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Press Release Issued by the Social Democratic Party in Lithuania

The following is a translation of the Lithuanian-language statement released today by the central offices of the Social Democratic Party in Vilnius:

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Olga Zabludoff’s Debate in VilNews (October 2011 — January 2012)


by Olga Zabludoff

Note: The following six articles, spanning the period October 2011 through January 2012, were published in VilNews in the course of a discussion. Each article is followed by the link to the original VilNews publication to enable readers to follow both sides of the argument (if Comments are included — many sides of the argument) in the original place of publication.

1. Mr. Januta Twists Facts and Figures to Suit his Arguments

Mr. Januta’s article goes right to the heart of the problem: the tendency of critics like him to accuse others of being misinformed and of misstating facts. Indeed it is Mr. Januta who twists facts and figures to suit his arguments. Even when his facts are “correct,” they are simply half-truths.

For example: Yes, there is a Holocaust Museum in Vilnius, but to compare the pitiful little hidden building (the Green House) with the state-of-the-art Museum of Genocide located on a major street is like comparing a mouse to an elephant.

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UK MP Denis MacShane’s January 24th 2012 Letter to Lithuanian MP Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis

The following letter, from UK MP Dr. Denis MacShane, was received today by the office of Lithuanian parliament member Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis:

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Dr. Shimon Alperovich, Chairman of Lithuanian Jewish Community, Blasts “Double Genocide” on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Dr. Shimon Alperovich spoke out on the fashionable — and deeply disturbing — “Double Genocide” theory of World War II at the annual 27 January Holocaust Remembrance Day program held at the Jewish Community of Lithuania’s Vilnius headquarters at Pylimo Street 4.

Video, by Defending History, of Dr. Alperovich’s remarks, delivered in Lithuanian, is available on YouTube.

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Antony Polonsky Returns to Brandeis ‘Knighted’ by Lithuanian President’s Cross of the Officer of the Order — for helping the Baltic State’s Holocaust PR Campaign


With the president: Professor Antony Polonsky wearing the Cross of the Officer of the Order for Merits to Lithuania. Photo: Džoja Barysaitė

VILNIUS—Professor Antony Polonsky of Brandeis University, one of the world’s most accomplished scholars of Polish-Jewish history and the long time editor of the seminal Polish Jewish history series Polin, was at the Lithuanian president’s palace today to receive from her excellency the prestigious Cross of the Officer of the Order for Merits to Lithuania. The award, pinned on his chest by President Dalia Grybauskaitė, was not for a lifetime of sterling work on Polish Jewish history, but it seemed, for several years’ staunch and perhaps somewhat naive loyalty to the public relations program of the current government of Lithuania. The presidential press release, reported in English by Baltic News Service (BNS), put it this way:

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UK MP Denis MacShane Rushes to Defense of Lithuanian Parliamentarians who Signed Seventy Years Declaration; Slams Foreign Minister’s Hitler-Stalin ‘Joke’

The following press statement was issued today by the office of UK MP Denis MacShane concerning the response of the Lithuanian foreign minister to the news that eight Lithuanian parliamentarians had signed the Seventy Years Declaration.

News Release 25 Jan. 2012

On the eve of National Holocaust Day, former Europe Minister Denis MacShane MP has written to Lithuanian MPs and MEPs who defied their political establishment to sign a statement on the Holocaust which attacks attempts to devalue the Nazi extermination of Jews by claiming it is no worse than the crimes committed by communists.

The Seventy Years Declaration was issued on 20 January 2012 by seventy European Union parliamentarians (MPs and MEPs) concerned about the return of antisemitism as an issue in contemporary politics. In January 1942, Nazi officials met at a conference at Lake Wannsee close to Berlin to plan the industrially organized extermination of European Jewry.

In recent years, European right-wing politicians have sought to gain acceptance for their view that the suffering under communist rule was the same as the Nazi extermination of Jews. This so-called “double genocide” thesis has been criticized by campaigners against modern antisemitism as leading to a devaluation of the unique specific Jew-hating roots of the Holocaust.

