasi-fascists. The dark side of the Ukraine revolt’ by Conn Hallinan.

3 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Out on Ellis Street in San Francisco’.

2 March 2014.  Defending History: ‘Exhibit honoring Jewish World War II veterans disappears into Vilnius thin air’.

1 March 2014.  The Daily Beast: ‘Can Ukraine control its far right ultranationalists?’.

28 February 2014 JTA: ‘Lithuanian government emboldens neo-Nazis, Jewish group charges’. In the Forward. In the Jewish Press. In The Times of Israel.

28 February 2014.  BBC Newsnight: ‘Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine’ by Gabriel Gatehouse.

28 February 2014.  BBC Newsnight: ‘Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine’ by Gabriel Gatehouse.

28 February 2014 Haaretz: ‘Ukrainian nationalists strive to shake off allegations of antisemitism’ by Lolita Brayman.

25 February 2014.  Salon: ‘Is the US backing neo-Nazis in Ukraine?’ by Max Blumenthal.

25 February 2014.  Defending History: ‘Unauthenticated document purports to be police complaint against Lithuanian citizen for writing about Nazi collaborators’.

24 February 2014.  Defending History: ‘Sergijus Staniškis Litas: Who’s hiding the 1941 gaps in his biography — and why?’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

23 February 2014.  Defending History: Prof. Pinchos Fridberg’s sound file ‘Lakhn iz gezunt’ (in Yiddish) in response to R. Račinskas’s comment to Olga Zabludoff’s 13 February 2014 article in the Algemeiner Journal. Background here and here.

23 February 2014.  Buenos Aires Herald: ‘Ukraine’s bloody turmoil’ by Joshua Keating.

23 February 2014.  European Jewish Press: ‘Ukrainian Jews fear that the anger will be directed at the Jews, as has happened in the past’ by Yossi Lempkowicz.

22 February 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Hungary rewrites history. My 2012 documentary film, “Rewriting History” tracked the emergence of “double genocide,” the rewriting of the history of the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

19 February 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Wiesenthal Center protests neo-Nazi march in Lithuania’ by Sam Sokol.

19 February 2014.  International Business Times: ‘Euromaidan: The dark shadows of the far-right in Ukraine protests’ by Palash Ghosh.

18 February 2014.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Improving Lithuania’s understanding of the Holocaust’ by Efraim Zuroff. Russian translation in We Are Here (Мы здесь)in Obzor (Обзор), and in Международная Еврейская Газета (also in their English section).

15 February 2014.  Lithuania Tribune: ‘Lithuanian-Jewish relations discussed at the Yivo institute in New York’ by Managing Editor.

13 February 2014.  Irish Times: ‘Ukraine’s revolutionaries reject “fascist” jibe as conflicting histories collide’ by Daniel McLaighlin.

13 February 2014.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘YIVO, Lithuania and lies about the Holocaust’ by Olga Zabludoff. [reprinted in Defending History, 16 Feb. 2014].

12 February 2014.  Rianovosti: ‘Latvia moves to criminalize denial of “Soviet occupation”’.

11 February 2014.  Tablet: ‘A comment from Professor Pinchos Fridberg, Vilnius’. Reprint in

10 February 2014. announces its 16 February 2014 protest against neo-Nazi march in central Kaunas;  On Facebook.

9 February 2014.  Tablet: Efraim Zuroff’s comment on a Yivo event, to be held 13 Feb. 2014. Reprint in

9 February 2014.  New York Times: ‘Hungarian Jews threaten boycott of official Holocaust events’ by Reuters.

8 February 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘The siege of Budapest. Neo-Nazis remember the “breakthrough” of February 11, 1945’.

7 February 2014. ‘Wiesenthal Center urges Croatian authorities to expedite case of Auschwitz guard’ by SWC.

7 February 2014. ‘Dr. Efraim Zuroff calls on Croatian authorities to act decisively in war crimes case’ [original english text of public letter byEfraim Zuroff].

7 February 2014. Translation (for information) of mainstream media coverage of the swastika issue in Lithuania [3 February 2014 article by Ieva Gvozdiovienė and Skirmantas Malinauskas].

5 February 2014.  Forward: ‘Hungarian Jews reject state money for Holocaust anniversary events’ by JTA.

4 February 2014. ‘Riga, capital of European culture: Waffen SS, stags and silence?’ by Monia Lowenberg.

2 February 2014. ‘Is Tom Lantos’s widow on Hungarian government’s list of “useful foreigners”?’

2 February 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘An open letter to Mrs. Annette Lantos’ by Mária Vásárhelyi.

2 February 2014. ‘New Joseph Levinson website has page on old Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania’.

1 February 2014. ‘Swedish film director speaks out on the Lithuanian Holocaust, sort of, a little bit’ by Geoff Vasil.

1 February 2014.  Economist: ‘Statute of limitations: a row about a statue reignites controversy over the Nazi occupation’.

January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘A monument of self-pity and self-justification’ by István Deák.

31 January 2014. ‘The Jewish tragedy in the Baltic states’ by Roland Binet [music + essay].

27 January 2014.  New York Times: ‘Holocaust scholar returns top award to Hungary in Protest’ by Dan Bilefsky.

27 January 2014. ‘Defense of History in Hungary’ [news roundup].

27 January 2014. ‘Israeli Association of 2nd and 3rd generation survivors calls for action from Israel and other democracies’.

26 January 2014.  Guardian: ‘Holocaust survivor and historian returns award to Hungary in protest. Randolph Braham decries attempt to “whitewash” history. Statement coincides with far-eight Hungarian rally in London’ by Associated Press.

26 January 2014.  Forward: ‘Holocaust historian returns Hungarian honor over “whitewashing” of Shoah’ by JTA.

26 January 2014. Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Randolph L. Braham’s open letter’.

26 January 2014.  Arutz Sheva: ‘“Shocked” Holocaust scholar returns Hungary award. Prof. Randolph L. Braham is handing back a Hungarian state award in protest at the government’s “falsification of history”’.

26 January 2014. ‘Books in the debate in 2014’.

26 January 2014. ‘Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga: Planned 2014 neo-Nazi marches’ (summary coverage to 26 Jan. 2014).

26 January 2014.  Foreign Policy: ‘Closing the books. Should the world’s last Nazi hunter give up the chase?’ by Katie Engelhart.

24 January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Krisztián Ungváry on the memorial to the German occupation of Hungary: “The Living Horror” by Krisztián Ungváry.

24 January 2014. ‘Double Genocide movement’s “Prague Process” is foundering — in Prague’.

23 January 2014.  Radio Prague [broadcast in English]: ‘Agency administering secret police files threatens to quit international network’ by Jan Richter.

23 January 2014.  Zeitmagazin / Zeit Online: ‘Beruf: Nazijäger. Der Nazijäger Efraim Zuroff stand einer Horde Neonazis gegenüber. Kurz darauf erlitt er einen Herzinfarkt. Er überlebte knapp.’ by Louis Lewitan.

23 January 2014. ‘Respublika’s 18 January 2014 front page article “Kaunas Jewish community chairman Gercas Žakas: One point for discord between Lithuanians and Jews”’.

23 January 2014.  Prague Daily Monitor: USTR threatens to leave European Memory Platform.

23 January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘The Orban government’s war on multiple fronts’ [including: ‘Protest of Hungarian historians against the planned German occupation memorial].

22 January 2014. ‘Wiesenthal Center blasts Hungarian government’s latest distortion of the Holocaust’.

21 January 2014. Joseph Levinson website launched.

21 January 2014. ‘Heritage articles from Lithuanian Jewish Community’s “Jerusalem of Lithuania” going online’.

20 January 2014. ‘Respublika’s 16 January 2014 front page article “Jews don’t want to wear Nazi symbols a second time”’ [with interviews of Faina Kukliansky and Moshe Beirak].

17 January 2014.  Hungarian Spectrum: ‘Sándor Szakály, the new head of the Veritas Historical Institute, is embarking on rewriting Hungarian history’ by Eva S. Balogh.

17 January 2014. ‘Forget me knot’ by Geoff Vasil.

16 January 2014.  Prague Daily Monitor: ‘EU’s grouping of totalitarian research institutes suspends membership of Czech institute (by CTK).

15 January 2014. ‘The “Double Genocide” backdrop to current disarray of the red-brown “Platform”’.

14 January 2014.  Platform of European Memory and Conscience: (1) ‘Open Letter’ signed by Göran
 Lindblad, President of the Platform;  (2) ‘Platform suspends membership of Czech Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes’.

13 January 2014. ‘Estonia’s last “knight’s cross” Waffen SS man gets full-honors military funeral’ by Leena Hietanen and Petri Krohn.

11 January 2014. ‘Estonia allows burial of former Nazi soldier’.  Images and video at (10 Jan).

10 January 2014.  New York Times editorial: ‘Why Nazi hunting remains crucial’.

10 January 2014.  Tablet: ‘Plan to open another Holocaust museum in Budapest faces criticism — from Jews’ by Ruth Ellen Gruber.

9 January 2014.  Time: ‘Meet the Nazi hunter: Israel’s Efraim Zuroff helps German court case’ by Simon Shuster.

8 January 2014. Translation of Giedrius Grabauskas’s recent article in on freedom of speech in Lithuania (with reference to Holocaust remembrance issues).

6 January 2014.  Neo-Nazi website gleeful [scroll down] at Lithuanian court’s 2010 swastika ruling, plus comments on Defending History and those who protest neo-Nazi marches in Kaunas, Riga and Vilnius. As PDF.  Second Stormfront page on Holocaust revisionism. As PDF [both taken 6 January 2014].

6 January 2014. ‘Artists knew, Allied leaders kept silent’ by Roland Binet.

3 January 2014.  The Irish Times: ‘Ukraine right revives wartime symbols amid “revolution”’ by Dan McLaughlin.

2 January 2014.  Invitation to Next Generations / Yad Vashem 23rd January event in Tel Aviv.

1 January 2014. ‘Efraim Zuroff interviewed in Belgrade, Serbia by Aleksandar Roknić’.

1 January 2014. Israel page [updated].

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December 2013.  Jahrbuch für Antisemitismusforschung 22 (207-243): ‘Der Verlauf und die Täter des Lemberger Pogroms vom Sommer 1941’ by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.

December 2013.  David Jüdische Kulturzeitschrift: ‘Holocaust und Gedenken in Lettland (Teil I)’ by Martin Malek.

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27 December 2013.  JTA: Lithuanian lawmaker: Jews only want to take money.  In

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27 November 2013. ‘Monica Lowenberg releases text of letter to British ORT on latest Lithuanian Embassy sponsored “Litvak do” in London’.

26 November 2013.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘LJC boycotts Kaunas municipality ceremony to honor Kazys Binkis after new plaque inscription deletes fact he and wife Sofija Blinkienė are Righteous Gentiles’.

24 November 2013. ‘Latvian state dance troupe displays Nazi swastika’ by Graeme Atkinson and Monica Lowenberg.

23 November 2013. ‘Centrum Wiesenthala: Litwini umniejszają swój udział w Holokauście. Tych, którzy mordowali Żydów było 5 razy więcej’.

22 November 2013. ‘Jerusalem Post, again, fails to post dissenting comments on a “Lithuanian ecstasy” story’.

22 November 2013. ‘Lithuanian Parliament’s communications unit replies to Professor Fridberg’.

21 November 2013. ‘Lithuanian State Language Commission turns down Jewish Community’s suggestion for a spelling rule that “Holocaust” be spelled with a capital “H”‘.

20 November 2013.  The New York Times (Letters to the Editor / international edition): ‘Lithuania’s Holocaust debate’ by Dovid Katz.

19 November 2013. ‘Genocide Center releases a new graywash on the Vilna Ghetto’ [review of Arūnas Bubnys, Vilnius Ghetto 1941-1943] by Dovid Katz.

18 November 2013. ‘Reply to Lithuania Migration Department letter dated 10-31-13.

16 November 2013. ‘How has post-Soviet Lithuania used Holocaust remembrance to project a ‘new’ European identity?’ by Rachel Croucher.

15 November 2013. ‘Dr. Clemens Heni’s writings on the 2008 “Prague Declaration”‘ by Clemens Heni.

14 November 2013.  ‘Where did the money for a monument to 1941 “patriots” come from? Why the uncritical reconstruction and glorification now?’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

13 November 2013. ‘Lithuanian MP’s gay-bashing hits new low of adolescent unseemliness and social immaturity’.

13 November 2013. ‘Red-Brown Commission member Liekis takes Katz-bashing campaign to Litvak culture fest in Philadelphia: LA next?’

12 November 2013. ‘”Baltic Times” does it again: a page of hate aimed at Latvia’s Russian-speaking residents‘.

11 November 2013. ‘If Israel can honor the USSR’s unquestionable role in bringing down Hitler, why can’t France and the European Union?’ by Didier Bertin.

9 November 2013. ‘Antisemitism denial — an English intellectual speciality’ by Denis MacShane.

8-9 November 2013.  The Jewish Museum Berlin et al: ‘Holocaust memory and antisemitism in Lithuania: Reversed memories of the Second World War’ by Gintare Malinauskaite.

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30 October 2013.  Maariv: ‘Lithuania whitewashes its role in the Holocaust’ by Dalia Mazuri [in Hebrew].

30 October 2013.  Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Wiesenthal Center criticizes latest effort by Lithuanian Genocide Center to Minimize Lithuanian complicity in Holocaust murders’.

30 October 2013. ‘Culturologist A. Assman: We Come to the Future Only Through the Past’ [interview by Professor Aleida Assman with Professor Irena Veisiate; in Lithuanian].

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25 October 2013. Vimeo: Monica Lowenberg’s Speak No Evil film segment (at timecode 3:54) in A Tale of Three Monkeys.

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23 October 2013. ‘A musical tribute to the Rumbula victims’ by Roland Binet.

23 October 2013. ‘Working definition of Holocaust denial and distortion’.

23 October 2013. ‘Former BNS chief Artūras Račas lets loose again on Fridberg, Kanovičius, Pancerovas, Zuroff…’ [translation of article by A. Račas].

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15 October 2013. ‘Mendel Beilis and the new East European antisemitism: a 21st century incarnation of “Treacherous Jew syndrome”’ power-point presentation by Dovid Katz.

13 October 2013. ‘Program of the 15-16 October Kiev conference on antisemitism (on the centenary of the Beilis trial)’.

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20 September 2013. Jewish Community of Lithuania: Program of the Fourth Litvak Congress, 20 – 25 September 2013.

18 September ‘“And, of course, the research that our commission’s historians are carrying out is very important”’ by Pinchos Fridberg.

17 September 2013. ‘Old blood libel plaque still displayed without curatorial comment at Bernardinai Church in Vilnius’.

16 September 2013.  Interview (in Yiddish, English summary) with Dr. Shimen Alperovich (Simas Alperavičius) on plans to rebuild the ‘Great Synagogue’ in Vilnius’s old town.

15 September 2013.  Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post: ‘Yad Vashem and the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Dina Porat.

13 September 2013. ‘In Parubanka, Roma people say history is repeating itself by Lina Žigelytė.

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26 August 2013.  Euronews: ‘Slovenia: 70th anniversary celebrations of Home Guard who sided with Nazis’.

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22 August 2013. ‘Red-Brown Commission’s PR roadshow heads for Philadelphia PA gig on November 10th’.

18 August 2013. ‘Banner tribute to recently deceased “most wanted” Nazi Laszlo Csatary displayed at Hungarian soccer match’.

15 August 2013.Platform of European Memory and Conscience: ‘Open Letter [to the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Prague]’.

14 August 2013.  Malice, Murder, and Manipulation: One man’s quest for truth by Grant Arthur Gochin.

11 August 2013. ‘Correspondence on a forthcoming event in Vilnius’ [Pinchos Fridberg].

11 August 2013.  Translation into English of Professor Pinchos Fridberg’s article of 9 April 2013’.

9 August 2013. [and others, via BNS]: ‘International panel for Nazi and Soviet crimes to hold its first meeting in Lithuania’.