Now social democratic MPs and MEPs in Lithuania who signed this declaration have been attacked by government officials. Lithuania’s Foreign Minister went so far as to say there was no difference between Hitler and Stalin except the length of their moustache.Continue reading

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The Waffen-SS as Freedom Fighters


by Per Anders Rudling

Despised and ostracized, the Swedish community of Waffen-SS volunteers long gathered in secret on April 14, “The Day of the Fallen,” for obscure ritualistic annual gatherings at a cemetery in a Stockholm suburb.[1]

Since the 1990s, the rituals have not needed to be clandestine: the few, now very elderly survivors now head to Sinimäe, Estonia, where they feel they are now getting the honor to which they are entitled. Here, Swedish, Norwegian, Austrian, German and other Waffen-SS veterans from Western Europe meet up with their Estonian comrades.[2] The annual gatherings include those who volunteered for ideological reasons, and who are today actively passing on the experiences to a new generation of neo-Nazis.

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“Civil” Discourse in Ukraine


by Jared McBride

I sent the following op-ed, “Euro 2012: Maydan of hate?” to the Kyiv Post in late December regarding the hate literature that is often sold on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. It was published on 21 December 2011. One can read the comments made on the Kyiv Post‘s website here (taken today from the Comments section following my op-ed).

In response to my op-ed I had my educational background questioned; I was deemed a supporter of Kaganovich, Tabachnyk, and Yanukovych in no particular order; I was given various history lessons that have nothing to do with the letter at hand (and nothing to do with history either); conspiracy theories were shared; and I was called names, not least “son of a bitch.” The last epithet was perhaps the most ironic bearing in mind that I am fortunate to have a mother who raised me to have enough dignity to not insult people on internet forums while hiding behind false names.

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Lithuanian Foreign Minister Berates his Country’s Parliamentarians who Signed ‘70 Years Declaration’; Says Hitler = Stalin Except for Length of their Moustaches

The foreign minister of Lithuania did not wait until the day was over.

“It is not possible to find differences between Hitler and Stalin except in their moustaches (Hitler’s was shorter).”

— The Foreign Minister of Lithuania, commenting upon the Seventy Years Declaration in the early hours of 20 January 2012, 70th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference

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Unconfirmed Report: Yad Vashem asked to Shore Up Discredited Red-Brown Commission with Three (!) New Members

VILNIUS. Unconfirmed rumors were swirling in “Holocaust politics” circles this week about an alleged request by “very high officials” of the Lithuanian government to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem — through channels including both countries’ foreign ministries — to shore up the status of the widely discredited “International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet Occupation Regimes in Lithuania.” The commission is widely known as the “Red-Brown Commission.”

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The Seventy Years Declaration in Dutch

20 januari 2012

De Zeventig Jaar-Declaratie

ter gelegenheid van het jubileum van de Definitieve Oplossing-conferentie bij Wannsee


Op deze zeventigste verjaardag van de formele adoptering door het nazieleiderschap van de ‘Definitieve Oplossing van het Joodse probleem’, wij, de ondertekenaars van dit document:

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The Seventy Years Declaration in Ukrainian

Сімдесят років Декларації

З нагоди річниці конференції  «Остаточного рішення»

З приводу сімдесятиріччя офіційного прийняття нацистською владою «Остаточного рішення єврейського питання», ми нижче підписуємо:

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The Seventy Years Declaration (Yiddish Text)


 די זיבעציק יאָריקע דעקלאַראַציע

צום יאָרטאָג פון דער „ענדלייזונג“ קאָנפערענץ אין וואַנזע

דעם 20טן יאַנואַר 2012 \ פינף און צוואַנציק טעג אין טבת תשע″ב

 צו אָט דעם זיבעציקסטן יאָרטאָג פון דער פאָרמעלער אָננעמונג דורך דער נאַצישער אָנפירערשאַפט פון דער „ענדלייזונג פון דער יידישער פּראָבלעם“, טרעטן מיר די אונטערגעחתמעטע אַרויס, בכדי:


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The Seventy Years Declaration in Spanish

Declaración de los Setenta Años

en el Aniversario de la Conferencia de Wannsee sobre la Solución Final


En este 70 aniversario de la adopción formal de la “Solución final del problema judío” por parte de los líderes nazis, nosotros, los abajo firmantes

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The Seventy Years Declaration in Belarusian

20 студзеня 2012 года

Дэклярацыя да 70-х угодкаў Ванзэйскай канфэрэнцыі па “Канчатковым рашэньні”

У 70-ыя ўгодкі афіцыйнага зацьвярджэньня нацыстоўскім кіраўніцтвам “Канчатковага рашэньня габрэйскага пытаньня” мы, ніжэйпадпісаныя,



З пакорай і сумам, плян канчатковага рашэньня, які фармалізаваў і індустрыялізаваў далейшы наступ Галакосту эўрапейскага габрэйства;

Жах і зьверства кампаніі генацыду па поўным зьнішчэньні габрэяў у Эўропе, праведзенай нацыстамі і іх калябарацыяністамі;

Што масавае забойства габрэяў у Эўропе на паўгода апярэдзіла гэтае фармальнае прыняцьце пляну Канчатковага рашэньня і пачалося на Ўсходнім фронце ў 1941 годзе распачацьцем пляну Барбароса і нацыстоўскім нападам на Савецкі Саюз;

Што мільёны негабрэяў тым або іншым чынам пацярпелі ад нацызму і іншых формаў тыраніі ў Эўропе падчас II сусьветнай вайны.



Што нацыстоўская кампанія па зьнішчэньні габрэйскага насельніцтва была зь філязофскага, якаснага і практычнага  гледзішча цалкам асаблівай і адрознай ад іншых формаў прыгнёту, якія адчулі на сабе народы Эўропы падчас II сусьветнай вайны, такіх як жахі сталінізму, у тым ліку даваенны і пасьляваенны пэрыяды;

Нашу занепакоенасьць з нагоды таго, што ўрокі Галакосту не былі вывучаны і генацыд працягвае існаваць на міжнароднай арэне;

Высакароднасьць габрэйскіх партызанаў, якія перажылі гета або лягеры і працягнулі барацьбу з нацыстамі і іх саюзьнікамі;

Намаганьні Эўрапейскіх дзяржаваў па шчырым прызнаньні іх ролі ў мінулым Галакосту;

Што абмеркаваньне пытаньня генацыду ў Эўропе мусіць быць заснавана на вызначэньні, дадзеным Канвэнцыяй ААН па генацыдзе ў 1948 годзе;

Што антысэмітызм працягвае існаваць у розных праявах у Эўропе і за яе межамі.


Не прымаем:

Спробы затуманіць Галакост, прымяншаючы яго ўнікальнасьць і лічачы яго роўным, падобным або раўнацэнным камунізму, як сказана ў Праскай Дэклярацыі 2008 году;

Ураўноўваньне нацысцкіх і савецкіх злачынстваў, бо гэта зацямняе ўнікальнасьць кожнага зь іх і нясе ў сабе пагрозу прыменшыць важнасьць гістарычных урокаў, высноўваных з кожнай з гэтых асобна ўзятых зьяваў;

Спробы перапісаць гісторыю ў школьных падручніках эўрапейскіх краін для адлюстраваньня паняцьця “Падвойны Генацыд” (“роўнасьць” альбо “падабенства” нацыстоўскіх і савецкіх злачынстваў);

Як недапушчальнае ўслаўленьне злачынцаў, якія ўдзельнічалі ў Галакосьце, калябарацыяністаў і саюзьнікаў нацыстаў, уключаючы Вафэн СС у Эстоніі і Латвіі і Фронт Актывістаў Літвы;

Спробы легалізаваць або апраўдаць выкарыстаньне свастыкі расісцкімі або фашысцкімі групоўкамі;

Спробы адзначаць дзень ахвяраў Галакосту ў адзін дзень з ахвярамі камунізму.