8 August 2013. ‘Who’s afraid of Defending History dot com?’ by Dovid Katz.

4 August 2013. ‘Quibbling over quislings, or quislings quibbling. Lithuanian propaganda agency is on the road again’ by Geoff Vasil.

3 August 2013. ‘Tourists shocked by street names and pubilc shrines for Holocaust collaborators and perpetrators’.

2 August 2013. ‘Efraim Zuroff: “Gaucks Besuch im Baltikum was beschamend”‘ by  [interview of Efraim Zuroff] by Igal Avidan.

2 August 2013. ‘Open letter to Evaldas Gustas, Minister for the Economy in Lithuania’.

2 August 2013. ‘Israel’s president Shimon Peres welcomed in Lithuania’.

1 August 2013. ‘An important book by Lithuania’s health minister [Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis], totally ignored by the Lithuanian media. Why?’ by Geoff Vasil.

July-August 2013.  Hope Not Hate: ‘The Baltics. Where Nazi collaborators and criminals are honoured by EU and NATO States’ by Dovid Katz.

30 July 2013. ‘Defending History’s proposed paper rejected for Tel Aviv conference on “Autonomous histories and studies of the Holocaust”’.

30 July 2013. ‘The fate of an old Vilna Jewish cemetery that is part of now’ by Dovid Katz.

29 July 2013. Estonian pro-fascists celebrate country’s 1944 Waffen SS Legion’.

25 July 2013. ‘Revival of antisemitism in Europe’ by Roland Binet.

22 July 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘Latvia president nixes appearance with Peres at Shoah memorial’ by Asher Zeiger.

22 June 2013.  Haaretz: ‘Latvian president reluctant to attend ceremony for Holocaust victims during Peres visit, official says’ by Barak Ravid.

22 July 2013. ‘Zeppelinus, unmasked as official at Lithuania’s Ministry for the Economy, posts new gay-hate image to “welcome” Baltic Pride Week’ by Dovid Katz.

21 July 2013. ‘Beating a dead horse: Lithuania tries to measure up in the post-Holocaust world’ by Geoff Vasil.

19 July 2013.  Lithuania Tribune: ‘Lithuania welcomes US proposal to declare August 23 Black Ribbon Day’.

19 July 2013. ‘EHU Center for German Studies’ “Colloquium Vilnense 2013” is short on “the second opinion” when it comes to the Holocaust’ by Dovid Katz.

19 July 2013. ‘A library with an agenda?’

18 July 2013. ‘Holocaust survivors from Lithuania issue statement on Sutzkever events in Vilnius on poet’s 2013 centenary’.

17 July 2013.  Die Welt: ‘Operation Last Chance II — Die letzte Nazi-Jagd’ by Miriam Hollstein.

16 July 2013.  Forward: ‘Germany launches “Last Chance” hunt for Nazis’ by Reuters.

12 July 2013. ‘Vexed revival of “Red-Brown Commission”.

11 July 2013. ‘President of Germany hails Baltic Double Genocide revisionism’ by Leena Hietanen.

9 July 2013.  Postimees [Tallinn]: ‘Ilves ja Gauck tundsid heameelt Eesti ja Saksa lähiajaloo uurijate tiheda koostöö üle’.

8 July 2013.  Salford City Radio (Jewish Hour): Interview with Monica Lowenberg.

7 July 2013. ‘Would a “Jewish museum” in Vilnius graywash the Lithuanian Holocaust?’ by Dovid Katz.

5 July 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘The lie of Nazis as liberators’ by Efraim Zuroff.

4 July 2013.  Yahoo 7 News: ‘Nazi hunter blasts “antisemitic” Latvian WWII memorial’ by AFP.  Also on

4 July 2013. ‘Wiesenthal Center blasts pro-fascist commemoration by Latvian authorities’.

3 July 2013. ‘Chief Lithuanian bureaucrat/historian rehabilitates Lithuanian quislings, again’ by Geoff Vasil.

2 July 2013. ‘Statement for London panel’ by Michael Pinto-Duschinsky.

2 July 2013. ‘Marching with the words: “No to falsification of history”’ by Milan Chersonski.

28 June 2013. ‘Milan Chersonski reports on the Antifa Lietuva event in Kaunas on 23 June 2013’ by Milan Chersonski [in Russian].

28 June 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘Nazis in their nineties: not too old for justice’ by Efraim Zuroff.

27 June 2013. ‘Revival of “Red-Brown Commission” that combines Prague Declaration revisionism with Holocaust education’.

24 June 2013.  Forward: ‘Most Wanted list of Nazis shifts with two more nabbed. How do hunters rate the war criminals?’ by Anne Cohen.

24 June 2013. ‘Thousands of Nazis’ victims at unmarked killing site in Riga’ by Aleksandrs Feigmanis.

20 June 2013.  Borehamwood & Elstree United Synagogue (London): publication of announcement of July 10th screening of ‘Rewriting History’.

20 June 2013.  Antifa Lietuva: Announcement of June 23rd protest in Kaunas against glorification of June 23rd (day of Holocaust’s start in Lithuania).  Alternate link.

18 June 2013.  The New York Times: ‘Hungarian charged with war crimes for actions in World War II’ by Melissa Eddy.

18 June 2013.  Haaretz: ‘“Most wanted” war criminal indicted in Hungary’ by Ofer Aderet.

18 June 2013.  The Blackpool Gazette: ‘Morgan’s mission to reveal hidden dead of Holocaust’.

16 June 2013.  Defending ‘Open letter to the new minister for the economy’.

16 June 2013.  Haaretz: ‘Shock lingers after Nazi leader found in US’ by Associated Press.

13 June 2013. ‘Why won’t Britain stand up to fascism in the Baltics?’ by Keith Morgan.

13 June 2013. ‘Double Genocide: a literary jackpot?’ by Leena Hietanen.

12 June 2013.  Society for the Promotion of a European Model of Human Rights: ‘Proposal for reform of education regarding the history of World War II in France and the rest of the European Union’ by Didier Bertin. Part 2.

12 June 2013. ‘Rehabilitation of the past as a tool in modern politics’ by Milan Chersonski.

12 June 2013. ‘Tone and moral judgment in a famous book on the Latvian Holocaust’ by Roland Binet.

June 2013.  Shamir (Riga): Materials from the second international conference on Holocaust Museum and Memorial Places in Post-Communist Countries.

June 2013.  Current Politics in Ukraine blog for June 2013.

6 June 2013. ‘The unwritten biography of Jonas Žemaitis: a tale of twists and turns’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

June 2013.  Standpoint: ‘Spurning old truths’ by Michael Pinto-Duschinsky [review of Marci Shore’s The Taste of Ashes: The Afterlife of Totalitarianism in Eastern Europe].

3 June 2013. ‘Is the EU again being duped on Double Genocide? “Istme” is funded under “science and technology”’.

May 2013.  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: ‘Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Intermarium: The Land between the Black and Baltic Seas’ reviewed by Dovid Katz.

31 May 2013.  Huffington Post: ‘Truth wins’ by Edward Jacobs.

30 May 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Time to confront Croatia’s hidden Holocaust’ by Michael Freund.

28 May 2013. ‘A lively conference in Riga’.

28 May 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘ADL unhappy with antisemitism parley speakers’ by Sam Sokol.

28 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘Amid controversy, Foreign Ministry kicks off antisemitism conference’ by Raphael Ahren.

27 May 2013.  Shamir, Riga: video of the talk ‘State-sponsored collective memory revisionism: a 21st century incarnation of Holocaust Denial?’ by Dovid KatzPDF of the power point presentation in Defending History. Program of the Second International Conference on Holocaust Museums and Memorial Places in Post-Communist Countries (in Riga, Latvia)]. [Materials from the conference posted by the Organizers in June 2013].

24 May 2013.  Jewish Heritage Europe: ‘On the use & misuse of Jewish gravestones and memory’ by Dovid Katz.

24 May 2013.  Jewish Community of Lithuania announces Fourth World Litvak Congress for Sept. 2013.

22 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘The fate of a Vilna Jewish cemetery’ by Dovid Katz.

22 May 2013. ‘Ungarns Liste der Schande’ by Niels Kruse.

21 May 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘How not to fight antisemitism’ by Robert S. Wistrich.

21 May 2013.  Baltic Review: ‘Lithuania has invited Israel’s president to become chairman of the International Advisory Board for Vilnius’ Great Synagogue’s Reconstruction’.

21 May 2013. FPIN [Foreign Policy in Focus]: ‘“Useful Enemies”: US admitted not just Nazis after WWII, but their sadistic collaborators’ by Russ Wellen [review of Richard Rashke’s Useful Enemes: John Demjanjuk and America’s open-door policy for Nazi war criminals).

19 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘A Hungarian speech that signified nothing’ by Efraim Zuroff.

13 May 2013. ‘The neo-Nazis hate the feminists, too. Protesters against ultranationalist groups must face police and prosecutors’ by Lina Žigelytė.

13 May 2013. ‘Baltic Times hits new low with “paid advertisement” advocating migration of Latvia’s Russian speakers’ [by Dovid Katz].

10 May 2013. ‘Lithuanian government’s 2013 Vilna Ghetto PR jamboree’.

10 May 2013. ‘[Updated version of] Israel Chronicle’.

9 May 2013.  The Times of Israel: ‘How not to prevent a second Holocaust’ by Clemens Heni.

9 May 2013. ‘Estonian fascist admirers preparing July 2013 Waffen SS fest’ by Leena Hietanen.

9 May 2013. ‘Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) releases text of letter on July’s Baltic Pride march.

6 May 2013. ‘The homophobic track record of MEP Vytautas Landsbergis’ by Anna Shepherd.

5 May 2013. ‘Zeppelinus images revealed as media claims he is a government official’.

5 May 2013.  The Sunday Times: ‘Jews fight mood of hate in Hungary’ by Bojan Pancevski.

5 May 2013. ‘On the preservation of Lithuania’s old Jewish cemeteries’ by Joseph Levinson.

4 May 2013. ‘Swastikas from Latvia in center of Siauliai (Shavl), Lithuania, as police look on.

2 May 2013.  London Jewish News: ‘You can’t praise Hitler’s troops and champion human rights’ by Monica Lowenberg.

2 May 2013. ‘Wikipedia entry on Seventy Years Declaration rapidly distorted’.

2 May 2013. ‘Reports from Lithuanian media claim that neo-Nazi “Zeppelinus” is unmasked as — a government official!’

1 May 2013.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Op-ed: Interview with Efraim Zuroff. Baltic antisemitism’ by Manfred Gerstenfeld.

April 2013.  World Without Nazism: ‘Monitoring of neo-Nazism, xenophobia and extremism’.

29 April 2013.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Whitewashing antisemitism’ by Efraim Zuroff.

29 April 2013. ‘Facebook discussion on the 2013 Global Forum (23-28 April 2013).

28 April 2013. ‘Rewriting History on the Road in the USA’.

28 April 2013.  American Jewish University: ‘Rewriting History: When heroes are killers, truth becomes the enemy’.

28 April 2013.  Lithuania Tribune: ‘Rally held in Vilnius in protest against language demands by Lithuanian Poles’ party [BNS].

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16 April 2013.  George Washington University: Screening of Rewriting History followed by panel discussion.

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29 March 2013Žibutė (Lithuanian Feminist Program): Antifascism and a campaign of terror.

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17 February 2013[Far-right Lithuanian website] Zeppelinus: ‘Kas kursto tautinę nesantaiką? LŽB pareiškime Antifa Lietuva ‘nuopelnai’ priskirti LTJS’ [far right’s version of events surrounding Jewish attitudes toward neo-Nazi marches etc].

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14 February 2013. ‘Pinchos Fridberg provides chronology of a provocation’.

13 February 2013. ‘Kaunas police confirm that neo-Nazi march on independence day proceeding with municipality’s blessing’.

12 February 2013. ‘Artūras Račas, editor-in-chief of Baltic News Service (BNS), Attacks Holocaust Survivor Prof. Pinchos Fridberg and SWC Israel director Dr. Efraim Zuroff’.

8 February 2013. ‘A poem about the witches among us’ by K.R. Slade.

1 February2013Obzor: ‘Two questions of the leaders of the Jewish Community of Lithuania’ by Pinchos Fridberg [in Russian].

[January] 2013.  ‘Political antisemitism in Romania? Hard data an its soft underbelly’ by Michael Shafir.

30 January 2013.  New Statesman: ‘Europe: democracy, or barbarism? An open letter to Angela Merkel’ by Benjamin Abtan.

29 January 2013. ‘LGBT Equality protests removal of July 2013 march from Vilnius’s central boulevard’.

27 January 2013. ‘US researcher is persuaded that the problem in Lithuania is called “Zuroff and Katz”…’ by Dovid Katz.

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8 September 2012.  The Australian: ‘Rewriting history. When truth is the enemy’ by Ian Cuthbertson.

7 September 2012.  Haaretz, Books Supplement: ‘Killed by their neighbors’ [review of David Bankier’s Expulsion and Extermination: Holocaust Testimonials from Provincial Lithuania; Frank Buonagunio’s The Last Bright Days. A Young Woman’s Life in a Lithuanian Shtetl on the Eve of the Holocaust; Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust]‘ by Efraim Zuroff. [As PDF; digital version on the Haaretz website appeared 24 Sept 2012]

7 September 2012.  Richard Bloom Productions: ‘The Litvak Connection’  [updated trailer].

7 September 2012.  SBS Radio: ‘Interview with Danny Ben-Moshe on Holocaust Denial in Lithuania’ by Alex Dafner.

3 September 2012. ‘English text of Joseph Melamed’s letter to Yad Vashem’.

3 September 2012. ‘Joseph Melamed, head of Lithuanian Holocaust Survivors’ association, releases letter to director of Yad Vashem’.

3 September 2012. ‘Holocaust survivors, based in Tel aviv, issue statement on renewal of red-brown commission’.

3 September 2012. June 2009 corresopndence with Yad Vashem.

3 September 2012.  JTA: ‘Brussels mayor apologizes for ’42 deportations but “won’t pass judgment”‘.

31 August 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Trove of everyday items reveals Lithuania’s dark Holocaust secret’ by Ofer Aderet.  As PDF.

31 August 2012.  Facebook: Clemens Heni comments [preserved as PDF by with the author’s permission].

31 August 2012.  Lietuvos rytas: ‘Taking an interest in Nazi and Soviet crimes is a response to Russian propaganda’.  English translation. comments.

28 August 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Envoy to Germany: Awardee ignores terror on Israel’ by Benjamin Weinthal.

28 August 2012. ‘Yad Vashem shocks Holocaust survivors by rejoining Lithuanian government’s “red-brown commission”’.

25 August 2012. ‘When I received a response from the Genocide Center in Vilnius’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

25 August 2012. ‘Harley Felstein, chair and founder of the Sunflower Project in USA, hits back’ [plus comments].

24 August 2012.  Australian Jewish News: ‘The Zentai travesty’ by Efraim Zuroff.

23 August2012.  The Australian: ‘The case that broke the heart of a Nazi hunter’  by Efraim Zuroff. Reprint in

20 August 2012. ‘It’s not just about the new “peace park” in Vilnius’ by Milan Chersonski.

16 August 2012.  ABC News: ‘Zentai ruling a “dismal” attempt at justice’.

16 August 2012. ‘Executive director of “Red-Brown Commission” doubts Lithuanian Jews were killed “on a racial basis” before arrival of German forces in 1941′.

15 August 2012. ‘Wiesenthal Center protests Australia’s failure to extradite suspected Nazi war criminal’.

13 August 2012.  JTA:  ’Hungarian lawyer seeks indictment against Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff’.

13 August 2012Dr Mandler: ‘Hunting the Nazi hunter? Hungary may go after Efraim Zuroff’ by DrMandlerPost.

12 August 2012. ‘НЕ ТОЛЬКО О ТУСКУЛЕНАЙСКОМ ПАРКЕ ПОКОЯ’ by Milan Chersonski.

8 August 2012.  Mail Online: ‘“Jews screamed like geese when they were shot”: Chilling interview with “Nazi war criminal who was member of mobile murder squad”’ by Richard Shears.

8 August 2012. ‘Ernst Notle’s grandson’ by Clemens Heni.

7 August 2012.  JTA: ‘Naming Holocaust denier government minister concerns Romanian  Jews‘.

5 August 2012.  Tablet: Comment by Milan Chersonski.

4 August 2012 .  Tablet: ‘The last salvo. Mikics replies to Snyder’ by David Mikics.

3 August 2012.  Tablet:  [Comment by] Efraim Zuroff to Timothy Snyder’s article.

3 August 2012.   Tablet: ‘In Defense of Bloodlands. The Yale historian explains his masterwork and its transnational narrative of the Holocaust’ by Timothy Snyder.

3 August 2012Addition of Yiddish text for 20 January 2012 Seventy Years DeclarationAs PDF.

3 August 2012.  London Jewish News: ‘Shoah Denial is being replaced by an illusive and delusive evil’ by Dovid Katz.  On the Jewish News site (3 August issue, p. 11).

2 August 2012. ‘Lithuanian foreign minister includes “historical memory policy” (= Double Genocide) among nation’s prime goals.

July 2012.  World Without Nazism: ‘ Monitoring the social foundations of the revival of Nazi sentiment, xenophobia and extremism’.

30 July 2012.  Forward: ‘Is he beacon for the Jews of Lithuania? Activist Harley Felstein leaves trail of critics and questions’ by Paul Berger  [PDF version of hard copy Haaretz Forward supplement edition with alternative image].

30 July 2012. ‘Crying over dead Jews’ by Geoff Vasil.  Republication in the Algemeiner Journal.  Republication in Selection in the ‘Pick of the day’ section of Jewish Ideas Daily [for 1 August 2012].

27 July 2012. ‘Efraim Zuroff responds to Tablet magazine interview with Timothy Snyder’.

26 July 2012.  Tablet: ‘The diplomat of Shoah history. Does Yale historian Timothy Snyder absolve Eastern Europe of special complicity in the Holocaust?’ by David Mikics.

23 July 2012. ‘Amherst’s NYBC caught up in Lithuanian government’s Jew-less, Yiddish-less PR library’.

20 July 2012.  Forward: ‘Wide-eyed postcards from Lithuania. Memoir fails to explain nation’s complex role in Holocaust’ by Allan Nadler [review of Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here. Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust].

20 July 2012.   Society for the Promotion of a European Human Rights Model‘Planetary geopolitics today’ by Didier Bertin.

19 July 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘The truth about Lithuania’ by Efraim Zuroff [op-ed reply to earlier interview by Michael Freund with Prime Minister Kubilius].

19 July 2012. ‘United Nations Human Rights Committee notes Lithuanian government’s position on public swastikas and authorized neo-Nazi parades’.

18 July 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘Respectable memoir, some shrewd manipulation by an East European government — or both?’ by Dovid Katz [review of Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here. Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust].

18 July 2012. ‘Why was a Lithuanian Holocaust perpetrator who also murdered Belarusians given atate honors? Open letter to the Lithuanian Ambassador to Belarus’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

17 July 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Hungary must bring Laszlo Csatary to justice. An open letter to Hungarian president Janos Ader upon his visit to Israel’  by Efraim Zuroff.

17 July 2012. ‘Lithuanian foreign ministry planning to (ab)use EU presidency to push red-brown politics.

16 July 2012. ‘Landsbergis. Then and now’ by Dovid Katz.

13 July 2012. ‘Commemoration of the Jewish community of Zagare’ by Rod Freedman.

13 July 2012. ‘Trilingual memorial plaque unveiled on Zhager town square’ by Dovid Katz.

11 July 2012. ‘The UN Human Rights Committee calls on Lithuania for more answers, more action’.

6 July 2012. ‘The Holocaust? It happens to everyone…’ by Algis Davidavičius.

5 July 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘The death of a Nazi hunter’ by Efraim Zuroff.

4 July 2012.  Forward: ‘Nazi-era case reopens old Polish wounds. Probe spotlights Poland’s mixed record during Holocaust’ by Don Snyder.

4 July 2012. ‘Reburial as a means for the rewriting of history’ by Milan Chersonski.

2 July 2012.  Tablet Magazine: ‘It’s hard to be a Jew in the Jobbik party. Far-right-wing Hungarian politician gets some unpleasant news’ by Marc Tracy.

30 June 2012. ‘Efraim Zuroff’s Helsinki appearances now on YouTube’.

29 June 2012. ‘On the recent amateur treatments of the role of the Provisional Government of 1941 in the mass media’ by Shimon Alperovich (Simonas Alperavičius). Original publication on the Lithuanian Jewish Community’s website.

29 June 2012.  South African Jewish Report: ‘The many things Felder left out in his Lithuania rebuttal’ by Olga Zabludoff [letter to the editor].

29 June 2012.  Defending ‘Another “resistance hero” or — war criminal who selected Jews for mass murder?’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

24 June 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Rivlin retracts invite for Hungarian counterpart’ by Lahav Harkov.

22 June 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Getting back to the basics about the Holocaust’ by Robert Rozett.

21 June 2012., Wi(l)der Europe: ‘Winning the past’ by Edward Lucas.

19 June 2012.  Jewish Telegraphic Agency: ‘Wiesel returns Hungary’s highest honor’.

18 June 2012.  Tattooed Media & Identity Films: ‘Rewriting history’ (promo).

15 June 2012. ‘Reply to the Economist on Lithuania’s recent reburial of the 1941 Nazi puppet “prime minister”‘ by Dovid Katz [Also as comment on the Economist blog site].

15 June 2012.  The Economist. Eastern Approaches. Ex-communist Europe: ‘Lithuania under the Nazis: Hero or villain? by E[dward] L[ucas].

14 June 2012. ‘Public questions for Academics on assessing the events of 1941 in Lithuania’ [signed by sixty-one persons].  [English translation].

13 June 2012.  The Lithuania Tribune: ‘No money for the Jew rescuers’.

12 June 2012.  ’On intellectuals who are dissatisfied that the state contributed a tiny bit to the reburial of the ashes of Brazaitis’ by Vytautas Landsbergis[English translation].

11 June 2012.  KaunoŽ (and other publications): The post-facto ‘open letter’ from Lithuanian intellectuals on the reburial and glorification of Juozas Ambrazevičius (Brazaitis).

11 June 2012. ‘A historic narrative in violation of good conscience’ by Leonidas Donskis [authorized translation for DH by Geoff Vasil].

10 June 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘“Dress like an Orthodox Jew” restaurant in Euro 2012 city, Lviv, Ukraine’ by Jennifer Lipman.

8 June 2012.  South African Jewish Report [issue of 8-15 June]: ‘Felder’s whirlwind Lithuanian tour was a PR exercise’ (letter to the editor) by Olga Zabludoff.

7 June 2012. ‘Explosive reactions to Saulius Berzhinis’s new film on the Holocaust in Jurbarkas (Yurberik)’ by Milan Chersonski.

7 June 2012.  Europe Online Magazine: ‘Wiesenthal-Zentrum: Antisemitische Restaurants in Lwiw boykottieren’.

6 June 2012.  The Forward: ‘Transylvanian drama over fascist’s ashes. Why does Hungary want to honor Arrow Cross leader?’ by James Kirchick.

30 May 2012. ‘Congratulating Algimantas Kasparavičius who gets it right: Trying to manage history is a big-time loser for mature foreign policy’ by Dovid Katz.

29 May 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Grass’s poem hovers over German president’s visit’ [with reference also to the Prague Declaration] by Benjamin Weinthal.

28 May 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘A new dilemma in hosting a German president’ by Efraim Zuroff.

28 May 2012. ‘Unelected 1941 pro-Nazi provisional government of Lithuania never intended good for country’ by Geoff Vasil.

28 May 2012. ‘Public statement concerning instrumentalization of academic publications in Ukraine’ by Grzegorz Rossolinski-Liebe and Per Anders Rudling.

26 May 2012. ‘A Litvak devastates second Kaunas conference on Nazi collaborator Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis’ by Geoff Vasil.

25 May 2012.  EJP [European Jewish Press]: ‘Russian Jewry dismisses state reburial of Lithuanian Nazi collaborator as “blasphemous”’.

24 May 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Lithuanian youth head backs Nazi leader’ by Jane Whyatt.

23 May 2012. ‘VMU in Kaunas sinking further into Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis morass, as historians join glorifiers for yet another event’.

23 May 2012.  YNet: ‘Jews protest as Lithuania set to rebury WWII leader’ by Levi Brackman and Rivkah Lubitch.

22 May 2012 JTA: ‘Lithuanian synagogue vandalized following memorial for wartime PM’.

22 May 2012. ‘”Take off your hat. This is not the synagogue”‘ by Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson.

21 May 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘An open letter to Yale history professor Timothy Snyder’ by Dovid Katz.

21 May 2012Lietuvos rytas:  ’E. Aleksandravičius: „Perlaidodami J. Brazaitį norėjome parodyti, kad lietuvių drama dar nesibaigė“’ [interview] by Valdas Bartasevičius. [English translation, ‘Egidijus Aleksandravičius: “By reburying Brazaitis, we wanted to show that the Lithuanian drama hasn’t ended yet.” [posted on 27 May 2012]

21 May 2012.  Forward: ‘Amid quisling furor, Lithuanian shul defaced’.

21 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuanian synagogue vandalized after commemoration of Nazi collaborator’ by Ofer Aderet.

21 May 2012. ‘Lithuanian newspaper accuses Kaunas rector of misleading parliament about whether he knew in advance of VMU’s planned conference to honor Nazi puppet prime minister’.

21 May 2012.  EJP: ‘Lithuanian Nazi collaborator granted official reburial, despite Jewish protest’ by AFP and EJP.

20 May 2012.  BNS: ‘Head of Lithuania’s provisional government buried in Kaunas’ [with quote from MEP V. Landsbergis].

20 May 2012. ‘Dramatic confrontation on the floor of the Lithuanian parliament’.

19 May 2012. ‘Tim Snyder, in Vilnius, comments publicly on the reburial and glorification of 1941 Nazi puppet prime minister’.

18 May 2012.  Kaunas Municipality: Mayor’s office announces the schedule of Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis on the municipality’s website.

18 May 2012.  After university refuses to host conference on Juozas Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis, event moves to Kaunas municipality.

18 May 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Outrage over honour for Lithuanian Nazi leader’ by Jessica Elgot.

18 May 2012.  Baltic Course: ‘Lithuania reburial of WW leader angers Jewish groups’.

17 May 2012. ‘Litwa: Premiera Juozasa Ambrazevicziusa-Brazaitisa w kraju’.

17 May 2012BBC News Europe: ‘Lithuania reburial of WWII leader angers Jewish groups.

17 May 2012.  Huffington Post: ‘Holocaust Denial: Assaults on collective memory becloud Europe’s future’ by Abraham Cooper.

17 May 2012. ‘Juozas Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis is no hero’ by Darius Udrys.  Republished in Republished in the Lithuania Tribune.

17 May 2012. ‘International Christian Assembly Directors in Lithuania Speak Out on the Glorification of Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis’ [with full text of statement by Michael and Fausta Maass].

17 May 2012.  EJP [European Jewish Press]: ‘Jews protest as Lithuania set to rebury WWII leader’.

17 May 2012. The revised schedule of events to honor the memory of Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis noting move of the 19 May 2012 conference from Vytautas Magnus University to the City Hall of Kaunas.

17 May 2012.  Defending ‘Want to honor the head of the 1941 Nazi puppet government? Website claims Seimas will provide free transportation’.

16 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuania reinstates event to honor Nazi collaborator’ by Ofer Aderet.

16 May 2012. ‘Juozas Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis’ burial reignites historic debate on Lithuania’s 1941 provisional government’ [credited to BNS].

16 May 2012. ‘Parliament’s public relations department posts revised schedule of events to h0nor Nazi collaborator “prime minister” Juozas Ambrazevičius (Brazaitis).

15 May 2012.  Forward/JTA: ‘Lithuanians scrap event for quisling leader’.

15 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuanian university calls off memorial for pro-Nazi head of state’ by Ofer Aderet.

15 May 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Glorifying a Nazi collaborator in Lithuania’ by Ofer Aderet.

15 May 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania’s shame’ by Efraim Zuroff.

15 May 2012. ‘BNS report follows dramatic Donskis statement; Says event does not have VMU “Sanction”‘.

15 May 2012. ‘Text of the letter from MEP Donskis on the Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis festivities.

15 May 2012. ‘MEP Donskis condemns events to honor Holocaust collaborator Ambrazevičius’.

14 May 2012.  Tattooed Films: Preview screening of ‘Rewriting History’ (documentary film on Holocaust obfuscation in Lithuania) at Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.

13 May 2012.  Haaretz (Hebrew): ‘Pro-Nazi Lithuanian to be buried in a state ceremony’ by Ofer Aderet.

11 May 2012.  ‘Archbishop adds his blessing to the Nazi collaborator being reburied with full honors’.

11 May 2012. ‘Day of shame (May 19th) can still be averted at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas’.

10 May 2012.  Genocide Center (Vilnius): Program of the conference to commemorate and re-inter Juozas Ambrazevičius-Brazaitis, prominently featuring the 19 May conference at Vytautas Magnus University.  [English here]

3 May 2012. ‘”Prime Minister” of Lithuania’s 1941 Nazi puppet government to be glorified, re-interred and subject of a commemorative conference at Vytautas Magnus University.

2 May 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Neo-Nazi youth group on EU funded council’ by Marcus Dysch.

1 May 2012. ‘“Moderate Litvak” Status is Conferred by his Highness, the Norwegian Property Magnate cum Editor-in-Chief of Vilnius’ by Dovid Katz.

30 April 2012.  Neo-Nazi youth organization is admitted into national “Lithuanian Council of Youth Organizations” (a recipient of European Union “structural funds”).

29 April 2012. ‘Rabinowitz-Dorf PR campaign for Lithuanian embassy and “Fake Litvaks” backfires bigtime’.

29 April 2012Lietuvos rytas: ‘Musicians speaking out against racism: “You need to love your country with songs, not fists’ by Eglė Šilinskaitė.English translation here.

28 April 2012. ‘The history of three “Lithuanian Freedom Army” (LFA) colonels who served the Nazis’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

25 April 2012. ‘Thinking about those anniversaries of 2011…’ by Milan Chersonski.

24 April 2012. Deutscher Bundestag: ‘Kleine Anfrage der Abgeordneten Ulla Jelpke, Sevim Dag˘delen, Heidrun Dittrich, Annette Groth, Inge Höger, Petra Pau, Kathrin Senger-Schäfer, Alexander Ulrich, Katrin Werner und der Fraktion DIE LINKE. Faschistische und ultranationalistische Aktivitäten in den baltischen Ländern’.

24 April 2012. ‘Baltic “Double Genocide” discourse slips into naive American Jewish articles on Lithuania’ by Dovid Katz.

23 April 2012.  Baltimore Sun: ‘Lithuania tries to whitewash its role in the Holocaust’ by Olga Zabludoff.

20 April 2012. ‘Lithuanian government calls for “bigger investments from Litvaks” as South Africa’s Glasenberg is targeted‘.