Выступаем у абарону:

Асобных дзён і асобных праграм для памінаньня ахвяраў Галакосту і ахвяраў іншых таталітарных рэжымаў XX стагодзьдзя;

Няспынных намаганьняў дзяржаваў-сябраў ЭЗ прызнаць іх ролю ў зьнішчэньні эўрапейскага габрэйства;

Неабходнасьці пастаяннага вывучэньня праўдзівай гісторыі Галакосту і ўвекавечаньня памяці яго ахвяраў ва ўсіх краінах Эўрапейскага Зьвязу;

Супрацьстаяньня ўсім формам сучаснага расізму, дыскрымінацыі і іх праяў, у тым ліку антысэмітызму, пагарды да мусульманаў, нянавісьці да цыганоў, гамафобіі і іншых прадузятасьцяў і нецярпімасьці, спароджаных экстрэмісцкай палітыкай.



Гэтая дэклярацыя заснавана на тэксьце, аўтарамі якога зьяўляюцца Довід Кац і Дэні Бэн-Мошэ, ініцыяваным сайтам Як частка пастаяннай кампаніі па фармаваньні палітыкі, абуджэньні грамадзкай сьвядомасьці і ў падтрымку захаваньня сьведчаньняў гісторыі, будзе пераконваць парлямэнтарыяў падпісаць гэтую дэклярацыю. Парлямэнтарыі, зацікаўленыя ў гэтым, могуць напісаць каардынатару Дэклярацыі, дацэнту Дэні Бэн-Мошэ на:

Translated by Siarhej Shupa (Prague).

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The Seventy Years Declaration (Latvian)


2012.gada 20. janvāris

Septiņdesmitās gadadienas Deklarācija kopš “Galīgā risinājuma ebreju jautājumā”


Šajā 70 gadu atceres pasākumā, kopš nacisti oficiāli pieņēma plānu “Galīgais risinājums ebreju jautājumā” Vanzē konferencē, mēs, zemāk parakstījušies


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The Seventy Years Declaration in Norwegian

Erklæring på 70-årsdagen

for Wannsee-konferansen om Den endelige løsning

På 70-årsdagen for naziledelsens formelle vedtak om ”Den endelige løsning på det jødiske problem” vil undertegnede


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The Seventy Years Declaration

The Seventy Years Declaration

on the Anniversary of the Final Solution Conference at Wannsee


On this the 70th anniversary of the formal adoption by the Nazi leadership of the “Final Solution of the Jewish Problem” we the undersigned

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Free Speech Reaffirmed by Vilnius Judge in Algirdas Paleckis Case

O P I N I O N / E Y E W I T N E S S   R E P O R T

by Dovid Katz

One of the placards carried by pro-Paleckis demonstrators outside the Vilnius courthouse

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The Seventy Years Declaration


by Danny Ben-Moshe

This comment appeared today in the Jerusalem Post and is republished here with the author’s permission.


On January 20, 1942, the Nazi leadership gathered in a villa on the outskirts of Berlin and adopted the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question.” The Wannsee Conference, as this became known, from the suburb where the meeting was held, formalized the process that exterminated so much of European Jewry.

As we mark the seventieth anniversary of that 90-minute meeting in which fifteen people condemned millions to death, there are many crucial lessons to learn from the Holocaust. I wish to highlight two.

Firstly, the killing of a people begins not with violence, but through race-based hatred, progressing to institutionalized discrimination and only then culminating in murder. This is why antisemitism, racism and institutionalized discrimination must be addressed, for if left to fester the consequences can be tragic, severe and widespread.

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Box Coverage on Algirdas Paleckis case to Midday 18 January 2012

Free Speech on  Trial? was there. . .