20 April 2012.  Haaretz: ‘In going after Nazi criminals, Europe is still divided’ by Efraim Zuroff.

20 April 2012. ‘No gesture at Ponár’.

19 April 2012.  Nana10: Release of ‘The Last Nazi Hunter’ (documentary film on Efraim Zuroff by Nitza Gonen, in Hebrew).

19 April 2012.  Simon Wiesenthal Center: Statement on Holocaust denial and revisionism on Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Appended: report by Efraim Zuroff.

18 April 2012. ‘Glorification of local Holocaust perpetrators in Lithuania’.

18 April 2012.  Washington Jewish Week: ‘The neo-Nazi footprint in Lithuania’ by Evan Malnik.

17 April 2012.  Gatestone Institute: ‘U.S. sends anti-Israel advisor to antisemitic Sweden’ by Soeren Kern.  [third and fourth paragraphs from the end deal with Baltic Holocaust issues]

15 April 2012. ‘Three progressive members of Lithuania’s parliament ask prosecutors to investigate threats by Genocide Center’s “chief specialist”‘.

15 April 2012. ‘Lithuanian Foreign Ministry manipulates “Chicago Litvaks”‘.

13 April 2012. ‘First-time event in Chicago this Sunday, April 15, to address lingering issues affecting Lithuanian-Jewish relations’ [+ comments]As HTM here.

12 April 2012. ‘MP Vytenis Andriukaitis: Open letter to Genocide Center’s “chief specialist” Ričardas Čekutis’ by Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis. [= authorized English translation of 5 April 2012 article]

12 April 2012. ‘Meet Europe’s new fascists’ by James Kirchick.

12 April 2012. ‘Lithuanian neo-Nazi leader calls for murder of MPs’ by Geoff Vasil.

11 April 2012.  Holocaust Educational Trust [UK]: ‘Monica Lowenberg, who has pursued extensive academic research in the field of German-Jewish studies, writes on last month’s controversial march of Latvian SS veterans’.

10 April 2012. ‘Discussion: Ambassador Linas Linkevičius and Geoff Vasil’.

6 April 2012. ‘Light and darkness do not mix’ by Geoff Vasil.

4 April 2012. ‘The true face of the leader of the Nationalist Center, or just a joke in very poor taste?’ by Ignas Krasauskas.  English translation here.

3 April 2012. ‘The bloody history of the Jews: Like salt on wounds’ by Erika Baronaitė.  English translation available here.

3 April 2012.  Donkey Hottie: ‘My very own Hitler nostalgia’ by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira.

27 March 2012.  Guardian: ‘Don’t be fooled. Europe’s far-right racists are not discerning’ by Anne Karpf.

24 March 2012. ‘Lithuania’s embassy in Washington recruiting “useful academics” for discredited “red-brown” Commission’.

22 March 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Why Joachim Gauck is wrong for Germany’ by Efraim Zuroff.

22 March 2012. ‘Some psycho-sexual undercurrents of the Lithuanian Independence Day Nazi march’ by Geoff Vasil.

19 March 2012. ‘Will intellectuals in Western countries continue their silence on Latvia’s glorification of Hitler’s Waffen SS?’ by Roland Binet.

18 March ‘Bought a film, got a cat in the sack’ by Daiva Bartkienė.  English translation here.

16 March 2012. New Statesman: ‘Why does Latvia still honour the Waffen SS?’ by Denis MacShane.

16 March 2012.  Guardian [/AP]: ‘Latvians pay annual tribute to Waffen SS fighters’  by Gary Peach.

16 March 2012. ‘Der Rückfall’ by Efraim Zuroff.

16 March 2012. ’1500 honor the Waffen SS at Riga’s Liberty Monument; Event is praised by Latvia’s president, condemned by Council of Europe’s commission on racism’ by Dovid Katz.

15 March 2012.  Christopher Hale’s site: ‘Distorting nationalist history in Ukraine: Interview with GrzegorzRossolinski-Liebe’ by Christopher Hale.

14 March 2012.  UK Parliament: ‘Early Day Motion 2866: 16 March demonstrations in Riga’. Primary sponsor: Barry Gardiner. Sponsors: Jeremy Corbyn, Mark Durkan, Kelvin Hopkins, Bob Russell, Jim Shannon.

14 March 2012.  European Commission site: ‘News. Martin Schulz, EP president, meeting with Dovid Katz: Handing over the Declaration on the Final Solution of the Wannsee Conference’.

13 March 2012.  Huffington Post: ‘The Nazi resurgence in Europe: the Waffen-SS marches again’ by Richard Brodsky.

11 March 2012. ‘Over 1000 neo-Nazis fill main Vilnius boulevard on Lithuanian Independence Day’ by Dovid Katz.

11 March 2012. TV: Report on the neo-Nazi march.

11 March 2012.  JN1 TV: ‘Nationalists hijack Independence Day in Lithuania: Vilnius police allow “neo-Fascist” marches’. [Broadcast on 12 March]

10 March 2012. (Lietuvos rytas): ‘Jewish activists suggest the radicals go and march in Balbieriškės’ by Monika Bončkutė.  English translation here.

10 March 2012. ‘Once again, moral abdication at the American Embassy in Vilnius?’

9 March 2012.  The Times of Israel: ‘Nazi hunter leads criticism of Lieberman for cordially hosting Lithuanian FM’ by Raphael Ahren.

8 March 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Call to ban Baltic neo-Nazi marches’.

5 March 2012.  YNet: ‘Holocaust survivors rally against Lithuanian FM’ by Gilad Morag.

5 March 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuania hypocritical about Holocaust’ by Efraim Zuroff [letter to the editor].

5 March 2012. ‘Monica Lowenberg in dialogue with Latvia’s ambassador to the UK’.

4 March 2012.  The Chronicle of Higher Education: ‘Can Germany help Central Europe confront its dark past?’ by Paul Hockenos.

4 March 2012. ‘March 11th: A grand opportunity for the Lithuanian human rights community — and the people of Vilnius’ by Dovid Katz.

1 March 2012. ‘The posthumous remarking of a Holocaust perpetrator in Lithuania; Why is Jonas Noreika a national hero?’  by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

28 February 2012. ‘The posthumous remaking of a Holocaust perpetrator in Lithuania: Why is Jonas Noreika a national hero?’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

28 February 2012. ’11 March marks the restoration of Lithuania’s independence — how can the authorities allow neo-Nazis to dominate this important day for the nation?’ by Olga Zabludoff.

28 February 2012. ‘Zingeris statement on planned March 11th neo-Nazi march fails to mention — the neo-Nazi march’.

27 February 2012.  YouTube: ‘A Jewish guy in Vilnius reflects on the neo-Nazi march (2012)’ by DovidFrom55thStreet [Dovid Katz].

27 February 2012. ‘Lithuanian radio panel discussion on the Seventy Years Declaration’.

26 February 2012. ‘Stop the neo-Nazi movement in Hungary’ by David Surjányi.

23 February 2012.  The Beacon: ‘Not on my watch: A response to Binyamin Weinreich’ by Simon Goldberg.

21 February 2012.  UK Parliament: ‘Early Day Motion 2750. Annual commemoration march by supporters of Waffen SS supporters in Riga, Latvia. Primary sponsor: Bob Blackman. Sponsors: David Amess, Tom Brake, Mike Gapes, Robert Halfon, John Mann.

21 February 2012. ‘European Commission condemns Latvia’s Waffen SS parades and celebration of Hitler’s 1941 invasion’.

17 February 2012. ‘Joe Melamed, head of Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel, calls on “Real Litvaks” to stay away from Tel Aviv “gala sham” on March 5th’.

17 February 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Revisionism not remorse’ by Alex Ryvchin.

16 February 2012. ’300 neo-Nazis march through the center of Kaunas on Lithuanian Independence Day; they are addressed by members of parliament’ by Dovid Katz.

16 February 2012. ‘Profesorius D. Kacas: „Nacionalistų eitynės Vasario 16-ąją – visos Lietuvos gėda“’ by Nerijus Povilaitis.  [English translation]

15 February 2012. ‘Tolerance march of 100 is cancelled in Kaunas; neo-Nazi march for 1000 going ahead’.

14 February 2012. ‘Holocaust survivors and Litvak Jewry betrayed again, as Lithuania’s foreign minister slated to be “guest of honor” at Tel Aviv “Gala”‘.

14 February 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Hitler’s little mustache’ by Adar Primor.

14 February 2012. ‘JFN’s Andres Spokoiny in New York City congratulates Vytenis Andriukaitis in Vilnius’ by Andres Spokoiny.

13 February 2012. ‘The lingering legacy of Nazism’ by Milan Chersonski.

12 February 2012. ‘A hidden monument in Vilnius — hopelessly invisible?’

11 February 2012. ‘Lithuanian parliamentarian Vytenis Andriukaitis, signatory of 70 Years Declaration, replies to foreign minister, cites “moustache” remark and the implications of ‘double genocide”’. [An authorized translation of the Lithuanian article by Vytenis Andriukaitis that appeared on on 9 February 2012]

10 February 2012.  Hetek (Budapest): ‘Shocking Nazi words’ + ‘Upper-class bigotry is also responsible [interview with Dovid Katz]‘ by Péter Morvay.  [in Hungarian]

10 February 2012.  Baltic Course: ‘Lithuanian MFA: Patriotic march on national holidays must overcome radicalism’.

9 February 2012. ‘Honorable A. Ažubalis, Did You Pull Such an Understanding of History out of Thin Air?’ by Vytenis Andriukaitis.  [English translation here]

5 February 2012. [Olga Zabludoff’s petition:] ‘Lithuanian ambassador to the United States: Ban neo-Nazis from desecrating the dignity of Lithuania’s Independence Day’.

3 February 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘The Seventy Years Declaration and the Simple Truth’ by Dovid Katz.

3 February 2012. ‘Honorable V. Andriukaitis: V. Havel was not an antisemite, and the tragedy of the Holocaust is not a toy in your election game’ by Audronius Ažubalis. [English translation here]

2 February 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Lithuania attacked over Shoah retort’ by JC Reporter.  [PDF]

2 February 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘A fight over history’s tragic truth. Analysis’ by Dovid Katz.  [PDF]

1 February ‘Seventy Year Declaration published online!

31 January 2012.  Žinių radijas: ‘Did the Communists kill more people than the Nazis?’ [hourlong radio discussion with nationalist political figure Marius Kundrotas, executive director of the “red-brown” Commission (on Nazi and Soviet crimes) Ronaldas Račinskas and signatory of the Lithuanian Declaration of Independence MP Vytenis Andriukaitis.

30 January 2012.  The New York Times: ‘”The Suffering Olympics”’ by Roger Cohen.

30 January 2012.  CBL: ‘Message envoyé à 400 parlementaires et dirigeants socialistes’ by Didier Bertin.

29 January 2012.  Chris Hale’s blog: ‘Interview with Dr. Per Anders Rudling on collaboration, war crimes and national memory’ by Christopher Hale.

27 January 2012. Dr. Shimon Alperovich, head of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, on the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day.  [in Lithuanian; English translation in the Description box]

27 January 2012. ‘Antony Polonsky returns to Brandeis “knighted” by Lithuanian president’s Cross of the Officer of the Order — for helping the Baltic State’s Holocaust PR campaign’.

26 January 2012. ‘Kubilius: Nazi and Soviet crimes are unique, connected by time and environment’. [English version of the BNS report on which the article is based]

26 January 2o12.  BNS: ‘Lithuanian court clears Klaipeda men of swastikas charge’.

25 January 2012. ‘UK MP Denis MacShane rushes to defense of Lithuanian parliamentarians who signed Seventy Years Declaration; slams foreign minister’s Hitler-Stalin “joke”‘.

25 January 2012. [Evan Malnik’s petition:] ‘Ambassador Zygimantas Pavilionis: Repeal Lithuanian law no. IX-1078 dated September 17, 2002’.

25 January 2012.  Lietuvos rytas: ‘Signs of the times’ [editorial].

24 January 2012.  Office of Rt Hon Denis Macshane MP (UK Parliament): ‘Letter to Lithuanian MP Vytenis Andriukaitis’.

24 January 2012. ‘The Waffen-SS as freedom fighters’ by Per Anders Rudling.

22 January 2012. ‘Lithuanian foreign minister berates his country’s parliamentarians who signed “70 Years Declaration”; Says Hitler = Stalin except for length of their moustaches’Republished on Operation Last Chance.

21 January 2012.  The Independent: ‘Can’t Jews be allowed to remember their past?’ by Howard Jacobson.

21 January 2012. ‘Unconfirmed report: Yad Vashem asked to shore up discredited red-brown commission with three (!) new members’.

20 January 2012.  [Monica Lowenberg’s blogspot petition:] ‘Stop the 16 March marches in Riga’.

20 January 2012.  Lietuvos rytas: ‘Decision by group of social democrats to sign declaration against equating Nazi and Soviet crimes is pathetic’.  English translation.

20 January 2012.  Lietuvos žinios: ‘Decision by group of social democrats to sign declaration against equating Nazi and Soviet crimes is pathetic’ [in Lithuanian].  English translation.

20 January 2012.  BNS: ‘Group of Lithuanian social democrats sign declaration against equation of Nazi, Soviet crimes’.

20 January 2012.  Junge Welt: ‘Das ist Orwellsche Sprachverdrehung’  by Frank Brendle.

20 January 2012. ‘The Seventy Years Declaration on the anniversary of the final solution conference at Wannsee’.

19 January 2012. ‘Der Holocaust ist einzigartik’ by Frank Brendle.

19 January 2012.  Haaretz: ‘European leaders to mark 70th anniversary of Nazi Wannsee Conference’ by Dana Harman.  Republication in the Forward (19 Jan 2012).

18 January 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Remembering Wannsee’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.Reepublication in Algemeiner Journal (20 January 2012).

18 January 2012. ‘Free speech reaffirmed by Vilnius judge in Algirdas Paleckis case’ by Dovid Katz.

16 January 2012. ‘Mainstream daily “Lietuvos rytas”: a new high-end home for antisemitism in Lithuania?’

13 January 2012.  Haaretz: ‘Don’t rehabilitate the guilty’ by Efraim Zuroff.

11 January 2012. ‘Die SS als Freiheitskämpfer’ by Reinhard Wolff.

10 January 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘UK’s Daily Mail newspaper takes down Estonian Nazi article’ by Zachary Lichaa.

9 January 2012. ‘Some worrying slippage at “”?’by Geoff Vasil.

8 January 2012.  Human Rights Model: ‘Racist Lithuania and Europe’ by Didier Bertin.

8 January 2012. ‘Estonian defense ministry denies glorifying Nazi collaborators, but statement fails to mention country’s Waffen SS’.

6 January 2012.  YouTube list: ‘But they are not all “Gypsies”! MEP Vytautas Landsbergis on Double Genocide legislation at the European Parliament in Brussels.

5 January 2012.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Lithuanian tabloid runs hate splash’ by Karen Glaser.

5 January 2012.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘EU ambassador to Afghanistan refers to Nazi rule as “respite”’.

4 January 2012.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Nazi memorial in Croatia a disgrace to Europe’ by Efraim Zuroff.

3 January 2012. ‘Re: Article by Dr. Irena Veisaite’ [letter to the editor] by Joseph Melamed.

2 January 2012. ‘EU ambassador to Afghanistan writes in the Wall Street Journal that Nazi rule in Lithuania was “a few years respite from the communists”’.

2 January 2012. ‘A reconstructed shtetl — minus its Jewish component’ by Dovid Katz.

1 January 2012. ’2012 New Year’s resolution for the prime ministers of the Baltic states’.

January 2012.  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs (6:1, pp 53-64): ‘Diminishing the Holocaust: Scholarly fodder for a discourse of distortion’ by Robert Rozett.

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2011.  Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History (vol. 12, no.1): ‘The “Ukrainian National Revolution” of summer 1941’ by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.

December 2011.  East European Jewish Affairs (vol 41, no. 3, pp. 207-221): ‘The detonation of the Holocaust in 1941: a tale of two books’ [review of Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands and Alexander PrusinThe Lands Between] by Dovid Katz.

2011. ‘The history of now. The obfuscation of history’ by Harvey A. Cohen.

28 December 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center press release: ‘Wiesenthal Center expresses outrage at antisemitic front page of Lithuanian tabloid “Vakaro Žinios”‘.

26 December ‘Vaclav Havel and the Prague Declaration’ by Efraim Zuroff.

22 December 2011.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘Popular European daily has full front page spread on “The Jews”’.

22 December 2011. ‘Popular daily has full front page spread on “The Jews”’.

21 December 2011.  Kyiv Post: ‘Euro 2012: Maydan of hate?’ by Jared McBride.

20 December 2011.  Donkey Hottie: ‘Lithuanian speech laws can claim first scalp’ by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira.

19 December 2011. ‘Lithuanian Ministry of Defense honors “Lithuanian Activist Front” (LAF) Nazi collaborators’ by Dovid Katz.

19 December 2011. ‘Why shouldn’t Lithuanian people see the monument I helped place in Vilnius?’ by Shelly Rybak Pearson.

19 December 2011. ‘Mainstream Lithuanian news portal,, again publishes antisemitic “ethnographic history”’.

16 December 2011. ‘”Double Genocide” permeates local antisemitic discourse in report on Efraim Zuroff’s Operation Last Chance II in Berlin’.

12 December 2011. ‘Old stones speak to young pupils: Jewish gravestones in a Vilnius school yard. Photos by Richard Schofield. Text by Dovid Katz.

10 December 2011. ‘Why I am translating Rozka Korczak’s Vilna Ghetto memoir’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas.

9 December 2011. ‘Suspense in Vilnius as Paleckis verdict day nears’ by Dovid Katz.

8 December 2011. ‘”Day and Night” is an epoch-making play for modern Lithuania’ by Birutė Ušinskaitė.

5 December 2011. ‘Second mass circulation daily prints antisemitic yarn, revised and with new images’.

4 December 2011. ‘Three page antisemitic mini-tract runs in Lithuania’s mainstream daily’.

1 December 2011. ‘Yad Vashem’s exhibit on the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by David Goshen.

November 2011.  Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies: ‘The OUN, the UPA and the Holocaust: a study in the manufacturing of historical myths’ by Per A. Rudling.

30 November 2011. ‘”That Awful Summer” — conference at Efrata College in Jerusalem’ by Joshua Markovitz.

27 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Experts debate Lithuania’s Shoah policies’ by Gil Shefler.

25 November 2011.  Algemeiner Journal: ‘Hannah Rosenthal does it again’ by Dovid Katz.

23 November 2011. ‘How the Zingeris-Račinskas red-brown commission “gently” pushed along the conversion of Holocaust Studies into Double Genocide Studies’ by Rachel Croucher.

23 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Israel has a friend in Lithuania’ by Harley Felstein and Adrienne Oleck.  In reply on 28 November: ‘Manipulation?’ (Letter to the Editor from Dovid Katz).

22 November 2011.  VilNews: ‘No more excuses for the policies and provocations of the Lihtuanian authorities’ by Didier Bertin.

18 November 2011. ‘The new HOLOCAUST room in the BASEMENT of the GENOCIDE museum in Vilnius’ by Dovid Katz (text) and Richard Schofield (photographs).

20 November 2011. ‘Strasti za Banderoju (“Bandera Ecstasy”)’ by Franziska Bruder.

18 November 2011. ‘The new “Holocaust room” in the BASEMENT of the GENOCIDE museum in Vilnius’ by Richard Schofield [photos] and Dovid Katz [text].

18 November 2011.  VilNews: ‘Let me try once more to convince you’ by Olga Zabludoff.

16 November 2011. ‘Algirdas Paleckis speaking at Conference on Totalitarianism’.  English translation here.

17 November 2011. ‘A conference for Tolerance Day’ by Geoff Vasil.

16 November 2011.’s translation of Algridas Paleckis’s comments from the floor at a conference on ‘Tolerance and Totalitarianism’ in Vilnius.

10 November 2011.  Croatian Times: ‘Croatian anti-fascists accuse state of supporting WWII crimes revisionism’.

9 November 2011.  Forward: ‘Is Yivo close to deal with Lithuania?’ by Paul Berger.

9 November 2011. ‘Open debate, open society, and secret societies’ by Dovid Katz [reply to a discussion on Facebook of members of ‘Lithuania without Neo-Nazism’ led by Larisa Lempertiene, Vytautas Toleikis & others].

3 November 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘UNESCO vote reveals Lithuanian duplicity’ by Dovid KatzAs PDF.  Reprint in the Algemeiner Journal.

2 November 2011.  Jerusalem Report / Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania assaults Holocaust memory’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

October 2011.  Centre News [Jewish Holocaust Centre, Melbourne, Australia]: ‘Understanding “Double Genocide”: a lethal new threat to Holocaust memory and honesty’ by Dovid Katz [date on print edition: September 2011].

30 October 2011. ‘Volhynia and the noxious weed of antisemitism’ by Jared McBride.

28 October 2011Bundestag:  Dr. Gesine Lötzsch replies to Olaf Ruhl.

27 October 2011. ‘Mr. Januta twists facts and figures to suit his arguments’ by Olga Zabludoff.

24 October 2011. ‘Hungarian National Day Celebration in Vilnius Celebrates Lithuanian “Forest Brother”; Two Local Fascists Invited’.

23 October 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania assaults Holocaust memory’  by Danny-Ben-Moshe.  Also in the Jerusalem Report (2 November 2011).

22 October 2011. ‘Lithuania cannot appease both world Jewry and far-right extremists” by Olga Zabludoff.

20 October 2011.  RT News: Interviews with Glyn Ford, Dovid Katz, Joseph Melamed, Efraim Zuroff.

18 October 2011. ‘No limits to “History shenanigans”?’ by Geoff Vasil.

17 October 2011.  Junge Welt: ‘Ehrung von ukrainischen Nazihelfern’ by Frank Brendle.

16 October 2011. ‘Glorifiers of pro-Hitler fascist groups march in Lviv’ by Frank Brendle.

15 October 2011. ‘Lithuania and the memory of the Holocaust’ by Didier Bertin.

11 October 2011.  JTA: ‘Lithuania’s wartime remembrances send mixed messages, critics say’ by Alex Weisler.

10 October 2011. ‘Nationalists’ Roundtable discussion invites Jewish community chairman to “speak about Lithuania”‘ by Geoff Vasil.

3 October 2011.  Prague Daily Monitor: ‘European Memory Platform to be founded in Prague’.

3 October 2011. Interview of Jewish Community of Lithuania chairman Dr. Shimon Alperovich by Julija Kiško.

3 October 2011. ‘Faina Kukliansky’s speech at Ponár (Paneriai) on 23 September 2011.

2 October 2011. ‘Source provides purported letter from prosecutor to Dr. Rachel Margolis’.

30 September 2011. ‘Head of History Institute, speaking at ‘Bloodlands’ event at the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, excoriates Holocaust survivors who joined the anti-Nazi partisans’.

30 September 2011.  Reconciliation of European Histories: ‘Platform of European Memory and Conscience to be established in Prague on 13-14 October, 2011 as a parallel event of the summit of the prime ministers’.

30 September 2011.  Reconciliation of European Histories: ‘October 19th there will be a hearing on the European Commission’s report: The Memory of the Crimes Committed by Totalitarian Regimes in Europe’.

28 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Lithuania tries to heal rift over Holocaust. Critics unmoved by package of measures trumpeted at Yivo gala’ by Paul Berger.

28 September 2011. ‘Lithuanian foreign minister inserts red-brown discourse into Austrian extradition case’.

28 September 2011. ‘Lithuanian foreign ministry’s two versions: for a Jewish audience (not for publication) and for “General” (proudly on website)’.

27 September 2011. ‘First full photo of July 2011 Ponár desecration’.

23 September 2011. ‘Lithuanian foreign ministry gloats, as Yivo’s position continues to confuse’.

23 September 2011. ‘Yivo: rolling coverage to 23 September 2011’.

22 September 2011.   Jewish Chronicle: ‘Wreaths laid, but doubt lingers in the air’ by Geoff Vasil.

22 September 2011. ‘Yad Vashem withdraws invitation to Lithuanian minister over campaign against Joe Melamed; British parliamentartians move an “early day motion”; Melamed speaks eloquently at Yad Vashem, blasts efforts to glorify Holocaust perpetrators as “heroes”‘.

21 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Lithuanian official’s attendance at Yivo concert is uncertain. Survivors angry over government’s ambivalence to Holocaust’ by Paul Berger.

21 September 2011.  Mishpacha: ’Lithuania rep nixed by Yad Vashem’ by Avi Friedman.

21 September 2011. ‘BNS on foreign minister’s reaction to protests by Holocaust survivors’.

19 September 2011.  JTA: ‘Yad Vashem takes back invitations to Lithuanian officials’[widely via, etc].

18 September 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Yad Vashem in spat with Lithuania over Holocaust survivor’ by Gil Shefler.

16 September 2011. ‘A tale of two Brents?’ by Lolita Židonytė.

15 September 2011.  CBS News via AP: ‘Israel shuns Lithuania over Holocaust probe’[widely via AP, e.g. ForbesFoxMSNBCWashington PostYahooNews].

15 September 2011.  Haaretz: ‘Yad Vashem shuns Lithuania over demand to probe Holocaust survivors’ by Yossi Melman.

15 September 2011. ‘Yossi Melman of Haaretz responds to Yivo director’s attack.

15 September 2011.  Society for the Promotion of the European Human Rights Model: ‘Protest letter to Yivo’s Board about Lithuania’ by Didier Bertin.

15 September 2011. ‘Ukrainian writer Iurii Andrukhovych asks the EU to approve celebration of local Holocaust perpetrators and war criminals as ‘freedom fighters’ by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.

14 September 2011.  Habitus. A Diaspora Journal: ‘Controversy at Yivo over Lithuanian minister’s visit’ by Daniel Bloch.

13 September 2011. ‘Yivo director sends new circular to staff, refining Lithuanian government talking points; claims support of Veidlinger and Zipperstein for (inaccurate) public statement’.

13 September 2011. ‘Milan Chersonski releases original Russian text of his 12 September open letter to the director of Yivo in New York City’.

12 September 2011. ‘Milan Chersonski, longtime editor of ‘Jerusalem of Lithuania’, releases a public letter to the director of Yivo in New York’ by Milan Chersonski.

12 September 2011.  Junge Welt: ‘Sie wollen Mörder als Nationalhelden. Die litauische Justiz ermittelt gegen einen früheren jüdischen Partisanen, weil er Faschisten beleidigt haben soll. Ein Gespräch mit Joseph Melamed’ by Frank Brendle.  Authorized English translation by Rachel Croucher.

11 September 2011.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Lithuania demands Survivors retract explicit Holocaust report’ by David Lev.

11 September 2011. ‘Lithuanian Gov’s “Crack Jewish-issue team” in Washington for new PR drive.

9 September 2011. ‘Director of Yivo sends circular to staff, taking on the role of Manhattan office of Lithuanian government’s PR department; calls Holocaust survivors “helpless” and “ageing”’.

8 September 2011.  UK Parliament: ‘Early day motion 2161. Lithuania and Holocaust survivors’ by John Mann (Labour, primary sponsor), Peter Bottomley (Conservative) and Bob Russell (Liberal Democrat).

8 September 2011.  JSS: ‘Et si Israël expulsait enfin l’ambassadeur de Lituanie?’ by Amos Lerah & Avi Retschild.

7 September 2011.  Haaretz: ‘Expelling the ambassador’ by Yossi Melman. Hebrew language version, ‘Khutspa Litait’ available here.

7 September 2011.  Forward: ‘Holocaust survivors angry about Yivo’s invitation to Lithuanian official. Baltic nation slow to come to grips with notorious Nazi past’ by Paul Berger.

6 September 2011. ‘Holocaust survivors from Lithuania protest Yivo’s decision to honor the foreign minister of Lithuania at Vilna Ghetto Commemoration’.

6 September 2011. ’Lithuania’s defense ministry clears soldiers who participated in neo-Nazi March’.

4 September 2011. ‘Society for the European Human Rights Model publishes its letter to CJH’s academic council’.

3 September 2011.  Neues Deutschland: ‘Litauen verfolgt jüdische Partisanen. Auslieferung von 86-jährigem Israeli verlangt’ by Frank Brendle.  Authorized English translation by Rachel Croucher.

1 September 2011. ‘Society for the European Human Rights Model in France protests Yivo’s decision to honor Lithuanian foreign minister at Vilna Ghetto commemoration’.

30 August 2011. ‘Lithuanian authorities initiate prosecution against another Holocaust survivor’.

28 August 2011. ‘Et tu, Yivo? Holocaust survivors jolted by plan for Lithuanian foreign minister to be ‘guest of honor’ at Vilna Ghetto commemoration’ by Dovid Katz.

28 August 2011. ‘A scholar’s apt warning on ultranationalist abuse of history and historians’ by Dovid Katz.

27 August 2011. ‘Mainstream Sajudis organization joins call for increased commemoration of local 1941 Holocaust perpetrators’.

24 August 2011.  Junge Welt: ‘Litauen ehrt seine Nazis. Staatsziel Holocaust-Relativierung: Faschistische Kollaborateure werden zum 70. Jahrestag des deutschen Überfalls als »Freiheitskämpfer« gefeiert’ by Frank Brendle.  Authorized English translation by Rachel Croucher.

23 August 2011. ‘On academic integrity: In reply to Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe on the presence of Jews in the UPA’ by Alexander Gogun.

20 August 2011.  Lettera 43: ‘Revisionismo. Economia dello sterminio. Lo storico Snyder riscrive l’Olocausto’ by Maria Rosaria Iovinella.

15 August 2011. ‘“Academic” article co-authored by Alexander Gogun (University of Potsdam), posted on the nationalist website “OUN-UPA”, obfuscates the Ukrainian Holocaust, denying OUN and UPA anti-Jewish violence’ by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.  Alexander Gogun’s reply here.

15 August 2011. ‘People and vandals’ by Milan Chersonski [in Russian].

10 August 2011.  Lieutvos rytas: ‘Lithuania and Austria: Birds of a feather’ by Efraim Zuroff.  Authorized English version here.

9 August 2011. ‘Leading Lithuanian daily finally exposes Genocide Center “chief specialist” who is a neo-Nazi leader; He tells the paper: “There was no Holocaust!”‘.

9 August 2011. Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe reviews Timothy Snyder’s BloodlandsAuthorized translation of the original German that appeared inHSK (online version here; PDF here).

4 August 2011Jerusalem Post: ‘Anti-Jewish tirades at Hungarian newspaper provoke outrage’ by Benjamin Weinthal.

4 August 2011. ‘New Hungarian press norms are license for antisemitism and racism’.

3 August 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Sandor Kepiro and the question of Hungarian justice’ by Efraim Zuroff.

1 August 2011.  The New York Times: ‘The racist scourge’ by Roger Cohen.

30 July 2011.  Television commentary on ‘SS veterans and supporters gather to remember Nazis Killed in World War II’ by Dovid Katz.

30 July 2011. ‘Wyman Brent, founder of Vilnius Jewish Library, assures supporters of library’s integrity’ by Wyman Brent.

29 July 2011. ‘Far right organization, led by Genocide Center’s “specialist”, publishes a list of enemies including advisor to the Lithuanian Jewish community’.