Paleckis Verdict, Postponed to 30 Dec, Postponed again to 18 January 2012 (3 PM)


Moacir P. de Sá Pereira comments

Algirdas Paleckis’s critique of legal neo-Nazi parades, legalized swastikas and military personnel participating in Nazi activities — at the November 2011 conference on tolerance in Vilnius: videotranslationreport.

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Mainstream Daily ‘Lietuvos rytas’: A New High-End Home for Antisemitism in Lithuania?

[Updated 8 February 2012] On January 15th, the Lietuvos rytas website ( published a massive article by veteran Holocaust denier Petras Stankeras, who was forced out of his Interior Ministry post in November 2010 after writing in a popular weekly that the murder of six million Jews is a ‘legend’. The new article features a flattering vintage framed photo of Hitler and is written in the form of an objective historic survey of the book’s history. It was a republication of an article by Stankeras that had earlier appeared in the elite magazine Kultūros barai.

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Jerusalem-Kabul Exchange of Ideas: Dr. Efraim Zuroff, head of Wiesenthal Center’s Israel Office, Replies to EU’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, Vygaudas Ušackas


Background on

2 January 2012 report

13 January 2012, from Efraim Zuroff (Jerusalem):


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Some Worrying Slippage at ‘’?


by Geoff Vasil

Andrius Navickas, a religious studies expert and editor-in-chief of the website, published a rather strange editorial at the end of 2011 taken from a speech he gave over Lithuanian Radio.

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Estonian Defense Ministry Denies Glorifying Nazi Collaborators, but Statement Fails to Mention Country’s Waffen SS

At a recent Waffen SS celebration in Estonia

In the face of mounting Western concern, the Estonian Ministry of Defense issued a statement on 5 January 2012 refuting a 27 (/28) December 2011 Delfi news portal story that reported on Russian Federation criticism, among other things, of the Baltic states’ policies of honoring their countries’ Nazi collaborator forces and militias.

The Defense Ministry’s refutation declares that “the government of the Republic of Estonia has not drafted nor will it draft something as absurd as a bill that would allow for honors to be given to Nazi collaborators.”

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EU Ambassador to Afghanistan Writes in the Wall Street Journal that Nazi Rule in Lithuania was “A Few Years’ Respite from the Communists”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel Office today released a statement in which its director, Holocaust historian Dr. Efraim Zuroff, calls for an apology from the European Union’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Vygaudas Ušackas, for insensitive and misleading remarks on the Lithuanian Holocaust in a 6 December 2011 Wall Street Journal article. A letter of protest by Jack Zwanziger of Chicago appeared in the WSJ on 14 December 2011.

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A Reconstructed Shtetl — Minus its Jewish Component

by Dovid Katz

Rúmshishok (informally: Rúmseshik), some twelve miles from Kaunas (Kovno), was a beloved Lithuanian shtetl where Lithuanians, Jews and others lived together for many centuries in peace (the town goes back to the fourteenth century). The massacre of the town’s Jews during the Holocaust was close to complete (outlines of the history here and here). According to the new Lithuanian Holocaust Atlas, the perpetrators were comprised of “white armbanders” from the town plus “Lithuanian self-defense unit troops” from Kaunas.

Now Rumšiškės in modern Lithuania, the town is internationally known for its neighboring extensive open air museum of the Lithuanian provinces, including town, hamlet and rural settings, all meticulously reconstructed.

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2012 New Year’s Resolution for the Prime Ministers of the Baltic States


For 2012

“As long as I am prime minister of this great nation, there will be no neo-Nazi marches, no parades or events glorifying Nazi collaborators, no racist marches offensive to any citizens of our country of whatever background or belief, in the center of our cherished capital city, least of all on our national independence day or other holidays, when we celebrate independence, freedom, equality of all people, respect between all our communities, democracy and hope for our future. I will not stand idly by as our country’s proud name is defamed in the four corners of the earth by those who espouse fascism, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of hatred. Period.”

From back in 2011

Some of the shameful city center pro-Nazi events that went ahead in 2011 in Baltic capitals with legal permits (and support of some political elites):




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