28 July 2011.  The Jewish Chronicle: ‘Lithuania is playing a worrying Holocaust game’ by Geoff Vasil.

28 July 2011. ‘Lithuanian government agencies provide financial support to fascist youth organizations’.

25 July 2011.  The New York Review of Books / NYR Blog: ‘Neglecting the Lithuanian Holocaust’ by Timothy Snyder.

24 July 2011. ‘A “documentary film” tries to establish the legend of the “Uprising of the Enslaved”‘ by Milan Chersonski.

24 July 2011.  ‘Genocide Center official defends suspects in April hoisting of Hitler’s flag over Vilnius’.

23 July 2011.  The Budapest Times: ‘Comment: Justice on trial as Kepiro goes free’ by Anat Kalman.

20 July 2011. ‘A speech never spoken at Plungyán (Plungė)’ by Dovid Katz.

19 July 2011.  Didier Bertin responds to the Lithuanian parliament’s conference of 29-30 June 2011.

18 July 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuanian Holocaust shrine dedicated despite vandalism’ by Jeremy Sharon.

17 July 2011. ‘Račinskas’s version of ‘Holocaust education’: Red-brown commission director general speaks in the Lithuanian parliament’.

15 July 2011. ‘Pastor Michael Maass, director of the Lithuanian Section of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), speaks in Plungė’ by Michael Maass.

13 July 2011. ‘Professor Konrad Kwiet Quits the Lithuanian government’s ‘red-brown commission’.

12 July 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center press release: ‘Wiesenthal Center to Lithuanian authorities: Desecration of Ponár memorial to Shoa victims is directly related to government efforts to minimize local complicity in Holocaust crimes’.

12 July 2011. ‘Authorities cover up desecration of Lithuania’s largest Holocaust mass-murder site’.

8 July 2011.  Budapester Zeitung: Interview of Efraim Zuroff by Anat Kalman.

8 July 2011. ‘A Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Hitler’s Invasion of Estonia’.

4 July 2011.  The Jerusalem Report: ‘Lithuania obfuscates the Holocaust’ by Danny Ben-Moshe.

2 July 2011. ‘Declaration’ by Didier Bertin.

1 July 2011. ‘Leading news portal publishes article by Genocide Center ‘specialist’who was one of the leaders of the recent neo-Nazi march’.

30 June 2011.  Transitions Online: ‘In Vilnius, shared pain, divided memories’ by Violeta Davoliūtė.

30 June 2011.  The Jewish Chronicle: ‘Global petition castigates Lithuania’ by Dan Goldberg.

30 June 2011. ‘The Denial that is part of Holocaust Obfuscation: Second day of the Lithuanian parliament’s conference by Dovid Katz.

29 June 2011. ‘In delirium of obfuscation: First day of the Lithuanian parliament’s conference on ths 70th anniversary of Hitler’s attack on the USSR’ by Dovid Katz.

29 June 2011. ‘Where does Yad Vashem stand on East European Double-Game Double-Genocide Holocaust Politics?’.

27 June 2011. ‘On blackwashing history’ by Gert Weisskirchen.

27 June 2011. ‘Cartoon of The Jew and The Gay holding up (controlling) the world is back in town’.

27 June 2011.  AIJAC: ‘The continuing quest for justice’ by Efraim Zuroff.

26 June 2011. ‘Part of the funding of the Palace will go to the Jewish library’English translation here.

26 June 2011.  Deutsche Welle: ‘Biography of Nazi criminal [Karl Jäger] meets resistance from small German town’ by Cornelia Rabitz.

25 June 2011. ‘The Act of 30 June 1941, and its 2011 commemoration in Ukraine’ by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.

25 June 2011.  BNS: ‘Lithuanian MPs ask Constitutional Court on Definition of Genocide’.

25 June 2011.  ‘Eyewitness account of the screeing of “Uprising of the Enslaved”‘.

23 June 2011. ‘Litvaks and their descendants issue public letter calling for change in Lithuanian government’s Holocaust policies’.

23 June 2011.  Twitter: ‘Lithuanian ex-prez hosts film portraying [t]hugs who participated in hunting, killing Jews in 1940s as patriots. tickets had swastika on them’ by UK MP Denis MacShane.

22 June 2011.  Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA): ‘Petition rips Lithuania for feting ’41 government’.

22 June 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘On seventieth anniversary of Nazi invasion, “Lithuanian Activist Front” should be denounced, not glorified.

21 June 2011.  Forward: ‘Top 10 overlooked Jewish heritage sites from around the globe’ by Michael Luongo [note that site no. 2 is the rapidly sinking Jewish partisan fort in Lithuania].

21 June 2011.  Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania (SLF): ‘The commemoration of the diversion of the 23rd of June must be cancelled’.

17 June 2011.  Statement by the Society for the Promotion of the European Human Right’s Model on the neo-Nazi march in Vilnius and the Waffen-SS march in Riga.

7 June 2011. ‘Yad Vashem, in jolt to Holocaust survivors, joining revisionist Holocaust conference in the Lithuanian parliament’.

6 June 2011. ‘Monash University’s “Aftermath” conference concluded in Melbourne.

5 June 2011. ‘ announces Media Chronicle of Opposition to the 2008 “Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism”‘.

1 June 2011. ‘Myth, Violence, Genocide’ by Christopher Hale.

1 June 2011. ‘East European Far Right successfully manipulates Borns Jewish Studies Program (Indiana U, Bloomington) and NEH-funded AHEYM project; Vilnius Yiddish Institute is purged with ‘a little help from Bloomington’.  [update of 9 Sept 2010 report]

May 2011. Haaretz book supplement for May: ‘The equivalency canard’ [= review of Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands] by Efraim Zuroff.

2011.  Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs (5.2): ‘Bloodlands—Europe between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder. Reviewed by Alexander J. Groth’.

24 May 2011. ‘Can Timothy Snyder’s “Bloodlands” be appropriated by East European nationalists?’ by Per Rudling.

22 May 2011. ‘”Prague Process” Crowd, with Lithuanian Jewish politician for cover (as usual), now proceeding with plans to “overhaul European history textbooks” for Double Genocide and Holocaust Obfuscation’.

22 May 2011. ‘List of government’s “Fake Litvaks” is leaked to the media’.

21 May 2011.  The Lithuania Tribune: ‘The European Commission is deceiving itself’ by Vytautas Landsbergis.

19 May 2011. ‘Kepiro trial continues in Budapest’.

8-12 May 2011.  Facebook: Debate on Efraim Zuroff’s review of Timothy Snyder’s ‘Bloodlands’.

10 May 2011. ‘Was the OSCE’s (ODIHR) “high level meeting on confronting antisemitism” another East European whitewash?”

9 May 2o11. ‘Estonian nationalists say Holocaust ‘pales’ by comparison with Soviet crimes; produces its “scorecard” again.

9 May 2011. ‘Milan Chersonski on the “March of the Living” at Ponar’.

5 May 2011. ‘Democratic Hungary’s First Nazi War Crimes Trial Opens in Budapest’.

5 May 2011.   Milan Chersonski on neo-Nazism in Lithuania.

5 May 2011. ‘Three years later: neither charged nor cleared’.

5 May 2011. ‘Lithuanian “government historians” blame Efraim Zuroff and Dovid Katz for the country’s Holocaust problems’.

4 May 2011.  Defending  Video of Efraim Zuroff in the Budapest courtroom.  Facebook URL for video.  Supplementary video here.

4 May 2011. ‘Masked men throw smoke bombs in small Vilnius theater, disrupt film on anti-fascists’.

3 May 2011.  Winnipeg Jewish Review: ‘This year’s Yom Hashoah is different’ by Dovid Katz.

3 May 2011. ‘Budapest judge throws out war crimina’s “libel” case against Dr. Efraim Zuroff, praises the Holocaust historian for pursuing justice’.

2 May 2011. ‘March of the Living at Vilnius mass-murder site: Sergey Kanovich speaks out’.

1 May 2011Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Wiesenthal Center Annual Report points to lack of political will and Holocaust Distortion as major obstacles to prosecution of Nazi war criminals; Praises Hungary for indictment of Dr Sandor Kepiro’.

27 April 2011. ‘Genocide Researh Center’s ‘chief public relations specialist’ steps up antisemitic campaign’.

25 April 2011. ‘When the Lithuanian state commemorates murderers’ by Evaldas Balčiūnas [authorized translation ofthe original Lithuanian text].

25 April 2011.  Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: ‘Holocaust revisionism, ultranationalism, and the Nazi/Soviet “Double Genocide” debate in Eastern Europe’  by Dovid Katz.  Event summary by Amy Shannon Liedy. Coverage in the Lithuanian dailyLietuvos rytas; Dovid Katz’s reply.

17 April 2011. ‘Obfuscationists planning Vilnius Holocaust museum miles away from the city center’.

15 April 2011. ‘Education Ministry and Association of Museums Encourage Activities to Commemorate the Activities of “Partisans” including the murderers who unleashed the Lithuanian Holocaust; No mention of anti-Nazi partisans’.

13 April 2011World Without Nazism: ‘Wiesenthal Center strongly condemns proposal to bury remains of Latvian mass murderer Herberts Cukurs in Riga pantheon of Latvian heroes’.

12 April 2011.  Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism: ‘Open Letter.  International scholars issue open letter on the UCCLA, UCC, and the CMHR’.

12 April 2011.  International commando unit arrives to support A. Paleckis [in Lithuanian].  English translation here.

12 April 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Wiesenthal Center calls for prompt action to apprehend and prosecute perpetrators of yesterday’s attack on Kaunas, Lithuania site of Holocaust mass murder.

11 April 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / ‘Ninth Fort memorial to Nazi victims in Kaunas vandalized last night’ by Nerijus Povilaitis [in Lithuanian].  English translation here.

8 April 2011.  Engage:  No place for a gallery on the Holocaust in the new Canadian Museum of Human Rights?’ by David Hirsh.

7 April 2011. ‘Catherine Chatterley leads opposition to Holocaust Obfuscation campaign in Canada’.

6 April 2011. ‘Has LRG Media (UK) been compromised?’.

4 April 2011. ‘Lithuanian government’s “Jewish Affairs Advisor” calls TV interview of editor “Goebbels-worthy”‘.

3 April 2011.  Has the Forward Association abandoned elementary ethics?’ by Dovid Katz.

1 April 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘The human spirit: Continental justice’ by Barbara Sofer.

1 April 2011.  Respublika: ‘The exploitation of children is a very serious crime’ by Kevin Hamilton [letter to the editor].  English translation and report here.

March 2011.  Europe-Asia Studies: ‘The creeping resurgence of the Ukrainian radical right? The case of the Freedom Party’ by Anton Shekhovtsov.

24 March 2011.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Where Hitler’s thugs are treated as heroes.  We go to Riga to find out why Latvians celebrate the men who murdered the country’s Jews’ by John Nathan.

23 March 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘Harrowing sights in the Baltics’ by Efraim Zuroff.

22 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas /  ’I am surprised by your article about my lecture at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington’ [letter to the editor]  by Dovid Katz.

21 March 2011.  Kauno diena: ‘E. Zuroff: Skinhead march threatens Lithuanian democracy (interview) by Šarūnas Černiauskas.  English translation here.

19 March 2011. ‘Baltic media: covering the fascist marches, or coverin them up?’ by Geoff Vasil.

16 March 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Wiesenthal Center blasts march of Latvian Waffen-SS veterans in Riga’.

16 March 2011. ‘Report on Nazi infiltration in the Lithuanian state bodies today’  by Didier Bertin.  In French.

16 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / ‘Lithuania for one thousand Lithuanians?’ by Arkadijus Vinokuras [in Lithuanian].  English translation here.

15 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / ‘Organizer of Nazi march with slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians” works at the Lithuanian Center for the Study of Genocide and Resistance” [in Lithuanian].  English translation here.

14 March 2011. ‘Condemnation of the march of the extreme right and the spread of hatred in public [signed by 595 Lithuanian citizens].

14 March 2011.  Jewish Community of Lithuania: ‘Statement by the Jewish Community of Lithuania on the march by radical youth on March 11.  On incitement to ethnic discord and the use of Nazi German aymbols’ [in Lithuanian].  English translation here.

13 March 2011.  Motley Moose: ‘Holocaust Obfuscation: worrying news from Lithuania’ by Peter Jukes.

13 March 2011.  Boston Globe: Exploring the “Bloodlands”. A controversial new history traces the rise of a horrible idea: the mass killing of civilians’ by Gal Beckerman.

13 March 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center:  Wiesenthal Center blasts Friday’s neo-Nazi march in center of Vilnius’.

10 March 2011.  Neues Deutschland: ‘The Holocaust and Lithuania’s “whitewash”. Professor Dovid Katz accuses the government of a falsification of history’ by Frank Brendle  [in German].

10 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / ‘Litvak bashes Lithuania in Washington including even Shrovetide carnival traditions’  by Rita Stankeviciute [in Lithuanian].

9 March 2011.  The Independent: ‘Women of courage: Rachel Margolis’ by Gordon Brown.

8 March 2011.  Lietuvos rytas / ‘The bureaucrat who thought he was a victim, and his neo-Nazi ears sticking up’ by Monika Bonckute [in Lithuanian].  English translation here.

7 March 2011.  Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review: ‘Condemnation of communism does not require submission to Double Genocide, Holocaust Obfuscation, or the recent deterioration in civil society and free speech in Lithuania’ by Dovid Katz [reply to Rokas Grajauskas].  Also on here.

6 March 2011.  Simon Wiesenthal Center:  ’Wiesenthal Center blasts acquittal of Holocaust Denier Petras Stankeras’.

3 March 2011.  BNS: ‘Lithuanian prosecutors drop probe into Holocaust article due to lack of crime features’.

25 February 2011.  Forverts: ‘A tragi-comedy in Vilnius’ by Gennady Estraikh (New York)[in Yiddish] [published pseudonym: Jacob London (Oxford)].

23 February 2011.  PinkNews: ‘Stephen Twigg on the parallels of homophobia and antisemitism’ by Stephen Twigg MP.

21 February 2011. European Commission’s letter to Didier Bertin.  French text.

18 February 2011 [date of the appearance in English translation of:] Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘Jewish Museum renewed Holocaust exhibition’ by Milan Chersonski.

18 February 2011 [date of the appearance in English translation of:] Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘Love and sorrow, reinforced by tears’ by Milan Chersonski.

18 February 2011.  [date of the appearance in English translation of:] Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘The murder of Jews in Lithuania. A pigsty and the Holocaust’ by Valentinas Mitė.

17 February 2011.  SWC media release: ‘Wiesenthal Center criticizes decision of Vilnius municipality to approve neo-Nazi march in center of Lithuanian capital’.

16 February 2011. ‘Fascism in national cellophane’ by Nida Vasiliauskaitė.

15 February 2011.  Daily Kos: ‘Holocaust Obfuscation: Worrying news from Lithuania’ by Brit [=Peter Jukes].

14 February 2011.  Huffington Post / Huffpost World:  ’Sandor Kepiro, former Hungarian military office, charged with war crimes related to 1942 slaughter’ by Pablo Gorondi.

11 February 2011.  Litvak Studies Institute: ‘From the founding director’ by Mikhail Iossel.

11 February 2011. ‘London Fog: Lithuanian Foreign Ministry invests in a London “Graywash”. Letter of protest signed by Lord Janner, MP MacShane, Professor Dov Levin, Rabbi Barry Marcus and 17 others’.

10 February 2011.  Economist: ‘Old wounds. Clashing versions of Lithuania’s history and how to treat it’ [by Edward Lucas].

10 February 2011.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘Lithuania attacked over Holocaust’ by Simon Rocker.

10 February 2011.  David’s Blog:  Whose side are you on?: Is Lithuania antisemitic or not?’ by Evan Zimroth.

8 February 2011.  Jerusalem Post: ‘UK MPs call on Lithuania to tackle antisemitism’ by Jonny Paul.

7 February 2011. ‘Who got stupid, the European Parliament or us?’ by Leonidas Donskis.

5 February 2011. ‘Andrius Navickas wins “Person of Tolerance” award in Lithuania’.

4 February 2011.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘A shameful Shoah whitewash’ in the Jewish Chronicle by Efraim Zuroff.

4 February 2011.  Jewish Chronicle: Lithuania accused over Holocaust event’ in the Jewish Chronicle by Simon Rocker.

4 Feb 2011.  Die Tageszeitung: ‘”Diese Kampagne macht mich sehr wütend!”‘ [Interview of Dr Shimon Alperovich, chairman of the Jewish Community of Lithuania] by Frank Brendle.  Authorized English translation by Rachel Croucher.

3 February 2011.  Canadian Jewish News: ‘West must address Lithuanian revisionism: prof’ by David Lazarus.

1 Feb 2011.  Lithuanian Jews, Holocaust Survivors, specialists who disagree with the Lithuanian government  shut out of London conference’ by Dovid Katz.

30 January 2011.  VilNews: ‘Jewish culture returns to Vilnius’ by Aage Myhre.

28 January 2011.  ProgressOnline: ‘Can-Kam pact is over’ by Denis MacShane.

27 January 2011.  The Guardian: ‘Europe exploits the Holocaust to spread its message of tolerance’ by Thomas Kühne.

26 January 2011. ‘A rather simple story: Lithuania, the Jews, and the Shoah’ by Clemens Heni.

25 January 2011.  Society for the Promotion of the European Human Rights Model Abroad: ‘The Eastern Members of the European Union: A long way from the European Union’s Criteria in the field of Democracy – Freedom – Education. The fight against Revisionism. Memory work regarding Anti Semitism and life under Communism’ by Didier Bertin.

24 January 2011.  Der Spiegel: ‘Die letzte Instanz. Efraim Zuroff ist von Beruf Nazi-Jäger. In einem Wettlauf gegen die Zeit versucht er, Kriegsverbrecher zu überführen. Ganz oben auf seiner Liste: Sándor Képíró, beim Massaker von Novi Sad 1942 vor Ort. Der Mann ist enttarnt – und wird nun selbst zum Ankläger’ by Erich Follath.

21 January 2011Harry’s Place: ‘Hungary: reward for antisemitic incitement’ by Karl Pfeifer.

20 January 2011.  House of Commons, UK Parliament: ‘Antisemitism in its new form in Europe remains a major evil to be confrtoned’ by Denis MacShane MP.  Report here.

20 January 2011.  De Groene Amsterdammer: ‘Antisemitisme.  Jodenhaat wint terrein in Oost-Europa. “Het gaat goed met het antisemitism”‘ by Annemieke Hendriks.

17 January 2011.  The Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism Foundation: ‘Never Again’ by Lord Janner of Braunstgone, QC (Greville Janner).  Report here.

12 January 2011.  Maclean’s: ‘The trouble with “double genocide” by Erica Alini.

4 January 2011YNET: ‘Lithuanian lie, Israeli silence. Op-ed: Lithuania claiming that Communist crimes equivalent to those of the Nazis’ by Efraim Zuroff.

3 January 2011.  The Weekly Standard: ‘Holocaust Hegemony… and its moral pitfalls’ by Sam Schulman.

3 January 2011. ‘When a “Human Rights Association” ignores antisemitism and — goes on to repeat the antisemitic canards in town’ by Dovid Katz.

2 January 2011. ‘Six countries try to “slip in” Double Genocide in the “Stockholm Programme”; European Commission says: No’.

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2010. Multicultural Canada,’ Kakanien Revisited, 12: 1–16: ‘Celebrating fascism and war criminality in Edmonton. The political myth and cult of Stepan Bandera’  by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe.

31 December 2010.  YNET: ‘Lithuania’s lie and Israel’s silence’ by Efraim Zuroff [in Hebrew].

30 December 2010.  Arutz Sheva: ’Debate Goes On: Nazi Hunter Zuroff vs Researcher Rabbi Rosenson’ by Efraim Zuroff.

29 December 2010.  Jewish Chronicle: ‘EU halts move to downgrade Shoah’ by Michel Zlotowski.

28 December 2010.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Part III: Rosenson denies Zuroff’s accusations on Lithuania’ by David Lev.

26 December 2010.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Dr Efraim Zuroff, Nazi hunter: Lithuania has not changed’ by Efraim Zuroff.

24 December 2010.  Arutz Sheva: ‘Is Lithuania sincere about owning up to its Holocaust role?’ by David Lev.

21 December 2010.   The Guardian: ‘Why is the US silent on “double genocide”? While European countries have condemned the new Holocaust revisionism in the Baltics, America shows no moral leadership’ by Dovid KatzIn Russian.

21 December 2010.  The Guardian: ‘EU rejects eastern states’ call to outlaw denial of crimes by communist regimes. Eastern European states wanted Soviet crimes “treated according to the same standards” as those of Nazi regimes’ by Leigh Philips.

20 December ‘A. Vinokuras’s aticles slander the Lithuanian Jewish community’ by Simonas Alperavčius.  English translation.

19 December 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘Take Lithuania to task’ by Efraim Zuroff.

16 December 2010Junge Welt: ‘Geschichte auf Litauisch’ by Frank Brendle.

15 December ‘Open letter to PM on the eve of his visit to Israel’ by Dovid Katz.

8 December 2010.  BBC World Service: ‘Heart and Soul’ [episode 2] by Wendy Robbins.

5 December 2010BSR Russia: ‘Russia supports European Union’s condemnation of Holocaust’ by Sayan Guha.

3 December 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Conference call. The Lithuanian sponsors of a Holocaust education program have a dark history of their own’ by Dovid KatzExtract on History News Network.

2 December 2010RT television: interviews with Efraim Zuroff and Dovid Katz.

November 2010.  Vilnius in Your Pocket: Richard Schofield’s editorial.

29 November 2010The Guardian: ‘US must take a tougher line on Baltic revisionism’ by Efraim Zuroff.

21 November 2010RT television: interview with Dovid Katz.

17 November ‘The Real Friend is the one who tells you when something is wrong’ by Dovid Katz.

16 November 2010Jerusalem of Lithuania [English edition]: ‘History: education or modern politics?’ by Milan Chersonski.

11 November 2010Daiva Repečkaitė interviews Efraim Zuroff on Bernardinai.  English translation.

10 November 2010.  Le Monde: ‘“The House of European Histories” is supported by a controversial museum’ by Roland Binet [translation into English].

9 November ‘Convicted Hungarian Nazi war crminal sues SWC Nazi hunter’ (with text by Efraim Zuroff).

2010Journal of Baltic Studies: Review of L. Donskis (ed), A Litmus Test of Modernity: Examining Modern Sensibilities and the Public Domain in the Baltic States at the Turn of the Century by Timofey Agarin.

November 2010Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: [Discussion in response to Barry Rubin’s article] by: Jan Grabowski, Juliana Geran Pilon, Dovid Katz, John S. Micgiel.

15 October 2010HITB: Open letter to the President of Lithuania from the Jewish Community of Lithuania, signed by Dr Shimon Alperovich.

14 October 2010The Economist: ‘Count, explain, remember’ by Edward Lucas.

12 October 2010Haaretz: ‘Lithuania woos Israel, in the shadow of the Holocaust’ by Sara Miller.

7 October 2010Canadian Jewish News: ‘Nazi crimes have been downgraded in Lithuania’ by Esther Goldberg.

5 October 2010The Guardian: ‘The fatal fact of the Nazi-Soviet pact. I coincide with Zuroff and Katz on the centrality of the Holocaust, but we must not overlook how Stalin enabled Hitler’s crimes’ by Timothy Snyder.

1 October 2010VersPers: ‘De Litouwse Strijd om Genocide’ by Andrea Bartman.

October 2010Journal for the Study of Antisemitism: ‘Riga and Remembering’ by Clemens Heni, vol. 2.1: 157-162.

30 September 2010The Guardian: ‘Why Red is not Brown in the Baltics. Unhappily,  Timothy Snyder’s historical reassessment of the Nazi-Soviet pact coincides with Baltic ultra-nationalist agendas’ by Dovid Katz.

29 September 2010The Guardian: ‘A dangerous Nazi-Soviet equivalence. Timothy Snyder’s emphasis on the Hitler-Stalin pact as the genesis of war blurs the moral responsibility that was Germany’s’ by Efraim Zuroff.

29 September 2010The Baltic Times: ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Dovid KatzPDF of 30 Sept print version.

28 September 2010The Guardian: ‘Echoes from the killing fields of the East. The Second World War is often seen through Western allies’eyes. But the real geopolitics  and worst atrocities  scarred the East’ by Timothy Snyder.

20 September 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Anti-Anti-Semitism. World Without Nazism is a Kremlin-flavored Anti-Defamation League for the post-Soviet realm—but is it good for Jews?’ by Alexander Zaitchik.

17 September 2010Guardian: ‘Lithuania’s Double Genocide policy’ by Tessa Rajak.

16 September 2010The Baltic Times: ‘Objectivity needed’ by Efraim Zuroff [reply to an anonymous Baltic Times editorial]. Online version 15 Sept 2010.

14 September 2010Guardian: ‘I see why “double genocide” is a term Lithuanians want. But it appals me. To equate Soviet and Nazi crimes is dishonest and historically false. Why has this poisonous idea taken such deep root?’ by Jonathan Freedland.

8 September 2010The Canadian Jewish News: ‘Historian whose task is remembrance of the Holocaust: Rachel Kostanian’ by Esther Goldberg.

7 September 2010Statement issued by the Jewish Community of Lithuania [authorized English translation].

1 September 2010Parliamentary Committee against Antisemitism: ‘Time to free Europe of this poison’ by Dovid Katz.

1 September 2010Leonidas Donskis’s blog: ‘When will the truth finally set us free?’ by Leonidas Donskis.

August-September 2010Illustrierte Neue Welt: ‘Relativierung des Holocaust. Prof. Dovid Katz im Gespräch mit Karl Pfeifer’ by Karl Pfeifer.

27 August 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘Right of reply: A threat to Holocaust memory’ by Efraim Zuroff.

16 August 2010HITB: ‘Human Rights — and Holocaust Obfuscation — in the Baltic States. Letter to the Editor (Response to Clifford J. Levy’s report) by Dovid Katz.

15 August 2010Palm Beach Post: ‘West Palm woman battles Lithuania to give public access to Holocaust statue’ by John Lantigua.

13 August 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘Those who neglect their past have no future’ by Barry Rubin.

5 August 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘Digging up the future’ by Ricky Ben-DavidAs PDFRussian version.

20 July 2010.  LSI: ‘Litvak Studies Institute protests Lithuanian government’s ‘Fake Litvak’ forum. Calls on state to halt PR-gimmickry and reverse its anti-Jewish policies’ by Litvak Studies Institute [Mikhail Iossel, director].

14 July „Aš dūstu“ [I am suffocating] by Tomas VenclovaEnglish translationBrief excerpt in English.

11 July 2010UCLA student’s comment: ‘Distortions of Holocaust history in Lithuania today’ by Michael Cohen.

9 July 2010Hetek: ‘Voros-barna mereg [Red-Brown Poison]‘ by Peter Morvay [interview of Dovid Katz, pp 14-15]Web versionAs PDF.

7 July 2010Mishpacha: ‘Holocaust distortion in Jerusalem’ by Andrew Friedman.

2 July 2010Haaretz: ‘The Holocaust distorter from Estonia’ by Yossi Melman.

27 June ‘The Holocaust in Lithuania: Too Early to forget’ by Algimantas KasparavičiusEnglish translation.

24 June 2010ATV [Budapest]: ‘SS-veteránok, Jobbik, náci karikatúrák: világtalálkozó Kijevben’ by Péter Morvay.

21 June 2010NPD-Blog.Info: ‘Zuroff: Gaucks Kandidatur “extrem beunruhigend”’.

14 June 2010. Tablet Magazine: ‘Hungary passes controversial bill. It would equate Nazism and Communism’ by Marc Tracy.

3 June 2010CNN: ‘The Holocaust in Lithuania: One man’s crusade to bring justice’ by Paul Frysh.

3 June 2010WPK: ‘Joachim Gauck, die Prager Deklaration und europäischer Antisemitsmus heute’ by Clemens Heni.

1 June ‘A new Litvak institution is born’ by Mikhail Iossel.

28 May 2010Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘A devil’s dance of swastikas in Lithuania: A court decides that swastikas are “Lithuania’s historical heritage rather than symbols of Nazi Germany”’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid Katz.

27 May 2010Jewish Chronicle: ‘It is time for Cameron to reject the EU nutters’ by Dovid Katz.

21 May 2010JTA: ‘Lithuanian court: “Swastikas a historic legacy”’.

21 May 2010Canadian Jewish News: ‘Montreal professor launches Litvak Studies Institute in Vilnius’ by David Lazarus.

7 May 2010CNN: ‘The Last Nazi Hunter in Lithuania’ [interview clips with Efraim Zuroff, Rachel Kostanian and Yitzhak Arad]. Produced by CNN’s Gena Somra and Farhad Shadravan.

3 May 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘The crime of surviving’ by Dovid Katz.

3 May 2010Tablet Magazine: ‘Rosenthal lays off Lithuania. Antisemitism envoy accused of obfuscating Holocaust obfuscation’ by Marc Tracy.

2 May 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘No tolerance for false history’ by Efraim Zuroff.

27 April 2010Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas): ‘Learning from the past, looking toward the future’ by United States Special Envoy Hannah Rosenthal.

26 April 2010BNS report: ‘US antisemitism envoy welcomes Lithuania’s antisemitism efforts’.

15 April 2010Baltic Times: ‘What happened to us?’ by Leonidas Donskis.

15 April 2010Delfi: ‘Lithuania in the international media: from CIA prisons to the extermination of Jews’ by Mindaugas JackeviciusEnglish translation.

9 April 2010Lietuvos rytas: ‘Rejecting tolerance, Lithuanians enjoy the role of victim’ by Monika BonckuteEnglish translation.

3 April 2010The Guardian: ‘The threat of Baltic ultranationalism. The EU is wrong to ignore the resurgence of neofascism in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — It threatens European democracy’ by Efraim ZuroffIn EstonianIn Lithuanian.

2 April 2010Lietuvos rytas: ‘Europe still fighting over history’ by Violeta DavoliuteEnglish translation. Author’s 6 April English version onEurozine.

March 2010Government Gazette: ‘65 years on the ghost of Nazism resurfaces across Europe’ by Marcus Papadopoulos.

26 March 2010Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Two marches in a Nazi spirit: in the city centers of Vilnius and Riga; Both legally sanctioned, both ignored by the West’ [in Yiddish]by Dovid Katz.

21 March 2010WPK: ‘Against the equation of National Socialism and Communism. Fight the Prague Declaration’ by Clemens Heni.

20 March ‘Neo-Nazism becoming primary ideology in Lithuania’ [with claim of its dissemination by foreign secret services!] by Vilis Normanas.

19 March 2010The Jerusalem Post: ‘Facing the music? A tour of the Museum of the Occupation in Latvia is coming under fire for not fully acknowledging local complicity in the massacres’ by Haviv Rettig Gur.

18 March 2010The Guardian: ‘Dangerous history-rewriting in Latvia’ by Efraim Zuroff.

17 March 2010Europe’s World: ‘Memory at War’ by Leonidas Donskis.

17 March 2010[London] Times / Times Online: ‘Latvian Waffen-SS veterans defy calls for ban with rally to commemorate comrades’ by David Charter.

16 March 2010Associated Press: ‘Hundreds in Latvia commemorate Waffen SS units’ by Gary Peach.

11 March 2010Anti-Defamation League: ‘ADL calls on new Ukrainian president to withdraw “Hero” title bestowed by predecessor on Nazi collaborators’.

February 2010Gedenkdienst: ‘And now we are called criminals?’ by Adalbert Wagner.Alternate linkPDF.

24 February 2010Jewish Ledger: ‘Q & A with Dovid Katz’ by Cindy MindellPDF.

16 February 2010New York Jewish Week: ‘Islamophobia and Antisemitism: Holocaust Revisionism in Germany’ by Benjamin Weinthal.

15 February 2010.  BBC Radio Manchester: Ed Horwich interviews Dovid Katz on the ‘Jewish Citizen’ program. Tape available from BBC Radio Manchester.

12 February 2010The Nation: ‘The hero of the Orange Revolution poisons Ukraine’ by Mark Ames.

12 February 2010Jeff Weintraub Commentaries and Controversies [blog]: ‘Eastern European ghosts of Nazism and Stalinism and the contemporary politics of historical amnesia and obfuscation’ by Jeff Weintraub.

11 February 2o10Report on Vilnius prosecutors’ ‘interest’ in Joseph Melamed on Izrus(based on the Holocaust in the Baltics report).

10 February 2010Report on Vilnius prosecutors’ ‘interest’ in Joseph Melamed on Interfax(based on the Holocaust in the Baltics report).

4 February 2010Jewish Chronicle (London): Simon Round’s interview of Efraim Zuroff.

1 February 2010WPK: ‘Antisemitismus und die Prager Deklaration von Juni 2008’ by Clemens Heni.

31 January 2010Naye Khvalyes (Warsaw Yiddish Radio): radio interview in Yiddish of Dovid Katz by Katka MazurczakAlternate link.

26 January 2010Haaretz: ‘Shoah scholars slam European Union Parliament for Obfuscation campaign’ by Cnaan Liphshiz.

26 January 2010Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Dropping International Holocaust Memorial Day would be world’s final insult to survivors; would spur new wave of antisemitism’ by Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

25 January 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘Remembering accurately on International Holocaust Remembrance Day’ by Yehuda Bauer.

21 January 2010.  Lietuvos rytas: ‘Pure-blooded Lithuanians need Jewish Litvaks’ by Monika Bončkutė.  English translation.

20 January 2010Reuters: ‘EU students get glimpse of the gulag in Lithuania’ by Nerijus Adomaitis.

19 January 2010Peter Ryley’s Blog: ‘Defending history’.

11 January 2010C-Span2: New York book launch of Operation Last Chance: One Man’s Quest to bring Nazi Criminals to Justice by Efraim Zuroff [see Recent Books→ 2009 → Zuroff].

10 January 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘When cooperation fails’ by Efraim Zuroff.

9 January 2010SLS Writes: [comment on 8 January Guardian op-ed] by Mikhail Iossel.

8 January 2010Lithchat: ‘Brown is never equal to Red; Brown is always worse’ by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira.

8 January 2010Guardian: ‘Halting Holocaust Obfuscation. The Baltic ultranationalists rewriting east European history as an equal Nazi-Soviet “double genocide” must be stopped’ by Dovid KatzAlternate link [reprint in the Algemeiner Journal]Republication in Russian.

7 January 2010Vilnius International Club’s VilNews: ‘The Wounds of the Holocaust in Lithuania still not healed’ by Aage Myhre.

7 January 2010Jewish Chronicle: ‘A sinister scheme to devalue the Shoah is gathering steam’ by Efraim Zuroff.

4 January 2010Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME): ‘The Prague Declaration: Antisemitism with a democratic face’  by Clemens Heni.  Also on WPK.

3 January 2010Jerusalem Post: ‘On human suffering’ by Shimon SamuelsAlternate link.

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2009Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 3.3: 59-72: ‘Conflicting cultures of memory in Europe: New Borders between East and West?’ by Heidemarie Uhl.

October-December 2009.  Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘To write, it is forbidden to forget’  by Misha Jakobas (p. 6).

December 2009.  Jerusalem of Lithuania (Vilnius): ‘The revolt of June 1941 and the tragedy of the Jews of Lithuania’ by Mindaugas Tamošaitis.

December 2009Jerusalem of Lithuania (Vilnius): ‘The other side of the “hero’s” legend’ by Milan Chersonski.

30 December 2009Jewish Week (Washington): ‘Don’t let the Holocaust be rewritten out of history’ by Dovid Katz.

29 December 2009Jerusalem Post: ‘Right of reply: Our suffering should be the basis for cooperation, not competition’ by Barry Rubin.

25 December 2009Haaretz: ‘Jews as canaries and hawks’ by David Hirsh. Also at: Engage.

23 December 2009Jerusalem Post: ‘Of insult and mockery’ by Efraim Zuroff.

20 December 2009JTA: ‘Controversy erupts over Holocaust revisionism in Eastern Europe’ by Toby Axelrod.

17 December 2009The Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania’s Shoah Analogy sparks fury’ by Benny Weinthal [print edition 18 Dec; European Jewish Congress version 22 Dec].

16 December 2009The Jerusalem Post: ‘Candidly speaking: far more negative, far more dangerous’ by Isi Leibler [print edition 17 Dec].

5 December 2009CNN: ‘CNN profiles Nazi hunter’.

4 December 2009The Algemeiner Journal: ‘The Prague Declaration is Europe’s New Antisemitic Poison’ by Dovid Katz and Clemens Heni.  Also on Wissenschaft und Publizistik als Kritik.

3 December 2009.  United States congressmen Shelley Berkley, Howard Berman (chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee), Paul Hodes, James Moran, and Robert Wexler (chairman, House Subcommittee on Europe) protest the Lithuanian government’s defamation and persecution of Holocaust Survivors Dr. Rachel Margolis and Ms. Fania Yocheles Brantsovsky.

30 November 2009The Jewish Chronicle: ‘Tories must reject “Double Genocide” proponents. Alliance with those who would downgrade the Holocaust is a grave mistake’ by Dovid Katz.

30 November 2009The Guardian: ‘Polish antisemitism needs examination. It would be parochial to give a free pass to Michal Kaminski et al just because we resent the issue becoming a political football’ by Tim Whewell.

23 November 2009The Jewish Journal: ‘Nazi hunter sees threat worse than Holocaust Denial’ by Tom Tugend.

21 November 2009.  Vrij Nederland: ‘Portret: Het verleden van Europa’s Culturele Hoofstad. De laatste joodse partizane’ by Annemieke Hendriks.

4 November 2009. The Bruin Standard. A Journal of Politics and Culture at UCLA: ‘August hidden in Lithuania’ by Josh Markovitz.

2 November 2009Sakfa: ‘Liettuassa nousee fasismi’  by Leena Hietanen.

1 November 2009New Statesman: ‘Beyond Kaminski’ by Mehdi Hasan.

31 October 2009Irish Times: ‘Cameron must end Tories’ far-right fling’ by Dovid Katz.

Autumn 2009Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘“Congratulations” on the Award’ by Milan Chersonski.

Autumn 2009.  Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘On the Shoah in the Town of Butrimonys’ by Joseph Levinson with addendum by editor Milan Chersonski.

29 October 2009Jewish Chronicle: ‘Europe must focus on Baltic hate. We must continue to push the issue of Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian antisemitism’ by John Mann MP.

28 October 2009Wonderland [blog]: ‘Portal manipulates information about Holocaust survivor’ by Daiva Repeckaite.

26 October 2009‘The Prague Declaration, Holocaust Trivialization and antisemitism’ by Clemens HeniPDF.

20 October 2009Guardian: ‘I knew the day of Holocaust “debate” would come. Just not in my lifetime’ by Jonathan Freedland.

14 October 2009Guardian: ‘Eastern Europe’s long buried truths’ by Efraim Zuroff.

13 October 2009Guardian editorial: ‘Latvian Waffen-SS: No ifs, no buts’.

7 October 2009.  Guardian: ‘Cameron’s Latvian liaison. The Conservatives’ choice of partner in Europe traduces Latvian democrats who acknowledge wartime atrocities against  Jews’ by David Cesarani.

5 October 2009OSCE Human Rights Conference in Warsaw: ‘“Prague Declaration” is a project to delete the Holocaust from European history’  by Dr. Shimon Samuels (director for international relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Europe Office)press releasealternate link.

2 October 2009Newsweek: ‘Europe’s Central disappointment’ by Paul Hockenos.

2 October 2009Guardian: ‘Lazy Tory apologists for Latvian SS’ by Peter Beaumont.

September 2009‘On three definitions: Genocide, Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Obfuscation’ by Dovid Katz.

28 September 2009Guardian: ‘The Nazi whitewash’ by Efraim Zuroffalternate link.

23 September 2009Comments at the Holocaust commemoration ceremony at Ponar by Faina Kukliansky, chairwoman of the Vilnius Jewish Community, cited by Milan Chersonski in his report in Jerusalem of Lithuania (Fall 2009, page 5, column 5).

17 September 2009Vilnius in Your Pocket. Comment by editor-in-chief ScoPDF from Oct-Nov 2009 print edition.

9 September 2009Guardian: ‘This rewriting of history is spreading Europe’s poison’ by Seumas Milne.

23 August 2009Jerusalem Post: ‘Rewriting Shoah history in Estonia’ by Efraim Zuroff.

19 August 2009Guardian: ‘History is much too important to be left to politicians. The EU must not give succour to self-interested revisionists who equate Stalinism and Nazism’ by Jonathan Steele.

5 August 2009Mishpacha: ‘The new deniers’ by Avi Friedman.

24 July ‘The inflation of genocide’ by Leonidas Donskisalternate link.

12 July 2009Jerusalem Post: ‘A combined day of commemoration for victims of Nazism and Communism?’ by Efraim Zuroff.

30 June 2009Jerusalem Post: ‘Baltic states assailed for Holocaust Obfuscation’ by Etgar Lefkovits.

23 June 2009. Institute for Global Jewish Affairs (Jerusalem): ‘The project to delete the Holocaust from European history’ [synopsis of paper] by Dovid Katz.

30 May 2009Irish Times: ‘Genocide Industry has hidden agenda. Attempts at equalizing historical wrongs are often aimed at Holocaust Obfuscation’ by Dovid Katzalternate link.

21 May 2009Jewish Chronicle: ‘Prague’s declaration of disgrace: A European attempt to equate Communism with Nazism will falsify history’ by Dovid Katzalternate link.

May-June 2009Foreign Policy: ‘In other words: Baltic ghosts’ [with interviews of Ms Faina Kukliansky, Professor Antony Polonsky etc] by Nick Bravin.

1 May 2009Institute for Global Jewish Affairs: ‘Reviewing the Holocaust anew in multiple contexts’ by Yehuda Bauer.

9 April 2009Keene State College honors Dr. Rachel Margolis.

6 April 2009IPS (6 April 2009): ‘Communist ideology, as bad as Nazism?’ by Zoltán Dujisi.

13 March 2009Jewish Standard: ‘Lithuania must stand up against antisemitism’ by Abraham Foxman.

March 2009.  Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘It’s not just about the Jerusalem Book Fair’ by Milan Chersonski.

24 February 2009.  Haaretz: ‘Lithuanian hypocrisy’ by Dov Levin.

13 February 2009Haaretz: ‘When Lithuania was Yiddishland’  [including text on the exclusion of Dr. Rachel Margolis from the Jerusalem Book Fair’s Lithuanian section] by Raphael Ahren; see also: comments by Milan Khersonski, editor of the Jewish community’s periodical,Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘It’s not just about the Jerusalem Book Fair’ (Jan-March 2009).

26 January 2009History News Network: ‘Muddling the Holocaust in Lithuania’ by Professor Steven S. Lawson.

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16 December 2008.  Palm Beach Jewish Journal: ‘Yiddish scholar lectures on status of Lithuanian Jews’ by Shani McManus.

November 2008Jewish Currents: ‘Analyzing Lithuanian antisemitism. The “Double Genocide” theory refuses to quit’ by Geoff Vasil (Vasiliauskas)alternate link.

November 2008Baltic Worlds: ‘Separate Worlds. In Vilnius “Juden raus” is heard on streets that saw the Yiddish culture bloom and die’ by Arne Bengtsson.

November 2008Jewish Political Studies Review 20:3-4 (Fall 2008): ‘Secondary Antisemitism: From hard-core to soft-core denial of the Shoah’ by Dr. Clemens Heni.

10 October 2008. Transitions Online: ‘Hostages to an ill-begotten theory’ by Professor Leonidas Donskisalternate link.

5 October 2008Haaretz: ‘Lithuanian academic blasts war crimes probe of ex Yad Vashem chief’ by Hagai Citroen.

September 2008Jewish Currents: ‘Investigating Jewish partisans in Lithuania: the protest of a veteran Jewish partisan’ by Professor Sara Ginaite.

1 September 2008Open Letter from the Jewish Community of Lithuania and the Union of Former Ghetto and Concentration Camp Prisoners.

21 August 2008Economist: ‘Prosecution and persecution: Lithuania must stop blaming the victims’alternate link2nd alternate link.

21 August 2008JTA: ‘In search of Jewish Vilna’ by Rokhl Kafrissen.

20 August 2008Jewish Week: ‘Capital of culture or injustice?’ by Mark Weitzman (director of government affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center USA).

19 August 2008Open Letter from students and faculty of the summer program in Yiddish language and literature at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University (text by Elliott Palevsky, director of the  cultural program).

15 August 2008Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Rokhl Margolis, 86, cannot visit her hometown Vilna because she fought against the Nazis’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid KatzPart II.

14 August 2008Cleveland Jewish News: ‘From hero to harassed: Lithuania’s campaign against Holocaust survivors’ by Budd Margolis and Marjorie Margolis.

11 August 2008Jerusalem Post: ‘Yad Vashem blasts Lithuania for revisionism’ by Etgar Lefkovits.

1 August 2008Letter from three U.S. congressmen (Berman, Hodes, Wexler) to the prime minister of Lithuania.

25 July 2008Algemeyner Zhurnal: ‘Will the world remain silent as a new and more cunning form of Holocaust Denial comes before — the European Parliament?’ [in Yiddish] by Dovid Katz.Part II.

17 July 2008BBC Radio’s Crossing Continents: ‘Lithuania and the battle for memory’ by Tim Whewell [interviews of Dr Yitzhak Arad, Sir Martin Gilbert, Dr Efraim Zuroff etc + on-site appearances at Ponar (with Ruta Puisyte) and Kaniukai (with Sarunas Liekis)]alternate link.Accompanying article: ‘Reopening Lithuania’s old wounds’.

2 July 2008Forward: ‘Tensions mount over Lithuanian probe’ by Lana Gersten & Marc Perelman.

June 2008Jerusalem of Lithuania: ‘Envelopes, or antisemitic proclamations?’  [by Milan Chersonski].

26 June 2008Forward: ‘Europe’s shameful honoring of Vilnius’ by Andrew Baker (director of international Jewish affairs at the American Jewish Committee).

20 June 2008Guardian: ‘In the Jerusalem of the North, the Jewish story is forgotten’ by Jonathan Steele.

19 June 2008Open Letter from the Jewish Community of Lithuania and the Union of Former Ghetto and Concentration Camp Prisoners.

6 June 2008Jewish Chronicle: ‘The Holocaust survivors facing war-crimes trials’ by Dana Glogeralternate linkPDF.

28 May 2008. [retrospective entry]: ‘Efraim Zuroff hands the Lithuanian ambassador a letter of protest in Tel Aviv on her state’s campaign against Jewish partisan heroes in Vilnius.

28 May 2008Jerusalem Post: ‘Lithuania accuses Holocaust survivors of war crimes: “I have fought once, I can fight again”’ by Danielle Singeralternate link.

[30 March 2008 (posted 14 April 2015). Memo circulated to the Vilnius Yiddish Institute community: ‘Can a Yiddish tree grow in Vilnius? (in a time of Holocaust Obfuscation)’ by Dovid Katz.]

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Compiled by Dovid Katz


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